"Chrom, what should we do?"

A girl's voice..She's kind of loud. It hurts.

"What do you feel we should do?"

A deeper, more masculine voice. He asked the question as if he was curious as to what she would say and didn't actually seek her opinion.

"I...I dunno...Look! She's waking up!"

Just as she spoke, my eyes fluttered open to see the smiling faces of a young pair. The young man's face seemed oddly familiar, but I couldn't place it.

"There are better places to sleep than on the ground, you know." He said sarcastically. "Here. Take my hand." He reached out and with a groan, I grab the extended hand. In seconds, I was on my feet and staring at the two, along with another man who I hadn't noticed until now.

"Are you all right?" The young man asked. I took a moment to gaze at his features. He looked like a hero out of a storybook. Blue hair and armor, a white cape, sword on his waist. I found it odd that his right arm was left without protection, but it bore a mark that unnerved me at the sight. I had no idea as to why.

"I..." I struggled to find the words. I searched my surroundings and recalled nothing. I tried to remember where I had been last, but that hadn't worked out either. I couldn't remember anything.

"Thank you..Who are you?" I asked, shaking off my other thoughts and focusing on the group in front of me. I had to ask where I was and how to get back to Ylisse. Father would be able to help me.

"I'm Chrom. The girl next to me is my sister, Lissa. The man behind us is Frederick. Do you mind if I ask you the same?"

"I'm Morgan." I mumbled. Part of me wanted to run away when I locked eyes with the man in full armor. His calculating glare watching my every move. It was the heartwarming smiles of the siblings that kept me here.

"Morgan, do you remember why you were lying here? Did something happen?" His voice gave a sense of sincere worry and care. Especially for someone he didn't know.

"I can't. It's all...fuzzy. I can only remember certain things. My head hurts when it comes to anything else."

"Oh!" Lissa cried, jumping up and down like a little girl excitedly. "I know what this is! It's called amnesia!"

I had been expecting Frederick to disbelieve everything I was saying. With how he watched me, it felt as if he didn't want me around. Instead, he merely nodded.

"What is it that you remember?" He had asked with an intimidatingly calm voice. It took me quite a while to respond. I was still trying to piece together memories.

"..I remember my father. And my home. And...AAGH!" I cried out, the pain becoming too much to bear. I stopped trying to remember, but the pain refused to subside.

"Hey! What's wrong? Lissa, please!" Chrom pleaded. His sister pulled out a staff and preformed some sort of enchantment. I could feel my headache clearing up, the pain being replaced by a relieving warmth.

"Morgan, are you alright? What happened?" Lissa questioned, confusion clear in her expression. I shook my head.

"I don't know..I just tried to remember.."

"If that's the cost of getting your memories back, I don't think you should try. You could just end up making it worse."

I nodded and suddenly, all conversation died out. Chrom and Frederick led the way down the path while Lissa and I walked side by side. After awhile, Lissa whispered to me.

"I know Chrom was serious about not trying to remember anymore, but you said you could remember your dad, right?"

I nodded. It was the only thing I remembered clearly. Studying with father, practicing strategies, putting together spells and causing explosions, but still laughing together in the end.

"What was he like?"

I began describing every bit I could about my father to Lissa. It was the topic that I could never get tired of talking about. Anytime anyone asked about him, I smiled as wide as possible and brought up every detail.

"Wow.." She exclaimed. "Your dad sounds like an amazing person."

My smile grew even wider. Lissa seemed like she wanted to add more, but she only sighed. Then, Frederick spoke up. "This is..Milord, the town-"

"I see, Frederick." Chrom grabbed the hilt of his sword. His expression changing to one of anger. "Frederick, Lissa, let's go. Morgan, stay back here. I don't want you to get hurt." After his warning, Chrom ran towards the town, quickly followed by Frederick. As I reached the end of the path, I saw what caused such anger.

The flames flickered as the town's buildings burned. I could see men breaking into homes with axes, mages setting them on fire. It was a terrible sight. Lissa was supposed to run into town with the rest of the team, but instead she stared at me, her shining blue eyes looking deeply into mine.

"You said you're good with magic, right? Come with me." It seemed like a rather bold statement for the seemingly ditzy girl I had seen earlier. Her serious expression showed that she had been in similar situations as this before. The longer it took me to answer, the more irritated she seemed to get. "Well? Are you coming or not? If you're worried about my brother, he won't be mad if you don't get hurt too much."


I rushed into the battlefield with Lissa. I hoped for the best and dug into the pocket of my cloak, searching for the Arcwind tome my father gave me for practice. I felt it in my hands and focused, forming blades of wind and shooting into the flaming buildings. Fires died, but the damage was done. They'd have to almost completely rebuild most of the places.

The ruffians noticed me and stopped their rampage. The 2 mages blocked our way and shot blasts of fire at Lissa and I. On their way, the flames mixed and formed a large fireball. I stood in front of Lissa and focused as much power as I could into my next attack. Somewhere deep down, I was scared. I couldn't remember doing anything as dangerous as this before. Yet, it felt natural. I couldn't help but run into the fray and let my instincts take over. The rush of battle made me excited.

Time seemed to slow down as I launched my attack, forcing the magic out as the runes appeared and the winds created a shield that blocked the flames. Then, it soared into the enemy lines. The two mages fell as it made contact. They didn't move again.

Death. Father had always told me about the burden of our kind. Tacticians can't feel bad about killing, as they shoulder the lives of many. Protect what matters and leave everything else behind. Many lessons like that had been learned since I was just a child.

While I was deep within my own thoughts, another enemy attacked. He aimed right for my face, but I dodged at the last second, instead taking a swing to my chest. It didn't hurt very much, but Lissa came to my aid and healed me anyway.

The man who attacked me wore a feral grin. He snarled, his voice angry and crazed, with a tinge of fear. "D-damned sheep! I'll slaughter ya!" He threw his axe in a blind rage, making it easy to dodge. I shot another blast of wind towards him, which he took head on. Despite his armor being easily torn off, he still had that evil grin.

"I..I won't lose to some sheep! Especially not a lamb like y-" He yelled those final words at the top of his lungs while Frederick's lance ran him through. He fell to the ground, his life taken.

"Hmph." Frederick began. "What a fool. He was had already fallen, hanging on by a thread. He had no strength left."

I let out a sharp breath I hadn't realized I had been holding. Lissa came from behind and hugged me, yelling out encouraging words. "You were great! Your magic skills are awesome! And you move so fast! I could barely keep up!"

I could only reply with a smile. I was much more tired that I showed. I couldn't speak another word.

"Morgan, thank you for protecting my sister. She's always ready to head into the fight, but she proves to be quite delicate." Chrom said, a smirk clear on his face as his sister whined.

"I am not delicate!"

I let out a loud laugh at the display, causing the others to follow. Even Frederick showed a soft smile. I could feel my energy leaving. I'd strained myself more than I thought. I remembered falling into Lissa's arms before conciousness slowly left me.

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