Out of everything, out of the darkness and the misery, I finally received hope from an unexpected source.

That child, Sora, gave me back the one thing that I had been missing since I first started out on thise quest that had no end for me. For a child that was not even past fifteen years, he carried a weight on his shoulders that did not seem that differant from my own.

Sitting down on the Colossum steps after the battle, after my embarassing defeat, I was in darkness. Now I would never find my light. She was gone from my side forever; just when I thought that perhaps I could begin my life with her anew, she was torn from me. When I had the smallest shred of hope that I would somehow find her again, it had been coldly torn from me. It was as if my heart had been ripped out and tossed into a fire. Then in a voice that was not laced with arrogance but with tenderness, Sora spoke to me.

He told me that he was also looking for someone important to him, that he was fighting to stay away from the darkness. Sora said with words that came from experiance that if I continued to fight against the darkness that was both within and outside of me then I could win, that in the end the sun always came back out again from behind the clouds. In his young eyes I saw a light burning there, a light that had gone out from my own eyes long ago. There was hope.

And when Sora smiled at me, I could not help but smile back at him. That kid had rekindled my hope.

As he left to pursue his own quest again, to find that one person that was important to him, I left off to follow my own path. It was not lit, and no longer in ominous shadows that threatened to take me down. I think then that I would pick up the trail of my light on a new world, one placed called Traverse Town.

It seemed a good place to start over again, to find her.

Do not worry, Aerith, I will find you and bring you back home to me. And then I will make sure that we will never be seperated again, that the darkness will not take me like it nearly did before.

My light and my love, wait for me still.

--- Fin ---