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The Star in The Darkness

Chapter 11: Clash of the Signer Dragons

(Yusei's P.O.V.)

I must be dreaming or if this is just some hallucination. By my right was the thing that looked like me, as if I was looking at my own reflection in the mirror however distorted no less. As I continued to speed through the track, this thing just had its eyes on me giving out a menacing glare with that devilish grin on his face.

"Tell me I must be dreaming." I anxiously said to myself.

"Oh you're not dreaming. I'm really here." He chuckled darkly.

"Why are you here?" I asked demandingly.

"Oh I just wanted to check up on you that's all." He replied. "Seems to me you're doing pretty well."

"Well go away, I don't need you meddling in my affairs!" I half yelled in anger.

"Yusei?" I heard Aki speak.

I looked to where Aki was as she was riding next to me. She had a look of concern on her face, however I looked back to where that thing was only to find that he had vanished. I looked back to Aki.

"Yusei, are you okay?" She asked. "It looked like you were talking to yourself?"

Wait can't she not see the thing right beside me? I looked to my right only to find my doppelganger was gone. I blinked several times to see if it was just a hallucination but nothing, so I ignored it for now.

"It's nothing." I told her as I focused my attention on the duel.

"Are you sure?" She asked again.

"I'm fine, don't worry, just focus on the duel." I replied assuring to her.

Aki nodded as she looked forward. I can't let this bother me, right now we're in the middle of a turbo duel. Whatever that look alike went, it's gone now, let's just leave it at that.

(Normal P.O.V.)

Back at the track the four duelists were speeding, while Carly and the others were watching the duel. Jack noticed that his turn was up, he looked at his hand and smirked since he knew it was time to bring out his big guns.

Turn 5: Jack

(Yusei and Aki SPC: 3→4; Jack and Crow 3→4)

"Here I go! Draw!" Jack announced as he drew a card from his deck. He smiled as he drew the card he needed.

"I summon the Influence Dragon!" Jack placed his card in his Monster zone. Then a small blue dragon with a spear head appeared on his field.

Influence Dragon LV3 ATK: 300/ DEF: 900

"Now I activate its effect!" Jack announced. "Once per turn I can target one monster I control and it becomes a Dragon-Type until the End Phase."

Influence Dragon used its effect to turn Jack's Demon into a Dragon Type Monster.

"Now I tune my Influence Dragon with my Mad Daemon!" Jack announced.

His dragon tuner turned into three rings and his Mad Demons went into the rings and turned into four stars.

"The ruler's shouts echo throughout! Hammer of Victory, shatter the very earth! Synchro Summon!" Jack chanted. "Flap your wings, Explode Wing Dragon!"

On Jack's field appeared one of his signature monsters, a large purple Demon looking Dragon with a hunchback. It let out a loud roar once it hit the field.

Explode Wing Dragon LV 7 ATK: 2400/ DEF: 1600

"But I'm not done yet!" Jack announced. "If a synchro monster is on the field I can special summon Synkron Resonator to my field!"

Synkron Resonator LV 1 Tuner ATK: 100/ DEF: 100

Jack summons his new resonator monster to his field. Knowing Jack he's about to pull out his ace. Yusei grit his teeth knowing what's to come but remained calm. Even Aki was remaining calm as well but she noticed Crow smirking across the field. Carly cheered the loudest on the stands that Rally and the others had to cover their ears due to her loud cheering.

"Now I tune my level one Synkron Resonator with my level seven Exploder Wing Dragon!" Jack announced. Synkron Resonator turned into one ring while Exploder Wing Dragon turned into seven stars.

"The ruler's heartbeats will now file through here! Take witness to its creation-shaking power!" Jack began to chant.

(Spirit World) - Crimson Temple

All the signer dragons were gathered at the crimson temple as they were waiting to be summoned however only Stardust, Red Demon's, Black-Feather and Black Rose were present. Red Demon's could hear his master calling out to him and noticed that his body was beginning to fade.

"Well it looks like I'm up! I'll see you three when it's your turn to be summoned." Red Demon's said bluntly.

"Also you better bring your A-game Stardust cause I won't go easy on you!" He pointed to Stardust in a challenging tone.

Stardust rolled his eyes in annoyance of his rival's comment but quickly shrugged it off.

'Still the same hotheaded brute like he always is, how pathetic!'

Stardust gasped when he heard the voice. He turned around but to his surprise no one was there except him and his comrades. Black Rose noticed this.

"Is everything alright, Stardust?" Black Rose asked in concern. Stardust looked back at Black Rose and noticed her worried look on her face. He didn't want to lie to her so he brushed it off.

"I'm fine…I thought I heard something. No need to worry, ``he said sheepishly.

Black Rose was about to ask again however she didn't want to press on. So she dropped it for now and turned to focus on the duel that was going on. Stardust however was not happy that he lied to her, however he didn't want her to worry. Still he wondered where the voice came from? It didn't matter as he looked back watching the duel.

Little did Stardust know that he and the others were being watched from behind them. A small black dragon figure was observing the three. He grinned maliciously.

"Soon…" He muttered.

(Back to the Duel)

"Synchro Summon! My very soul, Red Daemon's Dragon!" Jack finished his chant.

Suddenly Jack's ace Signer Dragon appeared on his side of the field as it gave an intimidating roar.

Red Daemon's Dragon LV 8 ATK: 3000 / DEF: 2000

From the stands Carly squealed in excitement as her boyfriend's Dragon showed up, Rally and the others were worried for Yusei and Aki. Back at the duel Jack turned his D-Wheel to face the pair.

"I hope you both are ready to feel my shaking power! Prepare yourselves!" Jack declared with force.

Yusei and Aki looked tense, however they were not worried.

"Battle! Red Daemon's Dragon attacks Aki's Splendid Rose! Absolute Power-Force!"

Jack's Dragon's hand glowed a fiery red flame as he prepared to strike down Splendid Rose with its claws. As Jack's Dragon flies towards Aki's monster little did Jack know that Aki was prepared.

"I don't think so!" Aki spoke. "I reveal my face-down! Thorn Wall!"

A wall of thorns blocked Red Daemon's attack to protect Aki's monster from the impact.

"When a plant-type monster I control is targeted for an attack, I can destroy all attack position monsters on the field!" Aki finished explaining. "So say goodbye to your dragon, Jack!"

Aki's trap card suddenly directs its effect right back at Jack and Crow's Monsters. As large thorns start heading towards their monsters.

"Sorry Aki, but not today!" Crow announced. "I activate Trap Stun! This negates your Thorns effect this turn! Not to mention all traps until the end phase"

Aki grimaced a little as she saw her thorns get negated by Crow's trap card. The thorns disappeared as Splendid Rose was wide open again.

"Thanks Crow." Jack commented. "Now where was I? Oh yes! Red Daemon's continue your attack on Splendid Rose!"

Jack's Dragon continued its attack as it destroyed Aki's monster. The Force made Aki and Yusei swivel a little until they straightened themselves. He approached Aki with concern.

Yusei & Aki's Life Points: 4000 - 800 = 3200

"Aki, are you alright?" Yusei asked.

"I'm fine, Yusei." Aki assured him. "However our life points not so much."

He nodded to her. "We got this."

Aki nodded as she focused her attention on the two. Jack turned his D-wheel forward. He could have attacked with Crow's monster but he knew that Armed Wing didn't have enough attack points to destroy Yusei's monster that was left on the field.

"I set two cards face down, Turn end!" Jack finished as he placed his face-down card.

Up on the stands Rally and the others were watching as they grew more worried for Yusei and Aki as they lost a few life points. However Carly was still cheering for Jack as he drew first blood.

Turn 6: Aki

(Yusei and Aki SPC: 4→5; Jack and Crow 4→5)

"It's my turn now! I draw!" Aki announced as she drew her card.

"I activate Lost Star Descent! I'll use it to bring back Splendid Rose!" Aki finished.

Her plant type monster returned from the grave after being destroyed as it took a defensive position.

"However, its defense is reduced to 0 and it loses a level by 1." Aki explained.

Splendid Rose LV5 DEF: 0/ ATK: 2200

"Next I play the Speed Spell-Angel Baton!" Aki said as she activated the card. "While I have two or more speed counters I can draw two cards but I must discard one."

Aki drew two cards from her deck and discarded a card from her hand. She looked at what she drew and smirked knowing that she drew the right cards.

"Alright! I send the top card from my deck to special summon Glow-Up Bulb from my graveyard."

Glow-Up Bulb LV1 ATK:100/DEF:100

As she discarded her card a round plant root with one eye in the center appeared on her field next to the revived Splendid Rose.

"Next I normal summon Rose Lover!" Aki announced as she summoned what looked like a princess wearing a beautiful red dress and blond hair.

Rose Lover LV1 ATK:800/DEF:800

"Now I tune my Level one Glow-Up Bulb with my level one Rose Lover and level five Splendid Rose!" Aki spoke loudly.

Glow-Up Bulb Tuned into one ring and Rose Lover and Splendid Rose turned into six stars as they entered the ring.

"Chilling flames engulf the entire world. Pitch-dark flower, set into bloom!" Aki began to chant.

(Spirit World) - Crimson Temple

Black Rose Dragon could hear her Mistress calling to her. She turned to look at the other two Signer Dragons that were left.

"Well, it looks like I'm up." Black Rose said. "I'll see you two later."

Stardust nodded. Just when Black Rose was about to be summoned Stardust immediately halted her for a second.

"Wait Rose!" Stardust spoke loudly, gaining the Rose Dragon's attention.

"Yes, Stardust?' Black Rose asked.

Stardust hesitated; he wanted to say something to his comrade however it was more than that. The star dragon had grown feelings for the Rose Dragon yet he was afraid of her getting hurt. Not to mention that horrible vision that he had of her dead.

"It's…it's nothing." Stardust sighed.

Black Rose was now curious yet concerned as she was about to say something it was too late. As she left in a flash of light. This left Stardust disappointed and lowered his head upsettingly. He felt something on his shoulder, he looked up to see Black-Feather trying to cheer him up.

"No worries, bro." Black-Feather said teasingly. "You'll get your chance to confess to her."

Stardust couldn't help but blush at Black-Feather's comment. In fact most of the Signer Dragons knew about Stardust's secret feelings for the Rose Dragon. So it was no secret to anyone anymore.

Still unbeknown to the two Dragons who are left, the small black dragon who was hiding behind them, snickered.

"What an idiot." The Dark Dragon said quietly.

(Back to the Duel)

"Synchro Summon! Appear, Black Rose Dragon!" Aki finished announcing.

Her ace card appeared on the field as the rose covered dragon spread her beautiful rose covered wings and gave a fearsome roar.

Black Rose Dragon LV 7 ATK: 2400 / DEF: 1800

From the stands Rally and the others were amazed yet mesmerized by the dragon's appearance.

"Look at that Dragon." Tank called out.

"It's so beautiful!" Rally said in awe.

"Next, I activate Yusei's other Face-down!" Aki said. "Synchro Strike!"

Yusei couldn't help but smile as Aki played his other trap. Knowing what it will do.

"The targeted synchro monster gains 500 ATK for each Synchro Material Monster used to Summon it!" Aki explained. "Since I used two monsters Black Rose gained 1000 ATK!"

Black Rose Dragon roared as she was powering up.

Black Rose Dragon LV7 ATK: 2400 + 1000 = 3400

"Now it's stronger than Jack's Dragon!" Nerve said excitingly from the stands. Carly grew worried.

"Battle! Black Rose Dragon attacks Red Daemon's Dragon! Black Rose Flare!" Aki declared.

Black Rose Dragon fired her signature attack as the black flames were heading towards Jack's Signer dragon.

"I don't think so! I activated the Interdimensional Matter Transporter!" Jack announced. "This lets me banish my dragon until the end phase!"

Jack's dragon disappeared from his and Crow's side of the field avoiding the attack. Aki grunted.

"Fine! Then I guess I'll attack Black Feather - Arms Wing! Go! Black Rose Flare!" Aki commanded.

Black Rose Dragon changed her attack as the blast was heading straight for Crow's monster.

"I don't think so!" Jack spoke. "Reveal Trap! Half or Nothing!"

Yusei and Aki grimaced since they both knew what that trap card does. Crow on the other hand smirked as his monster was safe.

"You have a choice! Either you end the battle phase or halve your monster's attacks." Jack explained while smirking. "So what's it going to be?"

Aki looked at Yusei, he nodded to her with a smile meaning 'We got this'. Aki couldn't help but smile back at him. She nodded back and faced Jack with a determined look.

"I'll choose to half of all our monster's attacks!" Aki answered. Jack smirked as he thought Aki made a poor decision.

Black Rose Dragon LV7 ATK: 3000 - 50% = 1500

Junk Berserker LV7 ATK: 2700 - 50% = 1350

"However…" Aki spoked as she smirked. "I'll use Junk Berserker's effect! By banishing one "Junk" monster from the graveyard. One monster you control loses ATK equal to the removed monster's ATK!"

"WHAT?!" Both Jack and Crow exclaimed in surprise. Yusei smirked.

"I'll banish Junk Servant from Yusei's graveyard to cut your Armed Wings attack by Junks Servants attack!" Aki finished explaining as she removed Junk Servant from the graveyard.

Blackfeather-Armed Wing LV6 ATK: 2300 - 1500 = 800

"Now! Black Rose Dragon, continue your attack!" Aki commanded.

Black Rose Dragon continued her attack as Crow's monster was engulfed in the flames, destroying it. Jack and Crow jolted from the impact but regained their positions.

Jack & Crow's Life Points: 4000 - 700 = 3300

"Alright!" Rally shouted in joy. "They finally dealt damage!"

"Indeed." Blitz agreed. "However, it's not over yet."

"When a Black-Feather Monster is destroyed and sent to the graveyard, I can special summon Black Feather - Kogarashi the Wanderer from my hand!" Crow announced as he summoned another of his monsters to the field.

Black Feather - Kogarashi the Wanderer LV6 ATK: 2300 / DEF: 1600

Aki remembered Crow summoning that monster when she and him dueled against Sherry while she was under Z-ONE's control in the Ark Cradle. Never the less she still had Yusei's Monster to attack again.

"Junk Berserker, attack Kogarashi!" Aki commanded as Yusei's Monster readied it's attack on the bird monster.

"I don't think so!" Jack spoke loudly. "Reveal Trap! Demon's Chain! This will stop your monster on it's track!"

Jack's trap card chained up Yusei's monster as it couldn't continue it's attack. Aki scoffed as she knew her turn was over since there was nothing else she could do.

"I'll place one card face down, Turn end!" Aki finished by placing her card faced down. "Don't forget our monster's regain their attack points."

Black Rose Dragon LV7 ATK: 2400

Junk Berserker LV7 ATK: 2700

"Plus, Red Deamons returns to our field as well." Jack spoke as his Signer Dragon reappeared in flames to his side with a ferocious roar.

Turn 7: Crow

"It's my turn, draw!" Crow announced as he drew his card.

(Yusei and Aki SPC: 5→6; Jack and Crow SPC: 5→6)

"From my hand I summon Black Feather - Blizzard the Far North!" Crow said.

He placed his card in the monster zone, as his white bird tuner monster appeared by his side of the field.

Black Feather - Blizzard the Far North LV2 ATK: 1300 / DEF: 0

"And when his normal summoned I can target one level 4 or lower Black Feather Monster from the graveyard and special summon it in defense mode! So come back Bora!" Crow exclaimed.

Bora the Spear returned from the graveyard in a defensive position as he turned blue.

Black Feather - Bora the Spear LV4 DEF: 800

"But I'm not done!" Crow said. "I now tune my level 2 Blizzard with my level 6 Kogarashi!"

Blizzard turned into two rings and Kogarashi entered as he turned into 6 stars.

"Darkened gales, reveal hidden wishes on your wings!" Crow began to chant.

(Spirit World) - Crimson Temple

Black-Feather heard his master calling to him as his body began to fade.

"Well, it looks like I'm up." Black-Feather spoke. "I'll see you on the field, Stardust."

Stardust nodded to his comrade.

"Indeed." Stardust replied.

Suddenly Black-Feather vanished from the temple leaving only Stardust Dragon left in the temple.

(Back to the Duel)

"Synchro Summon! Soar, Black Feather Dragon!" Crow finished chanting as his signer dragon appeared on the field as he spread his silver wings and gave a mighty roar.

Black-Feather Dragon LV8 ATK: 2800 / DEF: 1600

From the stands Rally and the others were surprised by the appearance of Crow's dragon.

"Wow! That's Crow's new dragon?!" Tank exclaimed in surprise.

"That thing looks Ferocious!" Nerve replied in shock.

"I'll say," Taka agreed.

Carly on the other hand cheered as now both her boyfriend and Crow had two powerful monsters to turn the tide.

"Now! I'll have my Dragon attack Junk Berserker! Noble Stream!" Crow called out.

Black-Feather opened his mouth and fired a powerful black and red energy beam at Yusei's monster. Junk Berserker was engulfed in the fire as it was destroyed. Both Yusei and Aki felt the impact of the blast and regained their positions.

Yusei & Aki's Life Points: 3300 - 100 = 3200

"Next I'll have the Red Deamons attack and destroy Black Rose Dragon! Crimson Hell Flare!" Crow called out again.

Red Deamons fired a powerful stream of fire as it was coming at Aki's signer dragon.

"I won't let you! I activated Rose Blizzard!" Aki cried out as she revealed her trap. "I can negate your attack and switch Jack's dragon to defense mode."

Red Deamon's attack was stopped by Aki's trap card as Jack's signer dragon switched from attack to defense mode.

"Fine. I place two cards face down and end my turn." Crow finished as he placed two cards face down on the field. Aki rode next to Yusei with an apologetic look on her face.

"Sorry I didn't use it to defend your monster, Yusei." Aki apologized.

Yusei smiled back at Aki reassuringly.

"No worries, Besides I think it's time I brought out my partner." Yusei replied as he faced forward to the track.

Turn 8: Yusei

"It's my turn, Draw!" Yusei announced as he drew his card.

(Yusei and Aki SPC: 6→7; Jack and Crow SPC: 6→7)

"I activate the speed spell - Angel Baton! Since I have 7 speed counters I can draw 2 cards but send 1 card from my hand to the graveyard." Yusei explained as he drew two cards from his deck and discarded one from his hand.

"Next up I play my face down Lost Star Descend to bring back Junk Berserker!" Yusei said as he revealed his other facedown card. Junk Berserker returned to his field in the face-up defense position.

Junk Berserker LV6 DEF: 0

"Next, I summon Nitro Synchron to the field!" Yusei announced as he summoned one of his famous tuner monsters.

Nitro Synchron LV2 ATK: 300 / DEF: 100

"Now I tune my level 2 Nitro Synchron with my now level 6 Junk Berserker!" Yusei announced again as Nitro Synchron turned into two rings and Junk Berserker entered them turning into six stars.

"Clustering wishes will become a new shining star! Become the path its light shines upon!" He began to chant.

(Spirit World) - Crimson Temple

Now it was Stardust's turn as he heard his master and faithful partner calling out to him. He was ready to bring his A-game to the field.

"Alright! Looks like it's my turn to shine!" Stardust said with confidence.

He felt his body fading away as he was about to enter the field along with his master and Black Rose Dragon. However, he didn't see the small black dragon that was watching him from behind.

'Oh, now the fun begins!' The small Dark Dragon snickered.

(Back to the Duel)

"Synchro Summon! Soar, Stardust Dragon!" Yusei finished chanting.

Just then Yusei's ever faithful signer dragon appeared in a glitter of stardust as he spread his majestic wings and gave a mighty challenging roar.

Stardust Dragon LV8 ATK: 2500 / DEF: 2000

From the stands Rally and the others were cheering loudly as they were so excited to see Yusei's ace on the field. And this time it was back where it belonged with its master.

"There it is! Stardust Dragon!" Rally yelled in excitement.

"Took him long enough to summon him." Tank spoke just as excited.

On the field Jack smiled seeing Yusei's dragon on the field as he knew the real battle had now begun.

'Stardust Dragon, just seeing you puts a fire into my soul!' Jack thought.

"It's about damn time you brought him out!" Crow called out, happy.

Aki couldn't help but smile seeing Yusei's majestic looking dragon on the field. Now it seems they have a fighting chance now that Stardust is here. Yusei looked up and smiled at his partner, he admired his dragon's appearance.

'Let's do this, Partner!' He said in his thoughts.

'Right behind you, Master!" Stardust said as he roared again ready to face his two opponents.

"Well…Well, it's about time you summoned your dragon." a voice spoke.

Yusei froze as he turned to see his dark counterpart riding on his left side again. He could see his evil look-alike staring at him with a sinister glare under his blood red vizor.

"Why are you still here?!" Yusei asked angrily.

"Oh, what can't I check up on my best friend?" Dark Yusei mocked as he chuckled darkly.

"We are not friends!" Yusei half shouted.

"Yusei, who are you talking to?" Aki asked curiously yet worried. Yusei turned to look at her.

"Aki, can't you see him?" Yusei asked.

"See who?" Aki replied. "I don't see anyone beside us."

Yusei was shocked as Aki couldn't see his dark look-alike right beside him. He also noticed that Jack and Crow were looking at him as if he lost his mind.

"He's right here! Besides me!" Yusei exclaimed in frustration.

"Yusei! What's wrong?" Crow asked half-worriedly.

"Yusei! Stop this nonsense and get back to the duel!" Jack shouted.

He couldn't believe that his friends couldn't see his dark half, he also noticed from the stands that Rally and the others were also looking at him as if he was crazy. Just then, Dark Yusei closed up to him.

"It looks like your friends think you're losing it." Dark Yusei chuckled again. "Why don't you prove to them that you're not."

Dark Yusei's eyes glowed blood red as his irises turned pitch black like a Dark Signer while grinning deviously. Yusei felt his mark shine as it glowed bright, however he could feel an intense burning coming from his mark. It wasn't just him but Jack, Crow's and even Aki's Marks glowed brightly. All four groaned as they felt an intense burn.

"Our Marks!" Crow called out in pain.

"Why are they glowing?" Jack questioned in pain.

"It's show time!" Dark Yusei announced.

Suddenly, Yusei felt something pulsing inside of him. He clutched his chest as he felt some kind of pain. Stardust turned around to look at his master in worry.

"Yusei! Are you alright?!" Stardust Cried out.

Just then the pain that Yusei felt had stopped. All the signer marks stopped glowing and Dark Yusei was no where to be seen.

"Okay, what just happened?" Crow questioned.

"I don't know?" Jack replied.

Aki wondered that too. She turned her attention to Yusei as she saw that he was not acting strange instead he regained his focus. Aki drove next to him to check up on him.

"Yusei, are you alright?" Aki asked in concern.

"Yes, I'm alright." Yusei replied almost half heartedly. "Just focus on the duel."

Aki noticed the tone in his voice had changed rather harshly. Unbeknown to her Yusei's cobalt blue eyes were now blood red as he gave a menacing angry glare.

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