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You sleepily opened your eyes, sitting up from the wooden floor you were on. Wait, where did Inuyasha go? Wasn't he sleeping right next to you-wait not next to you but, you had fallen asleep on him. Ah, well. You thought, yawning tiredly. You sat up and stood to your feet, stretching out your somewhat stiff body.
"Hello?" You called out with another yawn. Someone yelled. No someone emscreeched. Forgetting your tiredness you ran outside the hut and looked for the sorce of the loud scream. Outside, you saw Inuyasha, the woman named Sango, and the man that you supposed was a monk, circled around a very large monster. By the looks of it, you guessed that's what the older woman said was a demon.

"Sango! Hit it from behind-" The monk said, but was cut off by Inuyasha.
"No way! This guy's mine!" Inuyasha yelled. He jumped into the air, taking his large silver sword with him, plunging it's sharp medal into the sharp toothed demon. You wanted to look away, but you found it all to interesting. From how high Inuyasha's jump was, to the way he used his sword to slay the monster. Inuyasha pulled his sword out and away as the demon died quickly, he turned his head and looked at you, his yellow eyes meeting yours. Inuyasha fell backwards in shock.

"W-What-! When-! How long have you been standing there?" Inuyasha yelled after he got back up on his feet. He hopped over to you quickly, getting in your face. You jumped back, almost falling down yourself, but you had better balance then that.
"Long enough to see you slay that freaky thing! That was awesome!" You replied smiling big. Inuyasha raised an eyebrow at you, his white dog ears perking up-wait, emdog /emears? You looked up at his ears, they were placed on top of his head, sticking up, just like a dog's. You're eyes glistened almost mischeviousily.
"You thought it was-" Inuyasha began but was cut off by you jumping up and grabbing hold of one of his ears. You pulled his head down to your height, tugging a bit at his left ear.
"Wow! How do you get them to stay on your head! that's so cool!" You said jumping up and down a bit. Inuyasha groaned.
"They're my emears/em! How else would they stay up-owch! Would ya mind lettin' go of 'em!" Inuyasha barked. You're smile grew and you held onto his left ear a bit tighter.
"What's the magic word~?" You sang teasingly.
"Gyah!" Inuyasha yelled, "there is no way I'm sayin' anythin' to get you to-" Inuyasha stopped speaking and yelled a bit as you tightened your grip even more. "Okay, okay! emPlease/em let my ears GO!" right as he said please you let go of his ear. He straightened himself and glared at you. You sheepishly let out a laugh.
"Sorry, Mr. Grumpy Puppy." You sang out laughing a bit. Inuyasha obviosily didn't like the new nickname.
"Don't call me that!"
"Why not? Mr. Grumpy Puppy~" you sang his nickname once again. You smiled up at him, "You are a very interesting being." you laughed a bit.
"Yeah?" Inuyasha said, "Well, you're a very weird one." You frowned.
"Really? You think I'm weird?" You asked in a slightly sadder tone. He didn't realise you were joking with him.
"What-! Hey! don't start cryin' on me!" Inuyasha quickly yelled out. You decided to keep playing. You turned away from him, crossing your arms over your chest, sniffling a bit.
"Hey! I'm serious! Don't start cryin'-! Aw. man. I'm sorry! Seriousily, It's nothing personal!" Inuyasha said slightly irritated. You couldn't help but smile.
"All is forgiven, Mr. Grumpy Puppy~!" You said smiling wide as you whirled around back toward him. Inuyasha blushed embarassed. He looked away angrily.
"You little-! Ugh! I thought I reaqlly hurt you 'n that you were goin' to start cryin' like a little baby!" He barked.
"But I didn't," You smiled, "so, because you said sorry, does that mean you xcare about my feelings?" The silver dog blushed again.
"S-Shut up! I don't care! I just don't need ya cryin' on me!" while you and Inuyasha bickered at each other, Sango and the monk were watching calmly.
"He cares." Sango said.
"You think so? Huh, I wonder how Kagome will react when she returns." The monk replied. Both continued to watch the argueing.
"I'm not sure." She replied. The monk smirked mischeviousily and glided up behind Inuyasha without him noticing.
"Miroku, I don't think that's..." Sango said letting the rest of her sentence go quiet. The man named Miroku, nudged Inuyasha hard enough for him to tumble into you, mid rant. Miroku quickly ran back to Sango. Inuyasha fell into you, pushing you both to the ground. You're lips met his. Without you even thinking how his lips got to your's, you kissed him back. Inuyasha's eyes went wide and his face turned fifty shades of pink. Yet, he didn't pull away from you. You gently pulled away. Realizing what you did, you pushed a shocked Inuyasha off you and ran off quickly, blushing. emI can't believe I kissed him!/em You thought pretty shocked with yourself. Inuyasha blinked a few times, still shocked by the sudden kiss. He jumped to his feet and ran after you, jumping in trees to gain more speed. You found yourself standing in front of a river, trying to figure out why you had kissed him.
"Well, I mean, I guess it isn't so bad. He is pretty atractive..." you admitted to yourself out loud. Inuyasha didn't catch what you had said and he jumped down, ending up just a few feet behind you.
"Hey!" He said. You turned on your heal to face him, "I didn't catch your name." You looked at him, blinked a few times.
"My name?" You asked somewhat dombfounded.
"Duh. I mean, ya know mine." Inuyashed replied his face dusted with a light blush.
"I'm (F\N). (F\N) (L\N)." You smiled a bit. Inuyasha shifted his feet slightly and silently started debating on something in his head. You wondered what he was thinking. Without your notice, he had gotten closer to you. You blinked and realized there was only a small space between you. Not even a foot of space. You look ed up at him a bit confused. He slowly leaned closer, his face inches from your's.
p style="text-align: left;""Now that I know your name, (F\N)..." Inuyasha said. You blushed a bit. You leaned into him, your lips meeting his once again. He kissed you back almost immedietly. emWhat am I doing!? /emInuyasha thought as he deepened the kiss. Your thoughts were completely occupied and you lifted your hands over his shoulder, holding him closer. You didn't want to leave anymore.

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