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Chapter Three:

Dean and Sam Winchester followed behind the girl who had come off as very naïve and trusting. Those two traits were very dangerous ones to have when working in the profession that they had or being associated with them in general. Dean let his mind stray away for a moment, dwelling on the subject for a while. He had always hurt people. There wasn't a time that he hadn't brought pain onto people.

Him and Sam were pretty much shit magnets, was his way of putting it.

He knew it.

Sam knew it.

So why would they accept the help of someone who could be hurt so easily?

He shrugged it off.

Currently, they needed a place to stay since Dean ever-so-cleverly got them kicked out of the hotel.

Tohru beamed as she held the plastic bags on both of her arms, tupping down the sidewalk with a cheery skip in her step. It was childlike, and rather adorable. It was hard to believe this girl was hardly a young woman, honestly.

"I hope Shigure-San isn't bothered by me inviting you without his permission! He usually loves guests, but it was ever-so rude of me to invite you without his permission! But he should understand since you seem to need a place to say! Kyo would get mad at me and say I'm an airhead for inviting you without even knowing you and Yuki-Kun will be slightly concerned because he'll inwardly agree with Kyo-Kun and . . ." That's when her English broke off and she began to ramble in Japanese as due to habit. After all, they were in Japan and they spoke Japanese there.

Dean starred bleakly at her, not being able to register a single thing as Sam struck up a livid conversation with her.

In Japanese.


"What the hell is she saying?" Dean asked as he looked over to Sam, who was grinning at her.

"She's just talking about the people that she lives with, Dean" Sam replied as he shoved his hands in his pockets, half-listening to the girl as she spoke in her language to him and half-listened to Dean who was rambling off in English about how he didn't understand something. Good thing Sam Winchester could multitask or this would prove to be very difficult, "You would know if you bothered to learn the language"

"I'm an American, Sammy. I speak American. Not some oriental language"

"An how's that workin' out for you, Dean?" Asked Sam smugly.

"Shut your trap, know it all" Dean snapped irritably, trying to tune into all of the chatter that was going on around them, but not understanding a single word as it was all in a language unregisterable to the older hunter's ears.

"Dean, you're just irritated because you got off of a turbulent plane ride and don't understand what anyone is saying" Sam replied cheekily.

"No shit, Captain Obvious" Dean spat back irritably.

Sam just grinned cheekily as they continued on their path, Sam and Tohru conversing comfortably as Dean sulked irritably next to his brother. The transition between the urban city to the more wooded areas of the town. Trees became more abundant as the girl turned onto the dirt path that lead to her home.

Dean's hand came across his pistol that sat on his hip as his brother became far more alert. It was never good, when someone you just met begins to lead you into a forest. They only made that mistake once, a long time ago, when an older woman who had seemed kindly asked for assistance with something. Of course, they had nearly gotten themselves killed. Soon after that, Dean and Sam Winchester was retaught the lesson that "Looks Deceive".

"What kind of game are you playing? Why the hell are you leading us through a forest?" Dean asked, his nerves on edge as she carefully walked across the log that had be used in lieu of a bridge.

Tohru stopped once she reached the edge of the log, looking over her shoulder at both men with a rather wary look. What was she doing wrong? She didn't know! She was only trying to be kind and open her home to those who needed it! Of course, she hadn't been aware of their profession and what they did.

"M-My h-home is d-down the road! Th-That's all! I-If you think that I wi-wish to inflict harm on you, th-that is not s-s-so!" She stammered, hoisting the plastic bags onto her elbows as her face paled considerably. They were rather making her shaky and uncomfortable.

"No need to be on edge, Dean" Sam said as he gave him a slight nudge with his elbow and letting that smirk cross his face.

"I-It's okay! I understand! I-I would be w-worried too! But p-please, trust me!" She flashed them a kind smile.

"Fine" Dean sighed, feeling that heart-string he thought he had lost subtly tug.

What was with this girl? She was average, to be honest. There wasn't anything that stood out about her. Yet, that honest sincerity had him submitting to her kind requests quickly. Sam could tell too, and he was rather smug about it. Now, don't get Dean Winchester wrong. It wasn't like that. Dean Winchester wasn't into underage girls* (refer to bottom of the page when these appear). It was just like . . . Oh, he couldn't explain it. She was just extraordinary, he could tell. Sam could tell. It's not every day you come across someone like her, after all. But then again, it could just be that Japanese girls were like this? Dean really had no sense of culture, to be quite frank.

But her being extraordinary didn't stop the boys from being wary of her intentions. They weren't stupid, after all.

"So what do you do?" Sam inquired as he walked beside her, having to tilt his head down to see her as she was an exceptionally short female.

"What do you mean what do I do?" She inquired with a quizzical look on my face, "Oh! Well, I go to school for one! And I also work part-time at my friend's father's company!" She smiled.

Dean nodded as she spoke in English but slowly returned back to Japanese, out of habit. And there Dean was, sitting on the outside with that irritated look on his face. He couldn't comprehend and it was driving him insane.

"Here we are" She grinned as they came across a small house that sat in the middle of the wooded estate.

"Huh. She wasn't lying" Dean said quietly to himself as a look of surprise crossed his face. The fact that they hadn't been deceived was a foreign concept to the Winchester brothers. Of course, it was too early to tell.

Approaching the front door, Tohru slid the door open along with her shoes. Sam followed her lead, slipping his own shoes off as Dean went to step into the home with his heavy boots on.

Sam immediately stopped him by placing a firm hand on his brother's chest.

"Dean, shoes"

"But Sam-"

"Dean, it's polite"

"But I don't want to take them off. What if-"

"What if they what? Get stolen by fairies? Dean, your shoes will be fine. Take them off"

Dean huffed as he grumpily untied his own shoes and slid them off, setting them next to his brother's.

"My feet are massive . . ."

"Oh? So you're insecure about your feet?" Sam asked with a slight smirk.

"Shut up Sam"

"Kyo-Kun, Yuki-Kun, Shigure-San! I'm home! I brought guests!"

"Guests? Who?" Inquired a soft-spoken male from somewhere in the house.

"Don't tell me you picked some two seemingly helpless guys off the street because you thought they needed a place to stay" Came the voice of another male, but this time it was much more deeper and grumpy-sounding.

"Eh-Heh . . . Er . . ." Tohru smiled to herself nervously and rubbed the back of her neck uneasily.

"Has our little flower brought in yet another batch of lost travelers? How thoughtful and considerate!" Came the sound of yet another male.

"You do this on a normal basis?" Dean asked, "And how many guys to you live with"

"Dean-" Sam began.

"What did I tell you about bringing home strangers?!" Snapped an irritable carrot-top teenager as he turned the corner. The male was dressed casually, in a loose black shirt and kaki cargo pants. His feet were bare, of course.

"W-Well, Kyo-Kun!"

"Honda-San" Sounded the voice of the calmer sounding male, "Who did you invite over?" A silver-haired boy rounded the corner to come face to face with both of the brothers.

"Good God, do all of you have unnatural hair colors?" Dean asked as he folded arms over his chest.

Sam sighed, deciding to stay silent. Sam, unlike Dean, wasn't vying to get kicked out of a home. It was the only place they had, after all, since Dean couldn't keep his trap shut and stop complaining about the other hotels.

"Who the hell are these people?" Asked the orange-haired boy, looking both brothers.

"Who the hell are you?" Dean shot back irritably.

"I asked you first! Besides, you're in our home anyways! I don't think that you really have the place to ask who we are!"

"Hello, I'm Sam Winchester and this is my brother Dean. I'm sorry for my brother's rude comments. He's just irritable from the plane ride. You see, we're traveling business men and our hotel room was accidentally rented out to someone else" Sam lied expertly. It was becoming habitual, his lying. Such was the life of a hunter, nevertheless.

The silver-haired boy skeptically looked over the hunters with a keen eyes. Well, at least she didn't bring home females. That would have proven to be a very sticky situation. After all, all the men in the house remembered quite clearly the struggle they went through when Tohru's friends came to spend the night, after all.

"Yuki! Kyo! Who's at the door? Why don't you be good hosts and invite them inside? An author is always interested in meeting new characters in this book we call life!" Called the other male voice around the corner.

"Shut the hell up with your stupid analogies!" Shot the orange-haired boy.

"Kyo-Kyo! You're so mean to mean!" Whined the voice around the corner, "Tohru-Kun! Won't you bring in the guests?" Asked the man.

"Don't bring her into this, dammit! She shouldn't bring in strangers! Why are you teaching her to bring strangers into the home?!" the supposed Kyo snapped irritably.

"Of course!" Tohru grinned as she grabbed the hands of the hunters, tugging them along.

"Come on inside! I can make you tea and we get to know each other!" Tohru grinned as she pulled the slightly baffled hunters into the home with a grin.

And Dean couldn't help but wondering:

What the hell did we get ourselves into?