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For reference, the story takes place around Series 7 Part 1 for the Doctor, and throughout Anna's life (mostly pre- Frozen).

The castle was quiet, as usual. Quiet and boring. For what had seemed like the fifth time that day, Princess Anna of Arendelle was walking towards her sister's room. It was winter, but the snow that usually fell around this time of year had been noticeably absent. Up until today, that is.

She had woken up late, a daily occurrence since Elsa had moved out of her room, shut the door, and walked groggily over to the large window with a heavy sigh. No snow, again. What was the point of winter if it wasn't going to snow?

Then, as if the skies had heard her sigh, the princess caught a glimpse of the very first snowflake. Large eyes widened even further as she let out an excited squeal. "Elsa!" Her sister loved to build snowmen, this would surely draw her out from behind the door.

But it didn't.

One hour of dreamily staring out the window later, and she still wouldn't come out. And again and again, Anna begged and pleaded for her sister to open the door, certain every time that when her little fist pounded out the familiar rhythm the answer would be different.

It never was.

Anna was never one to give up. Once her mind had been set to something, she never stepped down, despite the persistent "Go away, Anna!" she too often received. This time she was certain, well almost certain, that the door would unlock. With a determined nod of her head, she turned around quickly and stomped her way towards her sister's closed door. Her small feet echoed back to her as she made her way down the empty hall. Before reaching the stairs that led up to the bedrooms, she tipped her head towards her favorite painting, "Afternoon Joan!" She reached up one hand towards the railing, short fingers barely reaching it before she stopped herself. The silent hall was no longer very silent, for a small wheezing and grinding sound filled the room, growing louder and louder with each passing second.

The princess turned around slowly, curiously looking around for the source of the noise. Just a few yards down, past the row of paintings and suits of armor, a box was starting to take shape. It blew into focus, but disappeared with a shuttering wheeze, then turned around to repeat the cycle. It was large to her short stature, but seemed almost smaller than it was. As she approached the box tentatively, she noticed that the color was the bluest blue she had ever seen. A small smile gracing her lips, she placed her tiny hand against the rough wood of the door, but pulled it away almost immediately. There was something slightly off putting about this new object that had taken up residence in her family home, because when she had placed her palm against the wood, a soft buzz-like energy had shot through her body, quick and soft as a quiet hum.

She knew she should be scared, or that she should run away and find her father or one of the guards. But curiosity got the better of her, and she reached her arms high above her head to grab the handle and pull the door outwards.

The inside almost took her breath away. So enthralled by the apparent magic of the unexpectedly large interior was she, that the princess almost failed to notice the man who was spinning wildly about the center console, pressing buttons, and pulling levers. He was muttering to himself, something about strange readings and bursts of some kind of energy. Though Anna had noticed him, he had failed to notice Anna.

"Excuse me, sir?" Her voice was too quiet to be picked up by the man. "Sir?" She tried again, a little louder, but still received nothing. Fed up with being ignored again, she stomped across the glass floor towards the spot where the man had finally stopped to look incredulously at a screen, and tugged at his brown tweed jacket. The man jumped, startled, and quickly turned around with his hand reaching towards his inside jacket pocket.

Anna tried to stand up to her full height, attempting to look the part of the regal princess that Elsa had always been so adept at portraying, but Anna had found impossibly difficult. "Excuse me, sir, but you have to leave. Mama and Papa don't like to have strangers here."

A wide grin spread across his face as he lowered his hand away from his pocket, and reached to straighten his bowtie. He slowly kneeled down in front of the young princess in an attempt to match her height. "I won't be here for long. I was just following a distress call on behalf of a Princess Anna of Arendelle. Do you know where I might find her?"

Anna tipped her head to the side, a puzzled look clouding her expression. "I'm Princess Anna sir, but I never called you here. I don't even know who you are."

He stuck out his hand and waited for her to shake it. Still confused, she tentatively obliged. "I'm the Doctor, here to help." He said finally.

"I don't need help." Anna argued defiantly.

"Are you sure?"

"Well…" Anna let the word trail off as she allowed her eyes to wander around the room. It was truly one of the most magnificent things she had ever seen, and that included Arendelle's castle when it glittered under the bright winter sun after the first snowfall of the season. She started to walk slowly along the edge of the console, trailing her hands lightly over the buttons and levers, and purposely ignoring the Doctor as he followed closely behind her. She finally reached a short staircase that no doubt led to some corridor or room that was just as wonderful as the one she currently found herself in. Anna sat down with a purposely dramatic sigh. "I guess I do need help, Sir Doctor."

The Doctor kneeled in front of her, not batting an eye at her obvious display. "And what do you need help with, Princess?"

She leaned backwards, spine pressed into the hard stairs and arms spread wide. With another large sigh, she said, "I'm bored."

The Doctor chuckled lightly, "Well, we can't have that, can we?"

Suddenly, an idea seemed to light up Anna's eyes. With an excited squeal, she grabbed onto the Doctor's arm, shaking it as she bounced up and down. "Do you wanna build a snowman?"

"A snowman?"

"Yeah! My sister and I love to make snowmans, 'cept now Elsa won't play with me. She just stays in her room all day, and Mama and Papa are too busy to play with me, and Papa told all the staff that they had to go away, and then he shut the gates, and my only other friend is Joan, but she's just a painting, and so now I just have to play by myself all day."

The Doctor's face switched from mild amusement to mild pity in the blink of an eye. "I guess you're pretty lonely, aren't you?"

Anna nodded, but remained uncharacteristically quiet.

"Well, I suppose one trip wouldn't hurt. I'm pretty lonely too, could use a friend every now and again. What do you say, Anna?"

The princess's face lit up, "You wanna be friends?"

"I would love to be friends."

"I've never really had a friend before." Anna admitted sheepishly, though a small smile still tugged at the corner of her mouth.

The Doctor could feel his closed off hearts melting at the sight of those large blue eyes that glimmered with so much hope, a glimmer that had long since faded in his own. "Well," He said with a grin. "I think it's high time you got one. I think you mentioned something about a snowman?"

Anna nodded, the small smile quickly turning into a wide grin that could easily rival the happiest man in the universe.

"Why don't you get the door Anna, and then I can show you something absolutely wonderful."

The doors of the TARDIS opened slowly as the Doctor watched Anna for her reaction, his favorite part of showing off the universe. Anna showed no signs of disappointment. Her eyes widened in awe as she took in the winter paradise before her, the mountains that glittered with snow under two suns, the distant ocean which had frozen forever with tall waves stopped still in a glimmering crest, and the trees which sparkled with ice. She took a tentative step out the door, bracing herself for the cold to sink through her thin shoes. She let out a small gasp. The snow wasn't cold at all!

Anna looked up at the Doctor, as if asking for permission. He gave a small nod, and watched as she took off running down the hill they had landed on, her short braids bouncing gaily behind her.

"This is so cool!" She exclaimed from the bottom of the hill. The Doctor chuckled softly to himself and followed her down. He had barely made it to the bottom when he was met with a faceful of snow and a badly concealed giggle. "I got you, Sir Doctor!" Anna taunted with a grin.

He shook the snow off his face, but found it too difficult to be annoyed with Anna. With a grin that matched his youngest companion, he said, "So, you want to build a snowman?"

Amy had always said the Doctor could act a bit like a child, and here was his chance. Oh, if only his little Amelia Pond could see him now. She'd probably find it ridiculously endearing to see the 1000 year old alien rolling around snow with a little girl, and tease him mercilessly as Anna pelted him with snowballs. She'd roll her eyes when he pulled out a spare bowtie for their new snowman, and laugh as he used some goofy voice to animate it. He'd have to introduce Amy and Anna someday. That is, when Amy wasn't off doing human things with Rory.

It had taken four more snowmen, sledding on the frozen waves, and several hours later before Anna's energy started to dissipate and she allowed out one tiny yawn.

"Ready to go home, Anna?"

She shook her head indignantly, but another yawn gave her away. "I don't want to go home. I want to stay with you forever."

Painful memories clouded the Doctor's mind for a brief second before he pushed them hastily away. "We can't stay forever, Anna. Your family will miss you."

"Elsa won't. She doesn't ever want to see me anymore. And Mama and Papa are too busy to really notice if I'm not there."

"Now, I'm sure that isn't true. Your family loves you. Even Elsa."

Anna looked unconvinced. "Really?"

The Doctor looked Anna straight in the eyes. "Really."

Anna held out her hand expectantly, waiting for the Doctor to take it. Hand in hand they made their way back up the hill to the wonderful spaceship and headed home.

"Come back soon, Sir Doctor."

He made a low bow, resulting in a series of giggles from the princess. "I'll be back before you can even start to miss me."

She shook her head indignantly, rushing over to wrap her short arms around him. "That's not possible, Doctor. I already miss you."

He smiled sadly and waved goodbye, watching his young friend retreat out the front door. Anna waited until the very last wheeze and groan of the TARDIS had finished it's echoe around the hall, before turning around abruptly and continuing her trek towards her sister's room.

"Elsa! You won't believe what just happened!"

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