It was a sad day for the teens of West City. Today was the first day of school. Sure they'd get to see their friends, but it also meant another year of hell. Today was a perfect day for a trip to the beach. But instead they be in a hot musty classroom for a majority of the day.

But high school wasn't that bad for a certain heir. Trunks Briefs, King of Orange Star high. Beloved by all the girls, envied by all the guys, and adored by all the teachers. He had it all, money, beauty, and brains.

The lavender haired heir pulled into his special parking space in front of the school. As he stepped out he could hear the girls already squealing. 'He's here!' and 'He's so sexy!' were being shouted around the parking lot. He could already feel the jealous glares from the girls' boyfriends on him.

Trunks being the show off he was, removed his gray jacket and revealed his white muscle tee-shirt. The girl's eyes grew the size of saucers. And the boys were jealous beyond belief.

As Trunks walked up the pavement he could hear some freshman girls gossiping about him.

"Rumors are, last year he got a new girlfriend ever month," one whispered.

"I wish I could be one," her friend replied.

Trunks smirked as her pushed opened the doors leading to the main hall. Soon the crowded hall parted, allowing the high school royal walk down the hall. Trunks made it to his locker a minute later, spotting his best friend leaning against it.

The raven haired teen was also a VIP to Orange Star. He was a star athlete, and a gentleman. He was just as handsome as Trunks, but he wasn't conceited. He didn't dispose of girls like he did. In his Junior year, Goten had found Lime. They met when his advance algebra teacher assigned her as his tutor. A couple of months passed and they finally started dating.

Trunks didn't understand how you could be with someone that long. Love and soul mate were a bunch of rubbish to him. How can there only be one person out of 7 billion meant for you. It was all a bunch of horse shit to Trunks.

"Hey T," Goten greeted.

"How was your week with Lime? Did you finally break up with her?" Trunks questioned.

An auburn haired girl walked over to the boys. Her arms folded over her chest. "Why do you hate me so much?" Lime asked

Trunks shrugged.

Lime rolled her eyes and decided to leave the topic alone. She didn't need to have this argument again with him. "Goten and I have Home economics first, what about you?"

"Looks like we're going to the same class together," he answered.

"So Trunks, you think you think you're going to settle down with one girlfriend this year?" Lime question.

Trunks chuckled. "As if," No one was going to tie him down. After all he was still young, he wasn't even planning in getting married. Bachelor life was the way he liked it. "After all it's my senior year and that means partying."

Lime shook her head.

Trunks caught this and frowned. "You two are juniors, you wouldn't know about this life."

"Let's just get to class." Goten insisted.

The trio made their way down several halls before the med it to the home EC room. The class was full of juniors and seniors, after all it was one of the easiest elective ever.

Trunks took a seat in the front, Lime and Goten seating next to him. The Three teens began to talk until a blonde ran up to Lime, squealing.

"Oh my god Marron! We have first period together!" Lime shouted

Trunks looked Marron up and down. A curvy figure, decent size boobs, and nice ass. She also had a pretty face, chin length blonde hair, and sea blue eyes. A smirk grew on the lavender haired heir, he had found his first victim.

"Who's this?" Trunks asked, his eyes not moving from Marron's body.

"I'm Marron, we've been going to school together since Junior High." The blonde answered.

'Marron, Marron, OH Marron who dress like she was in kindergarten when she was in wight grade.' Trunks thought. "I remember now, you're the quiet girl back in junior high."

"Now she can never keep her mouth shut." Lime interjected.

Marron rolled her eyes and took a seat next Lime. "You should be talking."

The girls go back and forth about who talks more. 'In my opinion they both are loquacious.' Trunks thought before he and Goten started a new conversation about sports.

It wasn't long before the bell rung. A few more seniors entered the class room followed by a woman in a tight red tee shirt and pencil skirt. Hot teacher, score!

"Hello Seniors and Juniors, I'm Ms. Spurlock and I'm going to be you home economics teacher this year-"

She went into a lecture and Trunks zoned out. He's attention was on the blue-eyed girl who sat two seats away from him.

"I see you found August girl of the month." His best friend whispered.

Trunks glared at Goten

"Now, the first quarter will be on family planning/teen pregnancy. First, I wish to have no pregnant teens in this class, so we will also go over safe-sex." Ms. Spurlock announced. "And to begin I would like to play a little game called, 'what would you do'." The woman's green eyes scanned the room. Moments passed and she pointed at Marron and Trunks.

"You two, come up to the front of the class." Ms. Spurlock ordered.

Both students obliged and stood in front of the class, a bit confused.

"Now Marron what grade are you in?" Ms. Spurlock required.

"I'm Marron and I'm a junior." She responded.

Ms. Spurlock looked at Trunks "And you?"

"Senior and the named Trunks." He bluntly answered.

"Okay, So Marron you 16 and just figured out you're pregnant. Trunks you're 17 and just found out you got accepted into your dream college, but Marron just told you she's pregnant." Ms. Spurlock started looking around the room again before pointing at a brown-haired male student.

"What would you do if you were Trunks?" She asked.

He shrugged. "I'd suggest adoption. "

"Well what if she wanted to keep it?" A girl hissed.

"Then that's her problem." Another male answered.

The girl rolled her eyes. "Men are heartless."

"What would you do Trunks?" Ms. Spurlock questioned.

Trunks pulled out his wallet and removed a plastic card from his pocket and handed it to her."Take care of it." He said winking.

"Ass!" Some girls shouted.

"Who has time to raise a brat?" A jock questioned.

Marron's cheeks were a dark shade of red from anger. She threw the card back at him and balled her hands into a fist. "You think this is funny?"

Trunks snickered. "Yea. If I did get a girl pregnant I would send her a child support check every month. I don't need no girl or baby holding me down."

"Preach it brother!"

Marron narrowed her eyes at him. "You think since you're rich you can get out of every situation. But one day you're going to get yourself into some deep shit and even you mother's money can't get you out of it." And with that, Marron spun on the heels of her shoes and stormed out the classroom.

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