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It's been a year since that dreadful day, the day I thought I broke for good, the day HE left. I feel like it's all a dream, but I know it's not. I finally graduated high school and am off to college in California, there's no way any of HIS kind are there. During my last few days in Forks I learned I wasn't quite human either. HIM leaving helped me see that I am an elemental, I can control everything and I can talk to animals. Crazy, I know. I now have a harmless pet boa constrictor named Jake, after Jacob Black. He is currently coiled up in my back seat as we head to my apartment close to the school. I did a double-take when I saw a bear cub on the side of the road, it looked hurt. I pulled over next to it and walked up to it slowly. "Are you OK little cub?"

"No," the cub answered.

"What happened? Do you need anything?"

The cub looked quizzically at me, "You can understand me?"

"Yea, I can. Weird right? Now, what happened and where is your mom?"

The cub started to cry, "My mom was killed, by a man who bit her."

Fuck, the only thing that came to mind with that description of death was vampires, they aren't supposed to be here. "A...a man bit her? Was this man pale and fast?"

"Yea. Why? Do you know him?" I guess I'm not free of them, but how does a vampire live in a sunny state all the time, and is it the Cullens here or another 'vegetarian' vamp?

I thought for a bit. The only 'vegetarian' vampires I knew of were the Cullens and the Denalis, I hope it is a Denali so I don't have to risk running into the Cullens. "I might. Can you describe this man please?"

The cub nodded, "He was tall with shortish, wavy, blonde hair. He also had some sort of bite marks on his face and hands"

That sounds like Jasper, this isn't good. "Short as in ear length or short as in shoulder length?"

The cub thought for a minute, "Shoulder."

"I know him, but I don't know why he's here. Let me get Jake and we will go look for him, his name is Jasper, he's an old acquaintance of mine and I can figure out why he killed your mom."

The cub nodded and, after I got Jake, we set off. I used the elements to hide us and de-scent us while we walked so that we would know where Jasper was before he knew we were there. After a while I heard multiple voices, it was Alice and Jasper, but who was that with them? His voice sounded so smooth, but he sounded so tense.

"...I don't know why our gifts brought us here Peter! But I listen to my gift and it says I need to be here!"

"My gift is telling me that I need to be right here in this spot and I don't know why. The waiting and unknown are making me anxious." That voice must be Peter, he has a southern accent like Jasper, I wonder if they're from the same place.

In a quiet voice that only they could hear I told the cub to stay and hide in the foliage and Jake to come with me. I revealed myself and Jake but kept the cub hidden before walking towards the clearing. When I reached the edge I stepped on a twig so I knew they heard me. "Jasper? Alice? Why are you here? You guys left me, did you follow me?" That should get their attention, though it's a wonder they didn't notice me sooner.

"Izzy! You're probably why our gifts told us to come here!" Alice exclaimed before running over to hug me. I stepped back with a sad smile, while it would be nice to have a friend again she left me without a word too, not just him. "Edward told us what he did, I did see it before we left though." She frowned. "At first he said you wanted us to leave, but then he found out that I knew what happened and threatened to go back and kill you if I said anything. When you disappeared from my visions about a month ago I told the rest of the family what actually happened. Recently I had a vision of Jasper Peter and me here smiling and laughing, so we came here, now I see why, because you're here!" She took one step backward looking sad before I flung myself at her with a smile.

"Alice, you don't know how much it has pained me to be mad at you, I should have known you wouldn't have left without a fight." She hugged me again before being pulled back slightly by Jasper.

"Alice, enough, I think she would like to be introduced to Peter over there who hasn't stopped staring at her since she revealed herself." Jasper laughed.

With that sentence I finally turned to Peter, he was pale with crimson eyes, so a vampire like the others, but he drank from humans. He was basically a taller version of Jasper with fewer scars and less hair. "Hello, ma'am. The name's Peter, Peter Whitlock and you must be Ms. Isabella Swan who, if you are her, has the most beautiful color of eyes." I just stared at him. He was dressed like he lived in the south on a ranch and when he introduced himself he had taken off his hat and bowed like a southern gentleman from the movies.

"Yes, I'm Isabella. But I prefer Isa Izzy or Bella." I said with a smile. He came up and grabbed my hand, which sent weird tingles up my arm, I'll have to ask about that later, then kissed the back in southern gentleman way before letting go and backing up slightly. Once he stopped moving I turned to Jasper. "Hey Jasper, did you go hunting around here recently?"

He looked at me like I was crazy, maybe I was, I mean I am about to confront a vampire for eating while he had a human-drinking friend with him. "Yea I do kinda hunt animals. Why?"

I answered nonchalantly, "Well I was driving up the road over there," I pointed in the direction I came, "When I saw a bear cub. Now normal people would have passed by, but I'm not normal, so I stopped and asked why she was sad,"

"Wait! What the fuck do you mean you asked a bear cub what was the matter?" Jasper exclaimed confused.

"Yea, I'll explain later. Anyway, I asked and she told me that a man killed her mom by biting her." I gave him a pointed look. "And it was right in front of her. Care to explain?"

"I didn't know the bear had a cub.." That was all he said.

I called out for the cub. "This little cub is now mine, and Jasper, please be more careful with the animals you eat now, try not to make any more orphans." Shit, I still need to name her. "Little cub, what is your name?"

The cub answered quickly, "My mom always called me Hazel because I like hazelnuts." Weird but it works.

"So I'm going back to my truck so I can see my apartment and unpack, you guys are welcome to follow or you can stay here, up to you" I turned on my heel then and left toward my truck.

On the way home I noticed a motorcycle with a lone driver following me. I hope it's Peter and not some psycho I thought. When I stopped at my house the guy got off the motorcycle and opened my truck door. He grabbed most of my stuff and waited as I unlocked the door.

"Sorry if you think I'm some psycho," my thoughts exactly, "but it's Peter." Then he took off his helmet.

"Really? You could've taken your hat off as soon as you got inside Peter!" I couldn't help but yell at him, he scared me.

"I know, and I'm sorry Kitten," where did he get kitten from? I'm not a kitten. "But I was afraid you wouldn't allow me inside if you knew it was me who followed you and not Jasper or Alice." He looked down embarrassed.

"You're wrong, I would've let you in whether they were with you or not. They trust you, I trust them, so therefore I trust you. Now, will you help me unload the rest of my stuff and unpack?"

"Sure. Do you have an umbrella? I don't want to sparkle but I don't want to put on my helmet." I nodded and got my umbrella for him.

We finished unloading and I got Hazel and Jake inside. "Well, there are three bedrooms. I'm converting one into a study for my work, and the other two are going to be bedrooms. Hazel, Jake you two will have to share a room. I'll give you two the master so I can fit beds and food, along with water." They both agreed and went to their room. "I know you can't understand them but if you want I can make it where you can since I'm hoping you will come by often," I said the last part in a whisper but I knew he heard, there was no way he didn't with his stupid vampire hearing.

"Well, if that's an invitation then who am I to decline? And if you want to, make it where I can understand and talk to them."

I nodded and grabbed his hand in both of mine. I then concentrated on unlocking the part of his brain that understands animals. Only certain people have this section in their brain and only one person can unlock it, someone who already has theirs unlocked, and only if it was unlocked by an experience, not another person. "There. You can now understand them."

He smiled at me then grabbed his laptop out of his bag and went to Hazel and Jake's room so they could order furniture, I was going to argue about him using his money for it, but I'm a college student on limited funds, and it is his friend's fault that I gained a second animal in my life. I then unpacked my room, though I don't have much myself, and grabbed my laptop to look for some furniture of my own.

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