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So as you are aware this is a Bella x Rosalie FanFic.

Summary: After the Cullens left Bella in New Moon, a lot has changed. New friends, New life, New Country, and New Start. But is there room for a New love? Can the ice queen her self win the heart of the New Bella? Or has Edward broke Bella beyond repair?

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Pairings: Bella/Rosalie, Monica (OC)/Emmett, Alison(OC)/Tanya

Rating: M So younger readers you've been warned!

Chapter 1 :

Bella's POV

It's funny how much can change within a few years. After they left I was crushed… no more than crushed, I'd hit rock bottom and then continued to fall about seventy five feet more. Of coarse this didn't go unnoticed, Charlie had told Renee about my depressed state and didn't take her more than a week before she'd shown up telling me to pack my things and leave. A small part of me protested with her, not wanting to leave Forks for the small chance that they would come back… Yet that flame quickly died out. They had upped and left not bothering to say goodbye. Why can I do the same?

Needless to say, I settled down in Jacksonville as soon as I got there. I did keep in contact with Charlie though, I felt bad for him. He was alone in that 'big' house. I couldn't help but feel bad.

But now two year on, I'm a different person. I'm not the shy, awkward girl that would rather suffer in silence, but now a strong confident woman who liked to enjoy life.

It took me a few months to settle and make new friends. However this time I chose not to socialized with a large group but two young girls who both had different personalities but both had the same likes and over all where probably the only two people I had opened up to.

I had told them all about that they had done and how he left me. Although I had left out the small detail of them being Vampires… Monica had told me that I should try and for get about what they had done and move on as well as finding something that helps relieve my stresses. Monica had suggested shopping; when she said that she reminded me of Alice however Monica was tall and slender with curves in the right places. Her hair was long and colored a deep red, which complemented her pale skin and piercing blue eye. But she had the same happy, bouncy personality Alice had.

Alison on the other hand had told me to drink some green tea, bake something sweet and read a book. She reminded me of Esme with her caring personality; Alison was also tall, curvy but had a short, surfer's haircut. She has black framed glassed that rested peacefully on her nose and would always have a smile on her face.

To me they where both now not only my friends but my sisters, even though Monica travels back to her home in the London a lot she was my younger annoying sister who I've grown to love. Then Alison is my older relaxed sister who gets on with what she had to do, but ironically Monica and Alison were going out together even though anyone who saw them together would think they were just friend. I remember when Alison had told me that she was gay, I'd had known her for about nine months before she told me and granted I had suspected with the way she dressed and how she'd look at girls instead of boys but I never judged her for it. It is who she is. However with Monica it was a shock. She'd look at boys and dress like your typical girl and flirt with boys, but then one night we all went out together for a meal at TGF Fridays and She would watch the waitress walk away causing Alison and her to started to fight over the waitress – needless to say it was rather comical. Although she did admit that she likes to keep her options open cause women can offer different things than men can.

But now, I'm sitting at an airport next to Alison waiting for Monica to get through security. We'd all been accepted in to The London University, which was a long shot that Alison and I would get in but Monica had convinced us to move to the UK with her so as she didn't have to live with her dad who still sees her as a young child and also for us to live in a city that Alison and I have always wanted to see and stay in. Also it would put more distance between my past and it was a new start for a new me.

"How much longer do you think she'll be?" Alison asked, looking at her watch. We had 10 minuets to get to the gate and if Mon wasn't here soon we'd miss the flight.

"She did say that they have to go through all her bags cause she's not an American." I replied, shrugging my shoulders and giving her a small smile. Alison sighed and slid further into the chair she was sitting in, running her hand through her short blonde hair. I couldn't help but chuckle. Alison hated being away from Mon for a long period of time. It was worse last summer Alison literally cried as soon as Mon left for security, then proceeded to text her for all the four days she'd been gone…

Just then a large bag with a union jack styled pattern dropped in front of us. We both jumped as it hit the floor. Looking up to see a very pissed of looking Monica.

"Fucking perverted basters work here. I swear I need to see if I can get an American passport some time soon." She huffed, her British accent flowing musically as she spoke. One thing was for sure her accent would never get boring.

"That bad huh?" I asked as Alison and I stood up grabbing our bags and heading to the gate.

"Yeah, they deliberately take forever so that they can try and embarrass you by taking out your underwear and stretching is so it doesn't fit anymore." Mon huffed as Alison put her arm around Monica's waist kissing the side of her head.

"Well you do know that you can always go commando sweetheart." Alison said wiggling her eyebrows. The look that Monica then gave her was priceless. I couldn't help but laugh at it.

"Ha! Yeah let me think… No." Monica replied pushing Alison off her before walking away.

"Well you're in the dog house Ali," I smiled before walking on after Monica. As I caught up with Monica I stopped dead in my trackes. No more than ten feet away where four faces I never thought I'd see again…

It was them


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