Reports That Never Were

"What do you call the time in between day and night?"

There's a time when the heavens become a viscous liquid. Dipping past the horizon, the Sun takes the form of a bright orb, staining the sky with reds and oranges and yellows, while wispy clouds melt like marshmallows in hot caramel.

"What do you mean?"

The air is warm, and gentle breezes flow over the ground, rising with their currents. Quietly, the soft zephyrs whistle through the small cracks in buildings of various heights, ranging from townhouses that lie low to the ground to the great clock tower, which stands at the center of the town.

"The time when the Sun sets."

Despite having multiple residential areas, the town seems to have few inhabitants. Streets are left empty, and doors left locked. Only the distant sounds of children can be heard, but only numerous enough to be counted by one hand.

"I think Axel called it Twilight. He said that's what this town's named after."

The vast expanses of emptiness gather dust, and corners are weathered ever so slowly by the wind. In lieu of the flat expanses, from atop the clock tower, the area appears far smaller. Such heights grant an idyllic image to its occupants. Everything so far away. Problems, responsibilities, feelings, all lost from a solace that seemed completely segregated from a completely foreign world below.

"Twilight… Town."

With a low humming noise, a dark vortex materialized inside The Castle That Never Was. Languid figures emerged from the swirling mist: a girl whose ebony hair fell just above her shoulders, followed by a male with a slightly greater stature. Xion curled her locks around her finger: an inveterate tendency that felt natural, despite her failing to recall when she had first started. Roxas increased his pace to walk beside her.

"I wonder where Axel was." Roxas spoke casually, glancing over at his partner. "I guess we finished a little too quickly."

"Maybe he's on another secret assignment. You know he gets a lot of those from…" She paused and stopped walking.

"...Yeah, I understand." The male Nobody diverted his gaze to the ground, understanding Xion's discomfort with the Seventh, who always seemed especially querulous when the girl was concerned. She never had the easiest time with her superior, and tended to stay quiet when the topic leaned towards the blue-haired man.

"Say Roxas, do you ever wonder what your Somebody was like?" Xion said -softer now-, as she began walking again.

"All the time. All the other members remember, right?" She nodded.

"It must be nice, knowing what life was like." Roxas looked into her eyes, they were unfocused. "It must be easier…" The blond agreed, as he had on multiple occasions gotten various troubles because of what Axel described as 'social-awkwardness' and 'zombie-like behavior', especially in the earlier days. Of course, whether Xion had gotten past the 'earlier days' stage herself was debatable.

"You still kinda act like a zombie!" The Pyro had joked, smacking Roxas on the shoulder, who clumsily jerked forward from the impact.

Maybe if I remembered… Roxas had thought. The sentiment was by no means unique, but rather a nagging thought that bothered them both.

"Don't worry about it too much! We may not have memories of our lives before, but we can make our memories now, together!" Roxas shot her a trademark grin, but he knew there was only so much he could say. There was a reason they were the ones called Nobodies. Fortunately, Xion seemed satisfied by this.

She thanked him, and a small smile graced her lips as she looked up, into his eyes. Roxas turned his attention forward again, relieved.

As they progressed down the long, moonlit corridor they began to talk more cheerfully. The Thirteenth was noticeably more animated now, and Xion laughed at his somewhat childish display of enthusiasm about relatively unimportant topics. The world's perpetual night allowed time to be easily forgotten, and the duo walked in a circle around the castle, enjoying the other's company. Suddenly, Roxas' ears twitched, and he let out a small gasp.

"I promised Demyx I'd listen to his Sitar today! He said something about leveling up as a musician, whatever that's supposed to mean... I'd better not leave him waiting." He paused, reluctant to end his conversation so abruptly. "Actually, I'm sure it's okay if I'm a little bit late. He's probably just shirking responsibilities anyway…" His grin increased ever so slightly.

"You're already 'a little late' Roxas! You'd better hurry, it's not good to keep people waiting," She responded, playfully.

"Alright, alright! I'll go now! I guess I'll see you tomorrow!" Xion shouted a goodbye, but he had already run off towards the room labelled 'IX'. It was then that Xion noticed something at her feet. She sighed, and went to pick up the object. You have to be more careful, Roxas…

Upon inspection, the item in question was a black notebook. It was bound by some sort of leathery material, and black elastic held it shut with little force. The covers were otherwise bare. Intrigued, she opened the book to the first page. It was a title page, relatively undecorated, except for a small group of neat, cursive writing in the middle of the lined A5 sheet.

"The Roxas Reports," She read aloud. Interesting…

I should return this. Xion walked further down the corridor, giving the 'IX' a cursory glance as she passed the door. Nonchalantly, she opened the door to her own room, labelled 'XIV', notebook under her arm. Eventually… She grinned and locked the door behind her. The click echoed through the hallway, and there was quiet.