So... I just came up with this this morning, but was too lazy to update it this morning... I got this idea when noticing there was a lack in Supernatural/Fruits Basket stories, and I really like both shows so here you go!

Chapter One:

Dean stepped off the plane and entered the terminal, color returning to his once green face. He was just glad to be getting off the plane in general. Dean and Sam were hunting down a demon that was suspected of having information on the location of Lillith herself. Of course, this demon couldn't be in America. Oh, no. That would be too easy for the Winchester Boys. Nothing was supposed to be easy for the Winchester Boys. This demon had to be halfway across the world in a small, not too well-known city, inside Japan. Out of all the places in the entire world it had to be Japan!

"Are you alright, Dean?" Sam asks with a smirk. His brother rarely ever got sick and hardly ever looked vunerable around anyone. It was too priceless, he had to smart off about it and be sarcastic.

"Shut up, Sammy" Dean answered, his eyes narrowing at his Smart-Alec brother. He didn't enjoy his brother's condesending smirk, it made him want to smack it right off his face.

"You sure you don't need a barf bag?" Sam asked again.

"You're about to get punched in the face" Dean shot.

"You wouldn't do it in front of all of these guards, would you?"

"Just try me, Sammy" Dean threatened.

Sam blinked, but not in surprise. Dean Winchester had been known to do many daring things, if he punched Sam in the face in front of all these guards, it wouldn't be the most daring thing he has done. It wouldn't even be close to being one of the most daring things he's done.

"Lets just get our luggage, Dean"

Dean groaned,

"Agh, I hate this part. You have to shove your way through a whole bunch of people to get your luggage, and then you get the wrong luggage and you find there's a whole bunch of diamonds in there. Then guess what, Sammy? On top of demons chasing you down, you also have a bunch of scum bags with your clothes hunting you down because you have all of their stolen money and junk"

Sam raised an eyebrow,

"Dean, how much did you drink on the plane?" Sam asked.

Dean rubbed his eyes,

"A lot, Sammy, a lot. It's how I cope with riding the plane"

Sam nodded,

"You, Dean, will not be driving" Sam sighed.

"Whatever you say, Sammy" Dean replied.

The terminal was over-crowded, people brushing at each other's shoulders as they tried to make it to where they needed to be. Sam, luckily, knew enough about Japanese etiquette for both Dean and himself. This would come in handy for whenever Dean made a mistake which would be often.

"So do we have any information on this guy?" Sam asked as he made his way through the airport. "This guy" was a code that they used for whenever they spoke about the "demon of the month" (as Dean called it) whenever they were in public.

"Not much, Cas says that he's a pretty high-ranked demon that goes by many names. Not any specific names, just random trash names that can be easily disposed of" Dean answered, "He's a direct line to Lillith, we get him-"

"And we get Lillith" Sam answered, rubbing his chin as it all of the logic registered in his head.

"Damn right" Dean said, frowning as he made his way through the crowd, bumping through people carelessly. He got several dirty looks as he neglected to apologize for it.

"Dean, you can't just bump through people without apologizing" Sam said lowly, "It's considered very rude"

"What the-? But there's a whole bunch of people, and it's just a small shove-"

"Dean, we're in Japan. Not America. You need to live by their rules, not yours" Sam said, looking down at his brother.

Dean felt a sudden wave of frustration shoot through him. For one, his baby brother was much taller than he was which resulted in a lot of people thinking that Sam was the older brother. Also, the fact that he was having to live by other people's rules. After all, Dean was not suseptible to living by other people's rules than his own. It was clear that Dean Winchester was not apt to traveling out of America.

"Whatever man, we just have to get this demon" Dean shot, attempting to make it to the exit in one piece. He just wanted to get to a nice, spacious, hotel room. . .

Sam rolled his eyes,

"If you were going to act this way, you should have stayed in America"

Dean looked over to Sam,

"Who else is going to save you whenever your stupid self gets kidnapped?"

"Who was it who, just last week, I had to save from being tied up and half-way beat to death by someone?" Sam asked.

Dean looked flustered as by-passers gave quizzical looks to the brothers as though something underlying were happening. Dean looked over to a rather horrified mother and father, trying to reassure them that it most certainly wasn't the way that they were thinking,

"It's not like that-"

The mother shook her head, disgusted and horrified as the father picked up the son and carried him off. Sam suppressed a smirk and a snicker as he adjusted the only thing that he (and his brother, who had his own) had brought on the plane- a carry on bag that had two pairs of clothing and socks, as well as an extra change of clothing.

"What are you laughing at?" Dean shot to his brother, his eyes narrowed.

"You" Sam answered bluntly, smirking slightly.

"Shut up"

Sam just fell silent, shaking his head with a smug smirk on his face. Everything was so entertaining so far and he hoped that it kept up long enough so that he could continue teasing his older, shorter, brother.

"Ah, c'mon" Dean said rather loudly as he stepped out into the city, "It's crowded out here too!"

"Yes" Sam replied matter-of-factly.

Dean shoved his hands angrily into his pockets, stretching out his legs as he leaned forward, trying to stretch out his joints and muscles which were worn down from the hours and hours of nothing that he spent on the plane. Sometimes he felt like he was getting too old, but then he reminded himself that he was too awesome to get old and all was well.

"Well, where to now?" Dean asked, grimacing at the amount of people that were bustling around them. He was never one for large, over-crowded, ares. Well, maybe if they it was a place overcrowded with very attractive women... but that wasn't the case right now. It was the exact opposite. But man, he thought, wouldn't that be awesome.

"We have to get to a hotel" Sam replied.

Dean grinned slightly. Man, wouldn't he be happy to get into a spacious hotel/motel room! It would be so amazing! Of course, he would be in for a huge surprise when they actually get into this so-called "spacious" hotels that Sam took special care to reserve.