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Epilogue: Loved Me Back To Life

3 Years Later—June 3rd

Mentally I sing along with the words of the song stating to play, a siren not only playing the melody of Unchained Melody on the harp but also singing it-very romantic.

The ten rows of pews on each side packed with various people; honestly I don't think we know half of them. We expected a big turnout for the reception but for the ceremony not so much.

Just as well, didn't affect me any—my nerves where from—well I don't really know but I know it had nothing to do with the hundred and some people about to watch us get married.

Okay, maybe it was the amount of people a little bit.

I take a breath, eyes on Bo's shoulder blades which were bare, the back of her black dress starting just under them. I just watch as she walks down the aisle, Kenzi to her right and Hale to her left. You were only supposed to have one person walk you down the aisle but then again it's not like we are so conventional.

"Ready?" I look to my left where Vex is giving me his pervy smile and I can't help but to giggle.

"You can still back out, I could have ten different suitors here in a snap of my three hundred dollar manicured fingers."

"Evony," I warn, raising an eyebrow as I turn to her.

"Fine." She rolls her eyes and gives me her 'just kidding' smile. "But if you ever want to—"

"I will elbow you in the ribs—I will do it." I say softly, through a smile as Bo has now reached the altar and is looking back at us.

"It's time." Vex nudges me with his elbow and I can't help but fixate on how those two words ring true for so much more than just needing to start down the aisle.

I wrap my arm around Vex's and then Evony's. Another deep breath, words of the song beginning to be repeated in my mind once again to keep me calm.

One step in front of the other. Every step a fresh wave of nerves crashing into me, my eyes looking down at the black carpet rolled out down the middle of the aisle—Evony's touch.

Eyes going to the singing siren off to the left corner, dressed in all white—I had to laugh at how everyone had decided to make a silent statement where they fell on the Fae spectrum—in retrospect though everyone looked amazing. I look over to Kenzi who is standing next to Bo and Hale behind his wife. Then to the Fae Elder who stood in what would be the middle of us—when I made it there.

I always thought it was cliché in the movies when the bride was walking in slow motion but it really does feel like time has slowed. Or maybe that was just the effect of how Bo was staring at me.

The last few strings are struck as I step up onto the first step to meet Bo, Evony and Vex positioning behind me.

"We have Light, we have Dark, and we have humans in attendance here. A testament to the power of love, and the two before us are a true testament to that considering they have loved each other through all three divides." He—she—it—it was a reptile Fae, beyond the green scales and the unisex robe I couldn't honestly tell—either was it was right we had. "Who presents this succbi?"

"We do," Hale says, hand on Kenzi's shoulder as she is already beginning to cry.

"And who presents this blacktail?"

"I do." This little tiny voice says in a vicious fit of giggles.

I like everyone else looks over to the first row on my side of the aisle, little Adian sitting in Isa's lap giggling up a storm. One tiny fist presses to his lips, the other raised the best he can manage with his sister's hold on him.

"Me too. Me too." Another little voice from beside them comes, giggles now coming from the trio of toddlers. My baby girl, Ksenia sitting next to Sara on Ethan's lap, Gabby's arm wrapped around his shoulders as she uses the other to pat the girl's legs trying to get them to settle.

The little loves of my life,

Ethan Patrick Lewis and Charlotte Isabeau Lewis, born December 30th at 6:07pm and 6:14pm. Adian Dennis Lewis and Ksenia Kathryn Lewis born June 17th at 4:32am and 4:35am.

Little Sara, undoubtedly the apple of my little twins born October 27th, at 8:29pm. I remember hers as clearly as my own children's birth, probably because I was the one to deliver her. Gabby and Sara Santiago—I don't know why they refused to pick middle names for them. Smiling at my own wandering train of thought I smile at the six of them before facing the big love of my life, my eyes settling on her stomach.

"We do," Evnoy and Vex say trying not to laugh at their second set of Godchildren.

"These sponsors have been deemed acceptable. As this is a commitment from the heart to one another, the promises you make will be spoken from the heart. Are you prepared?" he—she—is looks at me and I nod softly.

I wasn't ready. I was terrified. But in a good way-mostly good—no all good.

"I um," I start, voice shaky. Taking a breath I shake my head and look up, eyes locking with hers instantly and I feel this entire warmth spread through me. "My past, it's no secret it's filled with a lot of darkness and pain. Four years ago you walked back into my life just as abruptly as you did the first time and you—you shook it up just as you did the first time."

I chuckle softly, looking down to her shoulders for a minute needing a second to think—I can't think when she looks at me like this.

"I thought that I had lost myself because of you, I thought that a part of me had died because of you-because of mistakes made on both of our parts—but I blamed you for it all because I didn't know any better. Because I was scared to look inside myself, but the truth was that I had been lost before I even met you, a part of me had died long before I met you-but loving you-Bo, you loved me back to life. Because of you I can breathe again, I can live again, I can—I feel like I can do anything because I know that you love me. You told me once that you didn't think you deserved me—that you never would—baby, it's me who doesn't deserve you."

I look up from her lips to her eyes, my eyes so glassy it's hard to see hers but I think she is crying.

"I wasn't prepared for this," I hear Vex whisper behind me to Evony, a sniffle followed by that clearing of his throat he does when trying seem emotionless.

"Okay, my turn huh?" she lets out this adorable little, nervous laugh. "I've made so many mistakes in my life, some have cost me more than others—some have actually gained me more than I could ever imagine. Like the mistake I made when saving Kenz, I let her see me and—well my life has never been the same. In doing so I earned a sister, I earned a whole new family—a new life—you. Over the course of our relationship—I have made so many mistakes but I just want to say I would do them all again."

I can't help the way my eyebrow raises nor can Kenzi help the way she lets out a noise which I think is supposed to convey confusion—or possibly a covert way to tell Bo to adjust her vows quickly before she gets hit.

"I would do them all again because they have brought me here, brought us here. It would be easy to say yes I'd go back and fix everything because then we'd have been together this whole time but—that isn't guaranteed and this now is. Because of those mistakes I found you, I fell in love with you and never looked back. I learned to be a better person, I learned to value you and our love, I learned to grow up. Because of those mistakes we have four beautiful children—so yes there was so much pain—so much that I thought I would die but knowing that this, right here is the end result—hell I would do it all again and again for eternity just to end up back here staring into your eyes, knowing what it looks like to see you cry tears of happiness because of me rather than sadness."

She pauses using the back of her hand to wipe her tears away, I just let mine fall. I can't move—I can't breathe—I can't think—the normal when I'm around her.

"We're supposed to make promises, so here is mine. I promise that I will never stop trying to be better for you. I promise that I will never love anyone other than you in this life and the next. I promise that I will never forget a single anniversary or birthday because I've already misses out on too many. I promise I will never stop fighting for you. I promise that if the time comes—I will die for you but until then—I will live for you."

"Shit." I heard softly from behind me in a broken whisper—I think Evony is crying.

"With these promises made, these words spoken you have all been witness to the commitment these two have made. Please bring forth the symbols of commitment."

Kenzi hands her my ring, the same one I've been wearing for three years now. This whole entire day it's felt weird without it, she wanted to get me an actual engagement ring but this was all I wanted. This was her great-grandmother's, her grandmother's, now it would be mine and one day it would be passed down.

She smiles, tears in her eyes but this wave hasn't yet fallen. Gently taking my hand in hers she uses the other to slip my ring on, like a part of me was missing, I feel better now. It's ridiculous to put so much value on something so seemingly insignificant but to me this was more than a simple ring.

I reach behind myself taking the ring from Evony, who I can still hear sniffling along with Vex. It was an exact replica of mine, took a fortune to obtain considering how rare the metal was and how old but it was worth it. In side of mine the word 'Always' was already engraved in an accident, dead language of the Fae, so I had the word 'Forever' engraved in hers.

Corny, cheesy, stupid, unnecessary, clichéd, silly-probably all of those things but honestly I didn't care.

Sliding the ring onto her finger, she takes my hands in her own rather than letting them fall to our sides—were we allowed to touch? Who cares, she was my wife now—I could touch her if I wanted to—right?

"With these rings, these symbols, your commitment has now been sealed. You may kiss."

The word 'may' had barely started before Bo's hands were on my cheeks pulling me in the most passionate yet sweet kiss she had ever given me—and we have kissed A LOT. Its passionate and intimate yet still sweet and gentle. It lasts for what seems like an eternity yet still not long enough.

She pulls away slowly, eyes opening to meet mine and the sound of applause roaring through the church.

Guess everyone is a sucker for a good love story, huh?

Smiling so wide I'm sure my face will split in two, I turn to face the now standing crowd. Bo's hand grabbing mine, fingers effortlessly lacing as if they belonged together. We take the first step off of the platform.

I glance over to see the three older trouble makers trying to hold onto the new generation who are trying to run to us, the word 'mommy' being repeated over and over again but luckily they are said in giggles so I feel no need to run to their aid.

Smiling at them and giving a little wave before looking over at Bo, who is smiling just as goofily as me we start toward the exit. Kenzi and Hale are to wait five steps before following and then Vex and Evony would wait five steps before following. It was all very organized and beautiful but all I can think about is the feel of her hand in mine.

I still wouldn't consider myself a person of faith but…..

...…sometimes leaps of faith can be the best thing you could ever do.