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"You think since you're rich you can get out of every situation. But one day you're going to get yourself into some deep shit and even you mother's money can't get you out of it."

Did she just tell me off? No one has ever talk to me like that EVER! Anyone who dares knows the consequences. I may be a 'nerd' but I'm also the strongest person that goes to this school, so anyone who dared talk shit will be slammed into the wall- well any guy.

I'll admit, her telling me off was kind of hot, but she can't just tell me off and walk out the classroom like that. Since I can't hit her I'll find some other way to get her back.

"Uh well, um could you please have a seat Trunks?" Ms. Spurlock asked.

I obliged and sat next to Goten who was cracking up. I growled and smacked him on the back off the head. "We'll never speak of this?"

"Why not!" Lime laughed obnoxiously . "Are you mad someone finally told you off? It's about damn time. Your so full of yourself Trunks Briefs."

"Don't talk to him like that!" Some girl spat.

Lime rolled her eyes. "Oh shut up Angela!"

I almost choked on my spit when Lime said her name. I snapped my head back and there she was. The ginger with the violet eyes and a killer body. Her name was Angela Halker but she was known around by the guys of the school as Angela Stalker,

And me being the dare devil that I am made her May's Girlfriend of the month last school year. Ever since then she's been on my back. No matter how many times I told her it was over she continued to throw herself at me.

Then it hit me, I knew how I was going to get revenge on Marron.

Lunch rolled in and I went searching for Marron. If I was a quiet lonely girl where would I eat lunch? Soon as I got the answer I ran to the place.

And I was right, she was eating alone in the library. I hold back a laugh as I walk over to the table and take a seat.

She glared daggers at me as soon as my butt touched the chairs. "What do you want your highness?"

"I just wanted to apologize for being an ass. You right you know, I think I can get out of ever situation by flashing my mother's credit card in anyone's face." I tell her with a sigh.

She doesn't respond, just continues to eat her food.

"Listen Marron, people see me as this perfect seventeen-year-old, but I'm far from perfect. Only my friends know the real me-"

"Which is?" Marron asked.

"A down to Earth guy." I answered.

Marron let out a laugh. "An heir down to Earth, give me a break."

"See, this is why I don't like to associate with people outside my group. Everyone sees me as Bulma Briefs's perfect son." I try my best to look sad.

She faintly smiles. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude."

"The only way I'll forgive you if you let me take you out, not as a date, I want you to meet my friends." I said.

"I already know Lime, Goten and Pan, they're my best friends-"

"Then why are you eating here alone?" I questioned.

Marron slammed a thick book on the table. "I have to read Romeo and Juliet by the end of the month and write a report about it." she answered.

"Sucks for you, anyways are you in or out?"

"I'll think about it." she responded.

Some one up there must hate me, out of all the classes I had to have history last. The class wasn't hard, no class was for me, it's just the lecturing made me want to kill myself.

At least I had Pan, the only reason I'm not on the floor asleep.

"So students your first assignment is to write an eleven paragraph report on the American Revolution due next Friday." said the teacher.

Pan groaned loudly, receiving a glare from the teacher. "Something wrong Pandora?" The teacher asked.

"Yes sir, all my teachers didn't give me homework, why you gotta ruin the streak?" Pan asked. "Besides, my cat Milo just died and my family and I were suppose to have his funeral tonight. Oh Milo, he was my cat for 15 years, my heart aches."

I mentally laugh. Pan was a damn good con artist.

The teacher removed his glasses. "Sorry for you lost Pandora, I guess I can re-assign the assignment." As soon as the words leave his mouth the bell rings and students start to spill out the classroom.

I walk over to Pan and smirk. "Nice one Panny."

Pan was Goten's twin sister and also my female best friend. When Goten was busy with Lime I would call her and we would hang out. She's the only girl at Orange Star who isn't in love with me.

Pan grabbed her green back pack and slipped an arm threw one of the straps. "Your welcome, anyways how was your first day of being a senior?"

"Eh, it was okay." I answered as we started our way out the classroom into the crowed halls.

Pan grinned before bumping me. "I heard Marron told you off in front of the class."

Dammit, if Pan knows then everyone knows. "Who cares." I spat.

"You know it bugs you deep down. Now people are going to think they can talk to the Prince of Orange Star like that." Pan taunted.

We stopped at her locker first so she could get her stuff. "I'm done with this conversation."

"Whatever." She responded, slamming her locker door. "Anyways, got any plans after school."

I shook my head, begging to walk down the hall again.

"Well Marron, Goten, Lime, and I are going out to eat tonight. You should come." Pan insisted.

I think about the offer for a minute. If I go I can prove to Marron how nice off a guy I am and maybe get her number. One step closer to my revenge. "Sure." I answered.

If I was going to make her fall for me, I was going to have to turn my charm on to the max. Marron wasn't stupid and was aware of my womanizing ways. If this was going to work, I had to prove to her that I change.

So I dressed as a good-two shoes: blue button down shirt, expensive blue jeans, and white converse. I combed my hair and put on some cologne. As I stared at myself in the mirror I wanted to throw up. This wasn't me, I looked like a dork.

"Hey Trunks I was wonder- um where the hell is my son?"

My mom was standing in the door frame like she had seen a ghost. I frowned and groaned. "What mom?"

She grinned and walked over to me and placed her fingers on her face. "Awe, you're so handsome."

"Mom please stop this is weird." I groaned. "Besides I'm only going on this date with this girl to get back at her for embarrassing me."

"Trunks Vegeta Briefs, I raised you better than this." She spat.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed my keys and jacket, I needed to hurry up and get out of her before she lectured my to death. "Yea, yea, whatever mom." I pushed passed her and walk to the garage were we keep the cars.

Since Pan, Goten, and Lime were tagging along I needed to make sure we had enough room. So I choose my black range rover.

I picked up Marron first so we could have a few minutes alone. I pulled up in front of her house and found her waiting on the porch. She was wearing a royal blue dress that ended just above her knees, damn she had nice legs.

She jogged to the car and hopped in. "Thanks for giving me a lift."

"No problem. " I said.

The first part of the car ride was silent, but after halfway there we started small talking, nothing serious. I asked her corny questions like what classes she had and how many more credits she needed. I was so thankful when we finally reached Goten's house.

"Hey guys! " Goten greeted as he slid in followed by Lime and Pan.

"Wow, you two rode her together and didn't kill each other." Lime teased.

"Shut up Sour." I hissed.

We arrived at the pizza place a few minutes later. We all climbed out and headed in to the restaurant. When we walk in Goten scurried off to the arcade, the little kid inside him had been released. Lime sighed and followed her boyfriend, leaving me with Pan and Marron.

A red head walked up to us with a fake smalled. "Welcome to Mario's, will it be just you three or will there be more joining y'all?"

She was cute, but I had to keep all my attention to Marron. "We have two more friends joining us." I informed.

The waitress nodded and led us to a booth, setting five menus on the tale.

Marron an I sat on one side, while Pan sat on the opposite side. Pan and Marron started up a conversation about school. As they chatted I furtively admired her, too bad she had gotten on my bad side; she would have been the perfect temporarily girlfriend.

We ordered several large pizzas, all with different toppings. As soon as the pizza arrived Goten had returned, drooling like an idiot.

Marron giggled. "Typical Goten."

Goten slide in next to Pan and grabbed a slice of pepperoni pizza and gobbled it down. Lime sat next to him and shook her head. "Sweetie, we're in public."

Pan was also scarfing down her food. "It runs in the family." she said with her mouth full.

We ate, chat, laughed, all the corny stuff a group of best friends would do. Marron didn't seem so distant anymore, she constantly laughed at my jokes and playfully slapped my arm, it's was obvious she was flirting.

"So who got the check?" Goten questioned with a loud belched.

Before anyone could day anything I spoke up. "I got it."

"Seriously? " Pan asked.

I shrugged. "It's nothing." From the corner of my eyes I could see Marron smiling. At this rate it wouldn't be long before she fell for me. Then I would take her, break her heart, and dispose of her.