Hey guys, long-time no see! So, I haven't been on the past like . . . year . . . because I got busy, depressed, ect. ect. However, I have overcome this said hurdle and have once more gotten into the fanfiction game. So upon coming to and reading my own stuff, I was disgusted to see my old writing skills. I had a lot of great concepts, but poor execution. No story interested me more than Two Hunters in a Fruits Basket. So I spent the last week rewriting the first chapter. My writing skills, I hope, have significantly improved. So here's an update:

I will leave this "Two Hunters in a Fruits Basket" version up for three days with directions to the new one in it. After three days, I will take this down and leave up the new one. Hopefully you are all still interested in reading, despite how long it's been! If not, that's perfectly understandable! Just go to my profile, then my stories, and click "Two Hunters in a Fruits Basket (rewrite) "

Until next time,

Mama Pocky