"Shut up! Dean Jensen will hear us!"

"Oh, he's going to hear me scream in like five seconds if this goes on."

"Look, it's not my fault that you suck and can't last long."

"And that's why this is yours to play with."

"You were the one who wanted it first."

"I can't believe I'm asking this, but can you show me?"

"Sure. Basically, you press like this if you want to rise, then you release if you want to fall. Make sure you do it right, go in between the obstacles on the side, and before you know it, you'll go deeper and deeper in and you'll be victorious."


"Well, you're not going to lose anything except for your—"

Jack busted through the window of the room, shrieking, "You guys are doing it?! Seriously?!"

Sitting on the bed, Cody and Anton both turned to look at him. Cody had Anton's phone in his hands, using it to play some game.

"—patience," Anton finished.

"...Not this again," Jack deadpanned. "What are you guys doing?"

"I'm showing Cody how to play this new game called Flappy Bird," Anton informed, looking at Jack weirdly. "What are you doing here?"

"I—I came here for a visit since I haven't seen you guys in a while, and Zander told me you guys were roommates in university, so here I am, and—I heard you guys outside the window and thought—" Jack stammered.

"I'm not letting you finish that sentence," Cody interrupted. "I don't think I want to know."

Jack sighed. "Never mind. What's Flappy Bird about, anyway? That name sounds a little...stupid."

Cody held up the phone. "Flappy Bird is about this poorly drawn piece of avian shit who can't propel himself properly, even though he has perfectly good wings and a yellow fucking Tweety resemblance. The player's job is to guide him between the Mario-like green fucking pipes, which is utterly infuriating because that thing dies even when I haven't even touched the goddamn pipe and my high score is 0 while Suzuki's is 128 and I am pissed as fuck and it makes me want to kill myself and I can't take this!"

"Yeah. What he said," Anton agreed, amused.

"Oh yeah, I thought that sounded familiar. North mentioned it to me, since he had recently gotten a whole bunch of letters from kids that talk about how they want a Flappy Bird toy. I don't even know." Jack ran a hand through his white hair. "He also said something about how the creator just announced that he was taking the game down from the App Store."

Cody threw his hands up in the air. "Fuck yes!"

At the same time, Anton made a loud, squeaky noise. "No!"

Hey, I had to join in this somehow. I admit I hadn't heard of Flappy Bird until like...a week before it was taken down, and that was only because my friend asked me if everyone was really addicted to that game.

I tried it later that day on some guy's phone. I got a 0. I found it lame, so I just...never downloaded it. Then I saw on the news that it was going to be taken down (I didn't take it seriously until it actually happened).

So have this (assuming this didn't get old a while ago).

Fact: Cody can't handle being worse than Anton at anything. They're roommates in Boston University. Yeh. Do you guys want to see more of the future of my OCs? And I'm not just talking about these two, but like everyone else.

Hey, is anyone having problems getting alerts saying that I've updated? I've recently lost some readers, and I already know some people are having trouble with the notifications, so I'm just wondering this.


Maximus Potter: I love Malcolm a lot, actually. I don't like Conrad too much, but I love Malcolm. Don't ask me why, I just do.

Sol's Darkness: NONONONONO THE TEEN YEARS ARE TERRIBLE AND YOU'RE GOING TO BECOME MOODY ALL THE TIME I MEAN I USED TO BE SUCH A SWEET GIRL NOW I'M LIKE ALL TESTY NOWADAYS. Sorry, but I couldn't bring myself to sugarcoat it. And it depends, are you good at art? Lolol I'm kidding, I love fanart, so draw away!

ReganRocks: Ohhh yeah, Jimmy Fallon! I don't follow him on a daily basis, but I do make sure I don't miss any of his hashtag segments on YouTube. I saw the version he did with Robin, and it was alright. Have you seen the Let It Go one? I remember the #sharkrap, haha. I played the one with the Baby Got Back tune like five times before finishing the video XD OHMYGOD WHAT YOUR UNCLE DID IS HILARIOUS. I have absolutely no qualms against doing black comedy. I'm also perfectly fine with Asian jokes, considering I, an Asian, crack them with all of my Asian friends. But I do have standards, even if they're kind of hard to cross. And I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually get that Mitch Hedburg joke. And which frisbee joke? I don't remember that.

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