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Summary: After the Cullens left Bella in New Moon, a lot has changed. New friends, New life, New Country, and New Start. But is there room for a New love? Can the ice queen her self win the heart of the New Bella? Or has Edward broke Bella beyond repair?

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Pairings: Bella/Rosalie, Monica (OC)/Emmett, Alison(OC)/Tanya

Rating: M So younger readers you've been warned!

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As you can see this Chapter is from Monica's POV I hope you enjoy and let me know if you'd like more from other peoples pov.

Chapter 4

Monica's pov

"You Bugger!" I called out when seeing Bella fall to the ground after she saw the man bear, the youngish mum and the barbie blonde. If Bella hadn't have passed out I wouldn't have known who these three were but now after looking at them I released they were the buggers she'd told me about… The Cullen's. I quickly knelt down next to Bella and made sure she hadn't hit her head on the pavement as she went down only to have the blondes hands already on her head.

"She's alright? Right?" I said looking up at the blonde, her golden brown eyes were full of worry and were slowly darkening. I had the feeling that I should back away and run away from the blonde. Screw that though. I've spent enough time running away from things and the people I care about. And Bella isn't going to be added to that list.

"What happened to her?" The blonde asked narrowing her eyes and a deep rumbling came from her thoart. Was she growling at me or am I imagining things?

"I have as much information as you do. She was fine until she came out here and saw you lot." I replied glaring at the blonde and looked up at the model only to see her face full of worry then I looked at the Bear man and my world seemed to stop. Everything I know suddenly made sense in him and everything else became irrelevant to me. Alison, Jemma, the unconscious Bella who still lay in front of me… 'Have I gone mad?' I thought.


"Rose lay off her."The bear man growled at the blonde.

"I think it be best if we get her home so that we don't cause a bigger scene," The mum said still looking worried.

"We have a car so can you tell us where you live so we can get her home?" Rose asked me looking somewhat more calmer however, the worry for Bella was still held in her eyes.

"I guess it be easier…" I sighed and nodded. Rose picked Bella up as if she was a small child and began to walk in to the car park. I looked at the mum and the bear man, "So I know she's Rosalie and you lot know Bella. Can you fill me in on who you two are?" I asked following them as they began to follow Rose.

"I'm Esme and this is Emmett," The mum said giving me a smile, "So Bella told you about us?"

"Yes I know the whole story regarding all of you and know who I'll be holding a grudge against." I mumbled in response. I looked to see Rose had Bella in the car and was ready to go.

"I know where you two live, we passed you guys on the way here. Do you want to walk back or?" Rosalie began to trial off and look at Bella.

"I don't mind but she'll hate me for it." I sighed again and looked at my feet. I felt Emmett move closer to me, I couldn't help but lean into him…

Yup I've gone mad.

"I think is be best to get a ride though, I don't real wanna freak our roommate out." I said giving a small smile to Emmett and Esme. Esme nodded and Rosalie gave me a blank stare, Emmett on the other hand gave me a large smile; like a kid on christmas day who had gotten a puppy. He moved and opened the rear passenger door and gestured from me to get in first. I smiled and quickly climbed in to the middle seat. Esme was already in and sitting on my left and Emmett squeezed in on my right. He continued to gaze down at me. I couldn't help but bite my lip and blush.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with me?

"Roommate? I though she was your girlfriend?" Rosalie asked looking at me through the rear view mirror as she pulled out the car park. My eyes went wide automatically. Even though Alison and I have known each other for years and only been dating for a few months I still couldn't help but feel awkward when people asked if we where together. Granted I know I shouldn't and I've only ever dated now other girl I still don't feel one hundred percent comfortable with dating girls. I've always felt it but I like to keep my options open regardless of who I love. Don't get me wrong I do love Alison but I'm not in love with her.

"Err... Yes and no I need to talk with her about somethings and shouldn't Bella have woken up by now?" I quickly said and asked to change subject. The car came to a quick stop, Rosalie looked over at Bella in worry. Looking out the window I saw that we were home. That was fast, I thought.

"Bella, you need to wake up." Rosalie said running her finger down Bella's jawline. Bella began to stir at Rosalie's touch. I think I'm missing some details here. Looking back up at Emmett I find him still looking down at me.

"You know thats quite creepy." I say aloud to him. He smiles again before letting out a loud chuckle.

"We'll I can't help it you're just so adorable." He replied in what I think he thought was a low voice. I smirked at him.

"I think it be best for me to get Bella inside so that she can recover without passing out again." Looking over at Rosalie who seemed sad at that Bella still hadn't woken up. "Is she even still alive?" I ask without thinking. Rosalie let out another growl, Emmett growled in response to Rose and Esme turned and looked at me with a small smile.

"Yes she is alive dear, Would you like me to help you get her inside?" She asked opening the door to let me out.

"Yeah that be great." I said making a move to get out only to be stopped by a large and now holding my thigh from moving. I turned to see Emmett looking like a little boy caught doing something he should have been doing.

"Could I have your number so we can like hang out sometime?" He asked giving me a small smile.

"Only if you let go of me leg." I flirted at him. Wait. Why am I flirting with him? His face lit up and he handed me his phone, quickly typing in my number I called it so I have his number. Handing the phone back he released my leg and I got out the car. Esme helped me get Bella inside and into her room, I quickly thanked her waving them all goodbye. I went to Alison's room to find her still asleep. Feeling my phone buzz I see that I have four texts from Emmett I couldn't help the smile when I read them.

I think I'm falling in love with this guy...

God help me.


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