I am looking for her, even now.

I do not care how long I have to search, or how far I have to travel. I know that if I believe in myself, in my strength and in my determination, then I shall find my light again, and bring her home safely.

It was not always like this. We use to be together before, inseparable. But then one day, as stars were falling from the sky, our world was destroyed. I do not know how it happened and frankly I do not care. I tried to reach her, tried to save my light, but she was pulled from my grasp into the darkness. I cursed; I cried and I could not be comforted. I was all alone, it seemed I was the lone survivor.

I do not know how, when, where or why, but I was saved and cast into another world, alien for me and yet at the same time it felt like I was home. There were people there, the same as me, and just as me, they told the same story. Stars were falling from the worlds that they had lived in and then the destruction came. These people said that there were survivors from every world; some had found family and friends. My heart, which had been dark and cold, suddenly felt a bit lighter. Perhaps my light had survived as well. Did she? Was she perhaps looking for me at the same time?

I travelled around the world I had fallen into, and not finding her, headed to the other worlds by pathways in shadow and darkness. I know the going will be hard, but I am determined to find my light again. I know she is out there somewhere, and I do not care what I have to do, where I have to go or how far I will have to search, if only to see her again. I shall find my light.

And I shall bring her home.