Lost Horizon

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Many centuries had passed since the War of the Ring and it all but passed into the legends of history. Gondor became a great empire, rising like a phoenix. In the great centuries that had passed, Gondor had become sundered from the rest of Middle Earth, becoming an island that we know now as Britain.

The darkness of the past centuries was long forgotten. It was a thing that only seemed to exist in stories or the history books of Gondor, now named Britain.

For generations, many lived in peace and prosperity, not knowing war. Prosperity prevailed (for the most part).

Unknown to those living in peace, Melkor wrought his revenge on all of Eru's creatures. Greed and corruption sowed the seeds for what would be a greater war: the last war, the war to end all wars.

Humanity against the evil and might and wonder of Melkor .

Melkor brought his fist of darkness down on Middle Earth by playing on our weaknesses for greed, for vanity.

Those who sought to parley with him were…converted. He took their souls, replacing it with his own dark poison creating a vicious army of the un-dead.

Great Balrogs, demons, wargs and vampires were added to his arsenal.

The weapons that were created in the new centuries- guns, bombs- all of those proved useless against Melkor's armies.

One by one, the countries of Earth fell or succumbed to darkness. Some countries sold themselves to Melkor, hoping that their diplomacy would grant them some immunity.

Melkor did not know the meaning of mercy or the concept of diplomacy.

All he sought was his revenge upon the creations of Eru.

There was some hope, fading but still bright. In small pockets, there were resistance fighters who called themselves 'defenders.'

They defied Melkor's regime and risked their very souls to fight him.

At the very edge of the war, stood Britain: Gondor of Old.

There, the last few defenders were evacuating survivors from England into Caledonia at Denethor's wall.

(Denethor's Wall: Hadrian's Wall)