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"Andrew!" Coulson ran down the ramp of The Bus, "ANDREW!"

"Agent Coulson!" A man with crew cut blonde hair came running up to him, "What's with the yelling, sir?"

"Gareth, have you seen Andrew?" The man shook his head, "Skye?"

Gareth repeated the action.


"Why, Agent Coulson?"

"I haven't seen Skye since the morning! I thought she'd be with Andrew. You sure you haven't seen them anywhere?" He yelled again.

"All I know was that Andrew was called to help out with the fireworks tonight."

Coulson's jaw dropped, "That means Skye is out there on her own? That girl's just going to get in trouble if she went out alone. Are you sure Skye is not with Andrew?"

"Haven't you tried calling her?"

"That's the problem! She left her phone in her bunk!" Coulson held up Skye's phone, "She never go anywhere without it! Are you sure you haven't seen her?"

"He's pretty sure of that, Coulson." Coulson turned to a familiar voice, Gareth went back to his work, "She'd been out with me."


"Why so worried, Coulson?" Maria went up to him.

"Why didn't you tell me? I was just worried she'd be hacking the system and I'll be getting an ear full from Fury and –,"

"It's okay, AC. I was just helping out with the fireworks tonight. That was it. Andrew was there too. Maria just decided to show me around the HQ. Nothing much, really." Skye came out from behind her, fiddling with the phone Maria had given her to try, "Have you seen Stark's phone? It's so cool you can actually control stuff from –,"

"Goddammit, why didn't you tell me you went out?" Coulson ran up to her and squeezed her in a hug. "What do I say to Fury if he found out I didn't know where you were?"

"Er, okay." Skye patted his back, "You can let go now."

Coulson pulled back and straightened his shirt, "I'm sorry about that. You've been out all day. It's almost time for sunset."

Maria smirked, "Going out for dinner on the runway again?"

Coulson blushed, "There aren't going to be any Buses flying in today. I've checked."

Maria tilted her head and folded her arms in curiosity.

"And all the crew will be relief from work tonight. So, I was thinking –," Coulson saw Andrew step in, "We all camp out at the runway tonight?"

"Are you really going to celebrate New Year in a suit?"

Coulson shrugged his shoulders.

"Is this what you call camp out?" Andrew settled on the mat, joining Maria and Skye. He looked around, "Almost every crew from the hangar is here. Are you kidding me?"

"Come on, Andrew. Loosen up. Why don't you like it when there are many people around?" Maria snuggled up to him. Andrew smirked, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her hair.

"Sandwich?" Coulson came up from behind Lola, holding out a picnic basket.

"You have sandwich!" Skye squealed. She sat up and sorted out the plastic cups. Andrew took out the wine from the bucket of ice nearby them and opened it, pouring it into the cups Skye had prepared. Coulson sat down, settling his picnic basket down.

"You've changed, Coulson." Maria voiced out.


"You've changed. You're much… I don't know. Should I say, spontaneous?"

"Hmm." Maria dismissed Coulson's lack of response.

"Can we sit inside the car instead?" Skye stood up with her cup of wine. Coulson tilted his head quizzically, "I thought we'd have a better view of the fireworks. And it's much more comfy too."

Coulson chuckled and stood up, following her to the car. They sat in the backseat, Skye in his arms, as he finished his cup of wine.

"Is it true?" Skye turned to him.


"You being more spontaneous. Is that true?" Coulson shrugged his shoulders. "I like it though."

"You like what?"

"You being spontaneous." Coulson raised an eyebrow quizzically, "But how did that happen?"

Coulson sighed and placed his empty cup aside, doing so for Skye as she handed him hers, "I died."

Skye sat up straight and faced him as she anticipated for his continuation, "It's not really often, you know, to be able to live again after you'd died. And I realised, I haven't done things that really meant something to me until I gathered our team. All of you. You mean so much to me. I want to make sure you are all taken care of. And once in a while, we ought to take a break, you know, from fighting and saving the world. I realised sometimes we just have to do whatever we want to. And when we die, at least we've done something that means something to you."

Skye continued to look at him as he stared back at her before closing up the gap between them, "So, does this mean anything to you?"

Coulson chuckled and lowered his head, "Yeah. I've always wanted to watch the New Year fireworks with someone. And I've always wanted to see Maria and Andrew get together too. I know they've got something between them."

Skye laughed as she took his arm and wrapped herself in it.

"5…" They heard the people on the runway started shouting.

"I've never had someone to celebrate New Year with." Coulson confessed softly.


"Me too." Skye replied.

"3…" Coulson cupped her chin and looked into her eyes.


"May I?" He asked for consent.


Skye chuckled, "Yes, you may."

Coulson placed his lips over hers, feeling her smile underneath the kiss.

"Happy New Year!" The crowd yelled in the background and they heard the fireworks blasted. Coulson and Skye parted and let out a small laugh as Coulson pulled her in and leaned back into the car seat as they watched the fireworks colour the dark blue sky.

"Happy New Year, Skye."

"It already seems to look like it."

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