He's gone

Disclaimer: I do not own Once Upon A Time. If I did the way that Rumpelstiltskin would come back is by Belle kissing him (their story is Beauty and the Beast so it would make sense).

"You see, the only way for you to die is if you both die and now, now I'm ready" said Rumpelstiltskin and plunged the dagger into Peter Pan's back. 'No' Belle screamed in her mind. This couldn't be happening not now, not so soon after she and Rumple were finally together after being apart while he was in Neverland. A cloud of black enveloped Rumpelstiltskin and Peter Pan and when it cleared a middle aged man stood in place of the youthful boy. "Hello papa" Rumpelstiltskin said. Rumpelstiltskin father said something but it was too quiet for Belle to hear. "Ah but I'm a villain" Rumpelstiltskin said in response to whatever his father had said "and villains don't get happy endings." Rumpelstiltskin twisted the dagger and a bright light began to envelop him and his father. The light vanished and Rumpelstiltskin and his father were gone. The magic that had kept the frozen came undone and Belle covered her mouth with her hand and dropped to the ground as her grief overwhelmed her and she began to cry. "No! Rumple, he's.. he's gone," she said. Even as the words left her mouth she couldn't believe them. How could it be that her Rumple was gone? As she cried she thought back to his last words to her "And I love you Belle you made me stronger." Belle stood up as she continued to cry, "he's gone" she thought, "he's gone forever and he's never coming back"

Author's Note: Like how I had Belle think part of the words Rumpelstiltskin said to Maurice/Moe as he began to beat him in Skin Deep? I had Belle not able to hear what Malcolm said because I couldn't really understand what he was saying the first time I watched Going Home because he was talking rather quietly so I wasn't sure if Belle would have been able to or not (and she was probably distracted by the fact Rumpelstiltskin was about to kill himself so she wouldn't be trying focus on what Malcolm was saying). If you think that she would have been able to hear him feel free to correct me and I change it.