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In case you saw this first, this is a sequel to Takamachi Nanoha of 2814.

I'd really recommend you read Takamachi Nanoha of 2814, the series that came before this, but if you insist on reading this first, than here are the key points you should know: Nanoha became a Green Lantern before she got Raging Heart. Thus, she managed to solve the Precia case without the latter dying. Later, she meets with other assorted magical girls, wizards and magi, and together they had to sort through the book of Darkness case, eventually forming the United Magical Girl Association. At around the same time, the 5th Holy Grail War happened, which was a bitch for magical Girl Prisma Illya and her family. After defeating the corrupted Defense Program, Sailor Mercury and Hasegawa Chisame of Ala Alba were able to use their skills to help save the life of Reinforce. Then Kinomoto Sakura Sealed the 53rd Card, resulting in her harnessing the power of Hope and eventually forging her own Power Ring. Afterwards they had to deal with the Materials and the awakening of the Unbreakable Dark, who was promptly Befriended with no need for silly time-travel shenanigans. Plus lots of other subplots happened.

And so here we are. Still confused? Well, what do you expect would happen when you try to summarize 3 whole fanfics into one paragraph? Why don't you just read Takamachi Nanoha of 2814 to find out how it all happens.

No? Well, I warned you. Good luck trying to make sense of the story. You realize this is like trying to figure out the Nanoha 1st movie by reading Force, right?

Happens about 2 weeks after Kinomoto Sakura of 2814, and about six months after Takamachi Nanoha of 2814.

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Takamachi Nanoha of 2814: LeaguerS

by Shadow Crystal Mage

Prologue: Ordinary Days

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters in this story. If I did… well, this would all be canon. WARNING: MAY CAUSE HEAD EXPLOSION!

Gears of Destiny Aftermath

Yuri Eberwein, the Sovereign of the Purple Sky, Unbreakable Dark, really cute loli— as that Black Archer girl had kept calling her— sat awkwardly in the Yagami living room. She was a bit disconcerted at how quickly she had seemingly been accepted by these warriors, these "Mahou Shoujo", as one of them after she had been defeated and her destructive impulses suppressed. Well, perhaps not one of them, but they were being very friendly towards her. A bit… too friendly, in some instances. The one wearing the apron had asked her to pose naked, and the Black Archer girl had tried to kiss her, which was why Yuri remembered the name. Both had been firmly… chastised by her King. Dearche had been quite emphatic, almost unleashing her Unlimited Blade Works spell before Yuri had gotten her to stand down. Even with that, nothing had happened. The two had merely laughed the violence off, and onlookers had looked amused. A few even looked approving. These Mahou Shoujo were confusing.

Levi was sulking, having been forbidden candy since it would supposedly ruin her appetite for dinner. Yuri doubted that. The Slasher was very enthusiastic about food. One of her host's knights, the lady Shamal, was trying to entertain Levi, and most likely keep her from playing with her lightning spells. They'd all most likely survive if she set off, say, Thousand Bolts, but the same couldn't be said for everyone else in the neighborhood. Stern, her purple visor raised, was quietly reading a book their host had leant her, something about a world on the back of four elephants on the back of a giant turtle. The Material of Wisdom frowned every so often in confusion. Perhaps it was too esoteric?

"Dinner's almost ready!" their host, the Queen of the Night Sky, called from the kitchen, voice cheerful. This world was so confusing. A Queen working in the kitchen while her knights lay about and relaxed? What next, men in combat? Although… she recalled there actually HAD been males in the battle that had led to her defeat. What a strange world.

"About time!" Dearche said, somehow managing to simultaneously lounge and stand tall at the same time. She pointed at the kitchen. "Your paltry cooking had better be worthy of our palate, lame one!"

That finally drew a reaction, in the form of glares from some of their host's knights. Yuri tensed, wondering if this was considered a breach of hospitality, or–

"Ah!" came from the kitchen. Yuri could almost image the little heart at the end of that syllable. "Well, if the King doesn't like the food, then I won't force her to eat it. Perhaps Levi-chan would like the extra food…"

"All right! Extra food!" the Material of Power cheered. "I'll take it!"

"We didn't say that!" Dearche protested, looking alarmed at the possibility of not getting to eat. "We didn't say we wouldn't eat!"

Hayate stuck her head out of the kitchen. "Oh, no!" she said, waving a hand. "I wouldn't dream of forcing King-chan to eat food not to her tastes. Really, I'll just give it to Levi-chan…"


"Fine, we'll eat your swill, damn it!"

"Ah, how nice to hear the king consider my food worthy of eating," Hayate gushed, before briefly meeting Yuri's eye and winking. Yuri suppressed a giggle as Hayate ducked back into the kitchen on small wings of magic, legs hanging near-useless as she floated over the floor.

Vita leaned towards Shamal, eyeing Dearche. "We sure she doesn't have any Gilgamesh data in her? It might have come in from the Kotomine stuff…"

Yes, such a strange world. Still, she felt she could like it here…

Our Noble Heroine

Takamachi Nanoha, Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814, wanted to pant, her heart pounding. Her arms ached, and the muscles of her body were stretched and sore in ways she hadn't known it was possible to be in agony in. She repressed the urge to moan in pain.

Still, she continued with the forms Miyuki had taught her, drilling the moves into her muscles as she stepped and swung, the two metal batons she was practicing with heavy in her hands. Said hands were callused from long weeks of training as she gripped the two weapons, the ones her father had recommended she use. Train her they would in the ninja arts, but her family drew the line at letting her use live blades. When she'd pointed she could just ring up live blades, her father had countered that if she had her ring, blades would be the last thing she'd be making.

She swung her batons in the final movements of the routine, ending with a slash meant to go for someone's throat. With real blades it was supposed to cut both the artery and wind pipe, but with her batons breaking their neck or at least crushing their trachea was the likely result. With a sigh of relief, she let her batons droop, collapsing on the floor of the family dojo a moment and getting her breath back.

She'd been the one to ask her parents to train her in the family martial arts. They'd never really taught her, and she hadn't really all been that inclined, content with sitting off to one side and watching her brother and sister go through their moves. She'd found it tiring just to look at them, which was why it had taken so long for her to ask. It had been Yuuno's idea, surprisingly enough, ventured during dinner one night with the family. She needed a more mundane way to protect herself, in the worst case scenario of her ring running out and her magic used up. Her family had been supportive of the idea. They'd been quite insistent upon it, in fact.

As she lay back, eyes closed, Nanoha mentally ordered her Ring to bring up the latest batch of paperwork she was working on. The forms appeared in the darkness of her eyelids, ready to be filled out. She sighed, relaxing as she began filling in the multiple pages of paper work simultaneously. It was so soothing... she really couldn't understand why Yuuno was always so reluctant to do it. It wasn't like you had to fill it in by hand.

Nanoha only did that because it was even more fun!

Soft toweling padded at her forehead, and Nanoha opened her eyes, her paperwork auto-saving as she found Yuuno hunched over her, smiling in tired exasperation as he towered off her forehead. "Get dried up, will you?" he chided her, his bracelet-like Device with all its disk-shaped charms jangling as he patted the sweat off her forehead. "You're going to catch a cold lying on the floor like that, not to mention muscle aches."

"I finished my cool-down exercises," Nanoha protested, but pushed herself up, taking the towel and begging to wipe her face herself. Her white gi was moist and sweat-stained, all the more so since she was wearing a black, full-body garment like a unitard or wetsuit under it that reached all the way to her ankles, wrists and neck, the undergarment she wore under her Green Lantern uniform.

Yuuno snorted. "Given how little you sleep, that's not going to do much. I want you get a full night's sleep tonight. In bed by nine, no VR training, no paperwork, no cop shows, no Space Sheriff Gavan past 8."

"Yuuno-kun!" Nanoha protested.

"Don't make me make it a medical order," he said sternly. "You still haven't recovered from that surge of Invader hunts and that thing with Yuri and her girls. Just give me one night's complete sleep and you can abuse your body for the rest of the week."

Nanoha pouted. "It's not that bad. I'm young and healthy, I can take it!"

"But your parents and your friends want you to make the transition to old and healthy, and that's not going happen if you keep at it like this," Yuuno said. "Miyuki already heated you a bath. Get washed up for dinner."

"Who's the senior officer around here?" she complained good-naturedly, pouting. Nanoha complied with a smile though, draping the towel over her shoulders and wiping at her hair.

As she stepped out into the late afternoon air, Yuuno having gone on ahead to help her mother in the kitchen— he insisted on helping with the chores now that he lived with them officially— Green Lantern couldn't help but relax.

All was right with the world.

Stories Out Of The Fourth Estate!

The spoon rang on the plate as Kuro dropped it, staring at the newspaper she was holding in shock. Illya perked up, concerned. "What is it?" she asked her sister. "Who did it? Where? Who was hurt? What needs to be avenged!"

"It says the up and coming model and writer Kousaka Kirino, creator of novel and anime Imoutoshi has recently come out as being in an indecent relationship with her brother!" Kuro read. "Kousaka-sama, I knew there was a reason I liked you!" She clenched her fist. "I must show you my support in this difficult time!

The table sighed. "Kuro-chan, I know it's a genetic pre-disposition, but please keep those comments to yourself," Kiritsugu said. "Or at least filter them."

"Yes, dad," Kuro said as Illya sighed.

Saber sniffed. "You are too lenient, Kiritsugu," she said. "Allowing such perversions…"

"As his wife, that's my line," Irisviel said happily. "Would you want us to crack down and have you sleep somewhere else, Saber-chan?"

Sber coughed delicately. "However, it's nice to see you are a kind and understanding father who is always supportive of his children. No matter how unconventional they might be."

"Smooooth save there, Saber-chan," Ruby said.


It was a perfectly ordinary morning.

Rider woke to absolute darkness. She always did after making love to Sakura. She didn't trust the glasses that contained her Mystic Eyes to stay on through what they did, and the contact lenses irritated her, so she resorted to Breaker Gorgon. While Sakura sometimes complained they couldn't look each other in the eye when they got intimate, Rider felt it was much more intimate. She could feel Sakura next to her, the salty scents of sweat and over fluids, the sound of her breath and the beating of her heart mixed with the faint rustle of the bedclothes at each minute movement…

Rider jerked at the loud banging on the door. Sakura groaned, muttering darkly under her breath.

"Up and at it you two!" Rin, professional moment killer, cried cheerfully through the door. "Sakura, you have that archery club thing, remember? Come on, I want to support my little sister as she and her club kick ass and takes names!"

Sakura threw a shoe at the door.

"That's the spirit!" Rin yelled cheerfully as she skipped off to knock on Assassin's door.

"Just a little of her blood," Rider muttered. "She'll be out cold for hours…"

"She's gone, we have five minutes," Sakura said instead.

Rider paused, considered it, and decided she had better fluids to try and extract from a Tohsaka.

Blue Angel

The name sort of stuck with Sakura the first few times she tried to go out and do good. She had started with the tried, true and best of all simple ways. It had gone quite easily thanks to Ganthet-sensei teaching her how to get her ring to look for things. Still, it took her a while to find a cat stuck up a tree.

"Are you an angel?" the astonished little boy asked as a smiling Sakura drifted down to hand him his cat, to the excitement of his friends and the old lady who was trying to find him ladder.

"Yes!" Sakura chirped spontaneously. "I'm the helpful Blue Angel."

And so the name had spread.

Tomoyo had, predictably, gone nuts when the literally infinite clothing possibilities came to her. Sakura hadn't even mentioned it, but Tomoyo had obviously thought through Yuuno's statement of how her ring had a lot of the capabilities of his and Nanoha's. Despite Sakura's attempts to try to convince her to cut it down to one or two, aided by Nanoha's argument that Sakura needed a distinctive and consistent uniform to help with recognition, Tomoyo had come up with seven, one for every day of the week, and she was working on other seasonal variations as well. She considered working with only black, infinite shades of blue and white a challenge, apparently.

Sakura kept the wings though, wide, blue and stylized, resembling The Fly Card's wings. She flew, therefore she must have wings. She was used to it. Besides, they were awesome!

Most important, of course, was how to protect her identity. Tomoyo had lobbied that everyone should know it was Sakura, so that they could recognize her awesomeness and greatness. Sakura had been relieved to find the entire Association backing her up on a resounding 'NO!' on this one. So Tomoyo had dug into the full selection of available face and identity concealing accessories Earth had to offer and… did things with them. Sakura suspected Haruna had helped. There were visors like Nanoha's, any number of scarves, stiff collars that came up to her nose, at least three kinds of veil, and masks. Oh, so many masks…

For the first time in her life Sakura felt she needed to have a talk with her best friend about moderating her hobbies.

But not anytime soon, since she seemed to be enjoying herself and Sakura didn't want to be confrontational…


Fate Testarossa, recently turned Fate Testarossa-Harlaown, waited patiently in her seat, hands held deliberately still at her lap. This wasn't the first time she'd come here, but it was still an ordeal, if in a different way from what most people thought.

Eventually, the seat in front of her was occupied. If looks could kill, the cold one directed at her would have sent her so far past dead she'd come back to life and die at least three more times.

Still, she hadn't spat at the window this time. That was an improvement. Not letting herself take a deep breath and desperately trying to keep her expression as neutral as possible so the woman before her wouldn't think she was being mocking or gloating, Fate managed to get the words out of her mouth. "Hello mother," she greeted Precia Testarossa.

It was a full twenty minutes before the other woman became so violent, screaming vitriol and potentially hurting herself that the guards on her side had to sedate her. Yes, a definite improvement.

After a while, Chrono entered her side of the chamber. "Ready to go?" he asked, in his usual terse, Chrono-like way.

Fate nodded jerkily, getting slowly to her feet and keeping her head bowed, hoping her hair and the lighting would conceal her face.

There was no fooling a big brother's eyes. Fate felt gentle hands dabbing at her face with the pocket square an officer and a gentleman always carried, and she clenched her eyes shut, the tears flowing freely again. She felt arms rising to her shoulders in a gesture that had lately become familiar again, when once it had only been a product of dreams and false memories.

Fate felt Chrono's embrace enfold her as she cried against her big brother's chest, and listened to his soothing words as he stroked her hair. Yes, she was grateful. Yes, she had so much. But still, she was so, so selfish, to still want Precia Testarossa's love…

Chrono felt her cry against him, and did all he could, reflecting that Precia Testarossa didn't deserve this selfless daughter.

Within the room, unseen, another cried, for all the pain in the little sister she had always wanted and had held for so briefly in a dream, the pain she could never help go away. And one with all the power of the wrath of divinity blessed and cursed Chrono for being there to offer the comfort she could not.

More Stories Out Of The Fourth Estate!

Mysterious Vigilante Loose On Mahora! Hero or Menace?

Highschool Class 1-A stared blankly at the news post on the bulletin board, especially at the byline by their resident reporter.

"Asakura…" Asuna said blandly as other classes read the news and expressed their own confusion. "What gives? Of course mysterious vigilantes are loose on Mahora! Mysterious vigilantes are always loose on Mahora! It's what mysterious vigilantes do!" She did not add their class probably made up a third of the mysterious vigilantes in the city.

"Yeah Asakura, this is kind of lame," Hibiki Aya from the class next door said. "So there's a new vigilante. So what?"

"Huh hu hu…" Asakura said. "Do you think I'd post something like this without purpose? Of course I know our fair school-slash-city is filled with mysterious vigilantes, and more power to them, pillars of the community and whatnot. I mean a mysterious, mysterious vigilante!"

"Make sense, reporter girl!" Akira Kurosawa (no relation) cried from the back of the crowd.

Asakura put a hand to her chest. "As you know, I am unfailing in my pursuit for the truth. There is no obstacle in my path, no trifling matter I will allow to stop me–"

"I'll see you in court, Asakura!" Kimura Kaere cried.

"Sister, please do not cause a scene…" her identical twin sister Kaede chided her.

"– and so at great personal expense to my life, when I found out about this new vigilante," Asakura pointed at the dark, blurry picture of what seemed to be a figure in a deep purple cloak, "I immediately set out to break the story! Putting myself in the path of great harm, I set out to interview every single one of the known vigilantes of Mahora to ask them of what they knew of this figure!"

Well, that had explained the calls to Negi from Sister Shakti asking him to reign in his students and keep them out of the way. Asuna had been curios about that, since official Mahora policy was to ignore them.

Some people looked skeptical, but most were nodding along. Asakura's pursuit of news according to the Lois Lane School of Journalism was widely known, and more than one firefighter had yelled at her for suddenly appearing on top of their ladder.

"Imagine my surprise I found out that absolutely no one knew who this person was, or even if they were a boy or a girl!" Asakura said, clearly enjoying being at the center of attention. "Not a one!"

"They could just be covering for her," Hito Nami suggested normally.

Asakura shook her head. "It didn't sound like it. Most at least know each other's name, or at least their vigilante name. No one knew who this person was."

"Does that mean they gave them some kind of derogatory name that will eventually be adopted as a personal name, signifying their acceptance into mysterious vigilante society?" Tsunetsuki Matoi, her kohai from the photography club, said.

Asakura shook her head. "Not even that! They didn't have enough information, so they just stuck a number on this one. They're calling this one number 234," she said.

Someone tapped her shoulder. She turned, eager for more questions, and blinked as she came face to face with an androgynous figure a bit shorter than her in a black bodysuit, purple cloak and featureless black mask. The figure politely handed her a business card. As the people around freaked at realizing one of them was not like the others, Asakura reflexively took the card and read it.

It said, 'Spoiler – Occupation, Mysterious Vigilante'.

That was as far as she got before the ninja smoke bomb went off. As Asuna roared to give pursuit, followed by most of the other girls in the hallway, Asakura reflected to herself that there were still directions for the weird in her life to go…

The Young Ladies Who Lunch

"More tea, Miss Edelfelt?" Suzuka offered.

"Oh, why thank you, Miss Tsukimura," Luvia said, and Suzuka delicately poured her a cup.

"These scones are simply wonderful, Miss Bannings!" Tomoyo said with a saintly, mysterious smile©™. "You simply must try some, Miss Jinguuji!"

Kuesu stared at the beatifically smiling little girl and wondered how the hell this could be the same ninja-recruiting terror she had heard of. It was a thought she latched on to, else she go mad at the ridiculous, Victorian-era ladies talk.

"So," Alisa said, delicately stirring honey into her teacup. "I have heartily dispatched 12 minions of evil this week. How does the rest of you fair?"

"Sadly, I was only able to dispatch a paltry three this fortnight past," Ayaka said. "For as you know, as an administrator, I am seldom upon the field. Yet they were mighty foes, and honorably slain."

Tomoyo clapped her hands together. "Ah, how wonderful! And you Kuesu? How stands your tally against the forces of the ever-vile who would despoil the innocents who walk the night?"

"We killed one of those Witch things and a bunch of Invaders," Kuesu said.

Everyone sighed. "You really aren't getting into the spirit of all this, Kuesu-chan," Suzuka said.

Meido Versus Maid!

The two locked gazes, refusing to budge, to yield. In another world, another place, another time, another circumstance, they might have been allies, respected colleagues. Perhaps tomorrow, they would be. Today, however, they were implacable enemies, and there could be no mercy, no quarter, no forgiveness.

"Mecha Hisui is better!" Kohaku proclaimed.

"Chachamaru is obviously superior!" Hakase retorted, incensed.

"Rubbish! Mecha Hisui is the ultimate moe retro robo unit!" Kohaku declared, fist clenched tight. "Cooking! Cleaning! Combat! Her capabilities are top notch!"

"Compared to what, a vacuum cleaner?" Hakase scoffed. "Chachamaru serves world-class cuisine! Her cleaning skills can destroy all evidence in a crime scene! No kaijuu is safe from her firepower! And!" Hakase delivered to coup de grace. "She is fully XXX capable! With anatomically correct H-parts!"

Chachamaru, face completely blank even as it overheated from embarrassment, did not feel the urge to sigh because she had no need to breathe, but she felt like it. "I'm terribly sorry about this," she instead said to their other visitor. "Mother can be quite… vocal."

"MY DAUGHTER'S SO CUTE!" Hakase roared.

Rivet-faced Mecha Hisui did not move. Chachamaru supposed the poor dear didn't have a lot of emote subroutines. "Apology unnecessary," the other robot maid said.

"Perhaps we should serve tea and a snack," Chachamaru suggested. "Which do you wish to prepare?"

The two became very good friends. So did their masses of production model sisters. And everyone agreed that the gigantic Mecha Hisui G was just as maidly as her smaller counterparts.

Chachamaru and her sisters kept her existence a secret from their mother though, so as not to give her the idea to build a 'Grand Chachamaru X'.

Crazy Friend Stuff

"So," Nanoha asked as she carefully set her bait on the end of her line and cast it out. It landed in the small inflatable pool they'd set up. "How's disarming all the world's nuclear weapons coming along?"

Superman cast his own line, then took a sip from his can of soda, letting his feet kick back and forth over the ledge they were sitting on. "Not bad. I'm actually due to go in a couple of minute again, they're just preparing the site."

"I can't believe everyone's actually on board with this!" Nanoha said. "Even those Northern countries…"

"Actually, they're cheating, but that was to be expected," Superman said. "Everyone's cheating, actually. They're nuclear facilities, so there's already a lot of lead to try and hide things from my x-ray vision. But it still means a lot of dangerous weapons are coming out of commission."

"I say it's about time," said Phil, munching on a sandwich and sitting next to them, his feet dangling too. "Those things are dangerous. Everyone knows they're a bad idea. We've only really used them, what, twice?"

On Nanoha's other side, Rajesh nodded, reeling back his line and checking the hook. A fish-shaped plastic bag of candy hung from it. "The rest was just messing around to see how big you could make it," he said, opening the bag and peeling open the Mars Bar. He handed the rest to Manuel next to him, who wasn't having much luck with his own fishing line.

Everyone nodded sagely as Superman, Nanoha, and the rest of the crew having lunch on the 35th Street construction site went back to trying to fish from the little pool in the park across the street.

Left Out

The male components of Super Young Team and Big Science Action all sighed.

"Maybe we can learn magic," Sunburst said. "I know a guy in Kyoto…"

They all considered it.

"I'm still not sure that'll get us into the United Magical Girl Association," Most Excellent Superbat said.

"Maybe we're too 'superhero' to count," Big Atomic Battery Boy said.

They all sighed.

"It's so unfair," Boss Bishounen said. "They let Tuxedo Kamen in and all he does is throw around roses!"

There was more sighing as they wished Grant Morrison remembered them more…

Secret Origins Of An Invasion

Somewhere in space, a meteor was headed for Earth. Several meteors, actually.

This is a bad thing.

- To be continued...


The Materials, like in the games, were essentially assembled from the most badass bits the Book of Darkness collected, e.g. Stern is Nanoha plus Yuuno Plus Vita, etc. Since there are even more badass bits to choose from, they've gotten upgrades. Dearche has UBW, for instance, Levi has Syaoran and Negi's lightning spells, etc. They basically have thematically appropriate extras, but not all parts.

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