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"But Edward, you have to come. It's your nephew's birthday," my mom said on the phone. I rolled my eyes.

"I don't know mom, I don't like it with all the kids running around," I said to her. I could hear the disappointment in her voice. She didn't agree with my decision, but I needed to make a point.

I don't like children, I detest them. I don't see the use of them, sure they'll carry your name, but if that was the only positive thing I wouldn't have one. When they are babies, all they do is cry, sleep, eat and poop and that's it. You have to take care of it and you'll never have your freedom back.

When they'll get older, they start to get annoying. They start with really weird questions and are just being plain stupid. I don't know how my mom could do it with three children. She must be out of her mind. It's a good thing that I don't say it to her face, because then I will be in trouble. Doesn't matter how old I am.

She thinks that children are a blessing. She doesn't want to hear my opinion. The minute I start about how awful kids are, she shuts me up. I don't get it why she thinks they are a blessing. Alice and Rosalie have the same opinion as my mother and they printed that in the heads of Emmett and Jasper.

"Edward, are you still there? I don't like being ignored," my mother said and I wasn't in the mood for this conversation. Noah, Jasper and Alice's kid, was turning five this weekend and I was invited to his birthday party. However, I made some lame excuse about needing to work so I couldn't make it.

My mother didn't buy the excuse and I don't think that Alice did. Esme was trying to talk me into coming to the kid's party and I wasn't having it. I know I could be stubborn sometimes, but I really didn't want to be there. Alice mentioned that it was a family party this year, only our family and no one else. I don't care what kind of party it was, I don't want to go when there are children involved.

"I'm still here, but it's a busy weekend and my work is important," I told her. I was trying every excuse.

Some of you would say that I just need to grow up, but children were just a big no for me. I don't care if they are family or not, I want to stay as far away from them.

"Wow Edward, you've really surprised me with this. I thought family was important to you, like it's important to me, but I can't believe that you would go this low," she said and hung up the phone. My mother hung up on me. I couldn't believe it.

I had the urge to call her back, but I had a meeting planned that was really important. I guess my mom was more disappointed than ever and that hurt a bit.

Esme wasn't happy with my opinion about kids. She was really hoping for tons of grandchildren, but she only had Noah and Parker. Rosalie and Emmett tried so hard for a baby, but she had a miscarriage. It was a bit sad, but I can't believe that you would put so much effort in having a baby.

Rosalie didn't like me- I couldn't blame her. I didn't like her that much too. She was too high-maintenance for me, but as long as my brother was happy I didn't care.

"Mr. Cullen? They are expecting you in the conference room," my assistant said to me, and I stopped thinking about my family. It was time for business.

I was a successful businessman and I had built it from scratch. I started it when I got out of college at 22 years old. My friends at school told me I was crazy, but I'm the one laughing now. It was a success from the start and I made my first million dollars within the year. You could say that I was really rich now and I wasn't embarrassed by it.

I bought an incredible penthouse with an amazing view and a few cars that are every man's dream. At first, my mom started about buying a house with a garden and I had no idea why I wanted that. I was at the office most of the time and a penthouse seemed fine by me.

Then she started about how my children needed to have a place to play and I laughed in her face. She believed that I was still going to have children someday, but I wasn't so sure of that.

Alice said to me that when I would meet the right woman, that I would start to think differently, but I don't believe her. I wasn't a guy who was going to stay true to one woman. I'm not the guy who needs to be tied down. I'm enjoying my freedom and I liked being alone.

Of course I had my one night stands, and I kept them that way. I would go to a club and pick up some woman, have sex with her and never see her again. That would always go well and I wasn't going to change that. I liked having my independence and not worry about some chick that's after my money. It was really weird that you're financial status would be discussed in some kind of low magazine.

I was glad that it was Friday and I would meet my brother and brother-in-law for some drinks at a bar. We had this manly thing once a month, because they needed to get away from their woman for a few hours. They used the words, not me. I would totally agree with them if I had a wife. I think I would go completely crazy with a woman living with me. She would command me what to do and what not to do, what I was doing wrong and she would nag about everything. I was so glad that I was living alone.

"So mom called me to say she was mad at you. What did you do?" Emmett asked me as we sat down with a beer in our hands.

"Yeah, Alice was pissed too and I have an idea about what's going on," Jasper said and I wasn't in the mood to talk about that.

"Oh no, he cancelled on Noah's birthday party?" Emmett asked Jasper and I was annoyed that they were talking like I wasn't there.

"HE is still here," I said and they both looked at me.

"Did you really cancel on Noah's party? What kind of uncle are you?" Emmett asked surprised.

"It's a good thing that Alice has pictures of you or otherwise they wouldn't recognize you if you stopped by," Jasper said. It made me feel a little bit guilty.

"Come on Eddie, kids aren't that bad," Emmett said and I wanted to hit him. I really hate it when people call me Eddie and Emmett does it to tease me. He even got Noah and Parker that far to call me Uncle Eddie when they see me. I'm glad that I don't see them a lot, because it would make me hate kids more than I already do.

"Don't call me that, you know I hate that," I told Emmett and he just smiled at me. My brother was pure evil and acted like a little kid all the time.

"Are you really not coming to Noah's party?"Jasper asked me and he sounded a bit disappointed. I don't know what I had today, but it seemed that I let everyone down.

"I don't know. It isn't really my thing," I told him, and Emmett went to the bar to grab us some more beer.

"We know, that's why we kept it to just family and we'll celebrate for his friends some other time. It would mean a lot to Alice if you showed up and I know that Noah will like it too," Jasper said.

"The guy barely knows who Uncle Edward is," I said.

"That's not true, Alice tells the kids all these stories about when you guys were younger and they definitely know who you are. He thinks you're going to show up so please do us a favor," Jasper almost pleaded and I took a deep breath. They were trying to make me feel guilty about the situation so that I would come and it was working.

"Just bring the kid a present and you will make his day," Emmett said and Jasper laughed at that.

"I'll ask Alice about what he wants for his birthday," I said to them and they were surprised.

"You're going to show up then or are you going to send it to him?" Emmett said.

"Do you think mom would keep me alive if I did that?" I asked him and I made my point there. If I ever did something like that, mom would kill me.

Jasper and Emmett high-fived each other and I laughed at them. It was probably the reason why we were going for drinks tonight, so they could talk me into coming to Noah's party.

"So when I was getting our drinks I heard some chick talking about some hottie that was sitting here at our table," Emmett said and I turned around to see who he was talking about.

There were a lot of women sitting at the bar and I had no idea who made that comment. I thought this bar wasn't popular with the ladies, but I wasn't complaining at the moment.

"Who was talking about us?" Jasper said. He was true to Alice, but he was allowed to look at women. Alice had no problem with that, she knew that he was coming home to her in the end.

That's why I wasn't so keen on having a girlfriend. They would become jealous when you look at some other woman, they start to freak out and accuse you of cheating on them.

"The ones that are looking at us right now," Emmett said and we all turned around to look at them.

There were 3 women sitting there in a group and they looked like they were having fun. A blonde with obvious fake boobs was telling another woman something and they both looked at our table again. The other woman with them seemed kinda shy. She had her back to us so I couldn't see her face. From behind she looked good, she had a nice ass and her legs looked amazing.

"See something you like Eddie?" Emmett asked again and I stomped him on his arm. I'm sick of him calling me Eddie.

"What the fuck was that for?" Emmett asked and rubbed the spot on his arm. He was such a wuss sometimes.

"Stop calling me Eddie and I won't hit you like that again," I told him and Jasper just smiled at us.

"So, do you see something you like?" Jasper asked me now.

"I don't know, those two seem kinda fake, but I can't see the other one," I said to them. They knew about my lifestyle and they often helped me with pointing out women.

Jasper and Emmett approve of what I do. They accepted it that I won't come home with a woman and settle down and I was glad that they did. I had fun with them and they weren't going to look at me differently if I approached a woman.

"Well, we're out of drinks and I guess it's your turn to buy us some booze," Emmett said and I knew what he had planned. He wanted me to go to the bar so I could check that one woman out. I liked the way he thinks.

"Okay, 3 beers coming right up," I said to Emmett and Jasper and walked over to the bar.

The mysterious woman was standing on the outside so I squeezed myself next to her. I ordered three beers and I waited for the bartender to finish my order. I hoped it would take him some time so I could have a talk with the woman next to me.

I looked at her, and I was amazed by her beauty. She acted like she didn't know that I was looking at her, but her blush told me otherwise. I only saw one side of her face, but it looked really good. Her blush made her look really sexy and I wanted to take her home with me so I could have my way with her. She didn't pay attention to me and the bartender was done with my order. I was bummed that she didn't turn her head to look at me, but maybe she wasn't interested. Maybe she was a lesbian or something and she was here with her girlfriends. My mind was going crazy over this and I had to laugh. When she heard me snicker a bit, she turned her head and I was blown away by her beauty. I don't think that I ever saw a woman that was so beautiful.

I needed to get back to Jasper and Emmett, but I felt so drawn to her. I looked at our table and Jasper was smiling. It was like he knew how I felt at the moment and that creeped me out a little. Emmett just sat there, staring openly at me and my beauty. I needed to know her name, I needed to know how she felt and how soft her skin was. This was so new to me and it scared me.

I finally made my way back to our table, and Emmett was grinning now. I guess he figured out my reaction.

"So was she hot?" Emmett asked.

"No, she was beautiful," I answered and their faces were in shock. I never said that about a woman and I understood their shock.

"Did I hear that correctly?" Jasper said and I nodded my head.

"What are you still doing here? You should go over there and talk to her," Emmett said and shoved me in her direction.

"No I can't do that. I don't know what I should do," I told them and I really meant that. I had a lot of experience with approaching women, but I don't know how to handle this.

"You should offer her something to drink," Jasper told me, but I was too scared to do that. I'm scared of me right now, I don't know what the hell is wrong with me and why that woman affects me so much.

I flagged down a waitress, and told her to buy the woman at the bar a drink. I pointed the right woman out to her. I wasn't in the mood for mistakes and I wanted to be sure that she would get her drink. I also told the waitress to tell her it was from me.

I was nervous for a few minutes, before the beauty got her drink. My eyes didn't leave her and she seemed surprised that someone bought her a drink. The waitress pointed at me and the beauty looked my way. She gave me a smile and I gave her a big smile back. Now it was all up to her. I made my move and if she was interested she would let me know. That's how it all worked and I don't think this was any different.

I was a bit nervous for the rest of the night, but I didn't hear anything from her. I checked the bar regularly, but she was still sitting there with her friends. Jasper, Emmett and I had a fun evening, but the guys wanted to go home.

"It's okay if you want to stay here," Jasper said. He understood I wasn't ready to leave my beauty.

"Nah, it's okay. If she was interested she would have done something," I told them and I was ready to walk to the exit of the bar. Jasper and Emmett grabbed their coats and I was putting mine on.

I heard some noise behind me, but didn't pay much attention to it. Emmett hit Jasper on his arm and pointed something out. I had no clue what they meant, but then I felt a tap on my shoulder. Could it be her?

"We're going to grab a cab. You want us to wait for you?" Jasper asked me and I shook my head. I could grab a cab on my own.

I turned around and there she was, standing in front of me. I almost couldn't believe it. What did she want? Was she interested?

"Uhh, I just wanted to thank you for the drink," she said and I was amazed by her voice. It sounded so feminine and sweet.

"You're welcome, someone so beautiful like you deserved a drink from someone," I told her and I really meant my words. Usually I just say things to get women in my bed, but this woman was special.

"Yeah right," she said and I was shocked by her tone. Didn't she believe me?

"It's true, you are a beautiful woman," I told her again and she blushed. It made me feel some things that weren't appropriate in this bar.

"Thank you, that's nice of you," she said and she smiled at me.

"You're welcome. I'm Edward," I told her and stuck out my hand. I needed to feel her skin.

"I'm Bella," she said and shook my hand. It felt amazing and I didn't want to let go.

"How about another drink?" I asked her. This was going to end well for me.

"Sure," she said and we walked back to my table. Her friends were still sitting at the bar and I flagged a waitress for our drinks.

"So what's a beautiful woman like you doing here?" I asked her.

"Just having some fun with my friends. How about you?" she asked me and I wanted to make a smart comment about me being a beautiful woman, but I decided not to.

"Same as you, just having fun with some friends. Celebrating that it's Friday and that we have weekend," I tell her. I don't see it that way, I'll probably head into the office tomorrow to get some work done.

We talked some more after that. I learned a lot about her and I'm surprised at that. I don't usually do that with a woman who I'm going to spend one night with. Her friends went home and the bar was almost closing, but I didn't want to say goodbye to her. I hoped she felt the same.

"How about we go to my apartment and see where it goes?" I suggested and she blushed again. I think she knew about my intentions.

"It's okay if you don't want to," I said quickly.

"I would love to," she said and I wanted to jump up and down from joy. It felt like I was dreaming. It was my lucky day today I think.

I grabbed our coats and walked us out. I hailed a cab and I was a little nervous. I've never had that.

We arrived at my apartment and I held her hand. All that was running through my head is that I was going to get lucky.