Whasup? I'm almost ready to start typing my first chapter of my Diddy Kong cop story. Before I get to that, I thought I'd get another one of my story plans out of the way.

This is how I think "Donkey Kong Country Returns" should have ended. It's a combination of the three different endings to the final boss battle.


It had been a hard-fought battle, but it had yet to reach its end. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong had been in a fiery fight against Tiki Tong, the leader of the Tiki Tak Tribe, to (again) reclaim their banana hoard. Those brave Kongs were not going to fall for any of his weird tricks with only his head to fight with. The Kongs had destroyed both the Tiki's hands (each Kong taking out one hand), which had disintegrated into bunches of bananas, and he had repeatedly attempted to set the Kongs on fire, but to no avail. Tiki Tong's wild head movements prompted DK to scoop up Diddy and carry him on his back to protect him, although the little monkey was a little dismayed by this.

DK and Diddy had gone through a perilous journey through Kongo Bongo to chase off the Tiki Tak Tribe whom had hypnotized the inhabitants of the island and stolen their precious banana hoard. There had been a couple of moments on their journey when it seemed that they wouldn't be able to succeed in their quest to once again reclaim their bananas, such as Diddy nearly being killed when a giant boulder in the canyon launched them into the air and Diddy had nearly died from taking so much damage in their fall, but now here they were; right on the brink of reclaiming their bananas, only for Tiki Tong and his minions to ambush them upon their arrival and stuff the bananas into their leader. The Kongs could only watch in disgust as Tiki Tong poured banana juice out of his mouth, all over his minions, and they joined together and became his giant hands. However, these two Kongs were not going to stop at anything until this giant Tiki was defeated once and for all, and their bananas were given back to them.

Suddenly, the gigantic head smashed itself onto the floor one more time. However, for no apparent reason, DK lost his balance from the impact of the smash as the floor shook more violently than it did before, and he found himself facing a pile of rubble from the floor heading towards him. Diddy flew off his back just in time as DK was nearly buried in floor tiles and rubble.

As DK struggled to get back up, Diddy realized that he would have to make that final move if they wanted to end this quickly. They wanted their bananas back and DK seemed to be out of the fight.

"Diddy, there's the weak spot on his head!" DK yelled from beneath the rubble to his little sidekick.

There was a huge red spot on Tiki Tong's head that DK had been jumping on with the help of Diddy on his back (with his jet pack).

Diddy could barely hear any of DK's words as he was about to approach Tiki Tong.

"What!? I can't hear you!" the little monkey yelled to his uncle, looking worried.

Diddy was desperate to know what to do. Neither one of them could be able to do it on their own. Diddy wanted to end this. His face was sweating, and his expression made him look so worried sick. His big uncle couldn't help him and they didn't want this catastrophe to last any longer.

"JUMP ON HIS HEAD!" yelled DK, pointing a finger to the Tiki's red spot on his head.

Diddy quickly looked up over the Tiki's head and saw a big red spot hanging up from the top of his forehead.

With a gulp and near-hesitation, Diddy took a big jump with all the remaining strength that his body had, activated his jet-pack, hovered right over Tiki Tong's head and landed right on the red spot. Tiki Tong suddenly shook like a giant tremor.

DK finally got back up and brushed all the rubble off his fur.

"Uh, I think he's out," said DK.

"Not just that, but … I THINK HE'S GONNA EXPLODE!" said Diddy, panicking.

"Hurry, jump off his head!" shouted DK.

But it was too late.

Just as Diddy was about to jump off, Tiki Tong's head suddenly exploded into a giant load of bananas and shot the little monkey straight up through the ceiling.

"DIIIIIIIIIDDYYYYYYYYYY!" yelled DK, looking up at the hole in the ceiling.

Just then, the whole room shook violently and more bananas shot out from below the floor, and DK was also blasted through the ceiling.

Diddy shut his eyes as he was blasted through the ceiling, and then when he opened his eyes, he found himself still flying upward towards the moon.

DK soon caught up with Diddy as he had stopped gaining height and the two hovered for about two seconds.

Then, together, they both started falling.

It took them a few seconds to realize that they were not falling towards their home island. They were about to crash into the moon and there was no way to stop it happening! This earned a scream of horror from Diddy.

"WHADDA WE DO, DK!?" the monkey panicked.


Diddy was about to reach for DK's shoulder, but, suddenly, his jet pack jerked open before he wanted it to. It was just enough to prevent his hands from reaching his uncle's fur.

DK reached over and grabbed Diddy's hand.


"DON'T WORRY! I'VE GOTCHA, LITTLE BUDDY!" replied DK, trying to get Diddy on his back.

Diddy was reaching for DK's shoulder again when his jet pack malfunctioned again. Diddy almost fell off DK again, but DK grabbed hold of Diddy's back and Diddy was just able to reach the back of DK's neck, but he couldn't get on his back.

"HOLD ON, DIDDY!" said DK.

"I'M TRYING!" Diddy replied, shutting his eyes and breathing heavily in anticipation of a big crash-landing.

Suddenly, Diddy's jet pack jerked him completely off DK and spun the little monkey upside down.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHH!" screamed a terrified Diddy.

DK grabbed his nephew's foot, but it proved useless. Diddy's jet pack then started to send him towards the moon faster once the duo was separated.

"DIDDYYYYYY!" yelled a worried DK.

Diddy couldn't shout back to DK now. He was already too far away to hear him and was about to take a big plunge towards the moon! The jet pack was still speeding his fall. He went faster and faster. The closer he got, the more scared he was. He knew there was nothing he could do. His heart raced and gave him unimaginable pain in his chest. Poor Diddy tried to close his eyes, wishing it was over, but he couldn't close his eyes since he was falling so fast.

"I guess this is it. I don't know if I have any regrets," he thought to himself as the moon was now all he could see, and then …


At that instant, everything turned black and fell silent.

The next thing that DK saw was that the moon seemed to suddenly float farther away from him. He was very puzzled.

Unknown to him was that Diddy's skull had forced the moon to come down onto Kongo Bongo! The moon landed right on top of Tiki Tong's temple!

"Well, I'll guess I'll have to do this on my own," DK said to himself.

He charged his fist as he approached the moon and gave it a big "SLAM!"

As DK looked to his left, he noticed Diddy with his head sitting on top of the moon.

"Oh, my! Diddy must've smashed his head on the moon and … made it fall down!?" the ape thought as he gasped in shock.

There was a sudden rumble as the moon began to crush the Tiki temple.

"I hope we didn't just cause an earthquake!" said DK to himself.

He looked over at Diddy.

"Diddy, … are you o-"


The moon suddenly shot back up to its orbit around the earth as thousands of bananas flew up and rained all over the island.

As daylight returned to the island, the inhabitants were finally freed from the Tikis' mind control and they began to celebrate their freedom. The bananas were back and all seemed well, but where were the two heroes?

DK soon found himself falling again, this time towards Kongo Bongo. Diddy was nowhere to be seen, so he couldn't rely on his jet pack to save his life.

Rambi the Rhinoceros was just down below. He looked up and saw DK falling towards him. Rambi ran over to the spot where DK was about to land, and the ape landed right on the rhino's back, knocking him down in the process.

DK quickly got back up and helped Rambi up again.

"Thanks, Rambi. You're a life saver!" said DK.

Rambi let out a short grunt, which DK took as "Don't mention it," and he wandered off.

Bananas were still raining everywhere! DK looked around, trying to find Diddy, but his little nephew was nowhere to be seen.

He looked up at the raining bananas, then he saw something else falling with them. It got closer and closer, and DK soon realized what (or who) it was.

"Diddy?" said DK.

It was Diddy.

The little monkey was falling helplessly, and he appeared to be unconscious as his eyes were closed and his arms, legs and tail were dangling above him.

DK rushed over to where Diddy was about to land and waited for him to come down, then the ape stretched out his arms just as the monkey was about to come down to the ground. As Diddy came down, he landed right in DK's arms.

"Gotcha!" said DK.

The big gorilla then took a moment to look at Diddy. His little nephew and sidekick was unconscious. He was still breathing and he seemed to be groaning softly, possibly from his head pain.

"Diddy?" said DK, trying to wake up his little nephew.

Thinking of nothing other than soothing and comforting Diddy, the ape sat down on the ground and held his cute nephew in his lap, wrapping one arm around the monkey's back and using his other hand to gently rub and tickle him.

"Diddy?" DK whispered again, only to fall on deaf ears.

DK removed Diddy's cap from his head and looked at his forehead. There was a huge bruise that looked so dark purplish and there was a small gash of blood coming out as gorilla was shocked, just thinking about the thought that Diddy had just taken a huge blow to the head from crashing heavily into the moon and bringing it down on the Tikis' temple.

DK wiped the blood off Diddy's forehead and put his cap back on him.


The ape tried tickling his adorable nephew's face and chest, but it did nothing to wake him up.

Just then, a banana landed right on Diddy's face. The monkey let out a small groan and slightly opened one of his eyes.

"Oooooohhhhh," groaned Diddy in a very low voice, "W-what happened? W-where am I?"

Another banana fell on Diddy's face and he completely regained consciousness as banana mush splattered all over his face.

"Wha!? Huh? What … ? How … ?"

"Diddy?" said a relieved DK.

Diddy looked to his right and saw that he was back on Kongo Bongo. He then realized that something (or a certain someone) was holding him. He looked to his left and realized that he was laying down right in DK's lap, and the ape was grinning at him, which made the monkey feel happy to be in his uncle's loving hold.

"DK?" said Diddy with a muffled voice as the banana mush on his face just about covered his whole mouth.

"Yes," said DK with a grin, "I saved your life again, little buddy."

There was a tiny pond of water next to where DK was sitting, so he reached down to grab a handful of water. Diddy shut his eyes, knowing what was to come next, and DK gently splashed the handful of water on his nephew's face.

Some of the banana mush slid down Diddy's face and dripped off his chin onto his red tank top. The poor monkey didn't feel very pleased about that.

"Sorry about that, little nephew," sympathized DK.

"It's okay, big uncle," replied Diddy cutely with only part of his mouth visible, brushing off his tank top.

DK reached to his right to grab the nearest leaf, and he placed it on Diddy's chest so that the remaining banana mush wouldn't drool all over his tank top. He then took more handfuls of water and slowly repeated the splashing process on the monkey's face for a few more minutes. As Diddy's mouth became more visible to his uncle, the ape could see the faintest signs of an adorable smile growing wider on the monkey's face, waiting to be uncovered. DK knew that Diddy was happy that they had just saved their banana hoard and were now cuddling close together right after their brutal fight with Tiki Tong was over.

"You look happy, I see," chuckled DK playfully, splashing more water on Diddy's face.

"Yeah," giggled Diddy as the left end of his mouth was splashed on and revealed the smile that DK was sure he had seen.

"By the way, how do you feel?" asked DK.

"Awwww, I've got this terrible migraine," groaned Diddy in pain.

"I'm sure you do after what happened up there," sighed DK, patting his nephew's head gently.

Diddy looked up at the raining bananas while his uncle continued to wash his face with water. The moment the banana mush was cleared from his nose, all he could smell was the fresh scent of bananas. It was a scent that he and DK both loved so much. By now, half of the banana mush had been washed off Diddy's face, but the right half of his mouth remained covered in banana mush, and that continued to slightly muffle and slur his speech.

"I'm sure glad we got our bananas back, big buddy," the monkey said with a grin, "But why are they continuously falling out of the sky?"

Then, he remembered something else …

"Wait a minute," he gulped, "I have a headache and it's raining bananas? Did it happen? Did I - … (gulp) … Did I smash my head on the moon!?"

DK nodded sympathetically, "Yes, I'm afraid you did, … and you've got a huge bruise on your head."

Diddy gasped in realization and stared wide-eyed at DK for a moment while he registered what he had just heard. DK gently rubbed his nephew's wet face for a moment as the monkey looked rather terrified.

Just as Diddy looked ready to cry, DK lowered his head and soothingly nuzzled his nephew's face.

"Sssh," the ape whispered soothingly, "It'll be okay, my little monkey. I'm here … just for you. You're going to be okay in a little while. In fact, you seem to have a pretty strong skull for someone your size."

"What do you mean?" asked Diddy dumbfoundedly.

"When you hit your head on the moon, your impact was enough to bring it down onto the Tikis' temple and crush it. It exploded and sent a bunch of bananas flying everywhere!" explained DK.

Diddy was greatly shocked.

"What!? Wh- … where's the moon now!?" the monkey panicked, expecting to look around and see the moon crushing down on Kongo Bongo.

"Don't worry," said DK as he placed a hand on Diddy's chest to calm him down, "The banana explosion put the moon back into its orbit around the Earth. Everything's back to normal. We got our bananas back, the Tikis are gone, the animals are free from the Tikis' mind control and I'm sure this whole island is safe from harm again."

Diddy gave DK another grin. He felt so relieved that everyone (and their bananas) were safe again.

"I guess what's most amazing of all, though, is that, … you were the one to make that last move that not only defeated Tiki Tong, … but … also saved our bananas … and our island, … when it seemed that it was all over for us. You've once again proven, my little nephew, … that you're one brave little monkey, … and for that, I'm very proud of you, my precious, little Diddy," finished DK, splashing Diddy's face with more water.

Diddy felt very happy. He turned out to be the brave hero in the end when it mattered most. Even his uncle was already praising him before anyone else even had a chance to do so, and that was enough to make DK's family love for him sink into his heart and make him one happy little monkey. Diddy grinned brightly with an adorable monkey smile as the banana mush began to slowly slide down the right half of his face and gradually uncover more of his mouth. DK thought this sight was adorable, and he chuckled and playfully tickled his nephew's belly to make him giggle for a few seconds, just to add some more happiness and playfulness to Diddy's adorableness.

"Thank you … so much, … DK," giggled Diddy as his eyes were about to fill up with tears of joy, "I'm glad that we shared this quest, … since we're both big heroes. I may have felt babied from time to time from so much piggyback riding, … (sniffle) … b-but … I don't mind. Also, … (sniffle) … thank you … for … (sniffle) … saving my life."

"You're welcome, little buddy," said DK with a smile, "And I'm glad to have you along with me whenever I need someone to help me. Then again, you really are the real hero of this quest. It just depends on what happens at the end. That's when it matters. Oh, and about the excessive piggyback stuff, I just wanted to protect you occasionally when parts of our quest got too dangerous, and I also wanted to bring back some heartwarming memories of when you were in diapers and you always rode on my back for lots of family playtime with me."

Diddy's eyes started to pour out some tears from being so happy, and he blushed in embarrassment over his diaper years being mentioned. The reminders of his piggyback rides on DK's back during his toddler days seemed to put a warm feeling in his heart as he thought about his attachment to diapers he had had until he turned seven, which had delayed his graduation from diapers for a few years. To this day, he could still remember the old days in his diaper uniform and DK always admiring him wearing it, saying that he was cute and adorable in diapers.

"Thank … (sniffle) … you, … (sniffle) … D- … K," cried Diddy.

"There, there, little buddy," said DK, "I'm glad I saved your life in the end. Of course, where would I be without my little buddy?"

"And … (sniffle) … w-where would I b-b-be … without … y-yo-you?" replied Diddy tearfully.

"Awww, Diddy, my sweet child," grinned DK as Diddy's words brought a few tears to his eyes, "My adorable little boy."

Diddy brushed away a few of his tears as the two grinned at each other in happy tears.

"I love you, Diddy, … my sweet, adorable, little nephew," said DK.

"I … (sniffle) … I love you, too, DK, … (sniffle) … my sweet, furry uncle," replied Diddy.

With a proud smile, DK lowered his head again and planted a family kiss right on Diddy's left cheek, and it lasted for several seconds, prompting Diddy to smile brightly and moan softly in pleasure as his uncle pampered him with their family love.

"Mwuah!" said DK once he finished the kiss, and the duo chuckled at each other.

DK grabbed one more handful of water from the tiny pond he was sitting next to, and he gently splashed his nephew's messy face once more. The last of the banana mush slid off Diddy's face, and for the first time since before he woke up, his whole face was visible, and he promptly gave DK a bright smile, with both ends of his mouth pointing upwards at such an angle that made him look like the cutest and most adorable monkey on Earth.

"Are you feeling okay, little buddy, regarding that migraine?" asked DK.

"I think I might be feeling … (sniffle) … a little better," answered Diddy.

"Well, then, … why don't we celebrate our victory over the Tiki Tak Tribe, shall we!?" said DK in excitement.

"Oh, DK!" said an excited Diddy.

DK playfully pushed Diddy's back upward to bring him into a sitting-up position, and the monkey wrapped his arms around his uncle's neck. DK returned the embrace by wrapping his arms tightly around Diddy's back, and the two sat there for several minutes, hugging each other in a tight family cuddle to keep each other nice and warm. They felt so happy to be cuddling together after everything they had been through, and that everything was back to normal again. This was one of the tightest and biggest hugs they had ever shared with each other over the many years that DK had raised Diddy, and they didn't want this moment to end. The ape then rubbed the back of the monkey's head, tracing soothing circular patterns, and he once again kissed him on his left cheek.

"I love you, Diddy, my wonderful nephew," whispered DK in a loving voice, "I love you so much, my sweet, little boy."

Diddy smiled brightly and he kissed his uncle on his cheek in return.

"I love you, too, DK," the monkey replied in such an adorable, soft voice, "I love you so much, … my fluffy and furry, big uncle."

"Aww, Diddy," chuckled DK proudly, "That's my boy. You're my adorable little monkey."

"Aww, DK!" giggled Diddy happily.

The two Kongs kissed each other on the lips to feed each other some very deep family love.

"C'mhere, ya brave, sweet little one!" chortled DK playfully, and he stood up and rocked his nephew in a playful and childish fashion while continuing to hug him as if Diddy was still a toddler.

Diddy laughed in pleasure and cheered in delight as DK grabbed both of his nephew's wrists and pinned his nimble arms behind his back while holding him in midair like a baby. Then, he lifted his little monkey over his head in a playful fashion and blew a loving raspberry on his belly to tickle him.

"OOOHOOHOHOHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Diddy laughed as the sensations on his belly instantly vibrated him as if he was in a tickling machine.

The monkey swung his legs back and forth uncontrollably in a fit of laughter while his uncle playfully giggled and placed Diddy on his back. Once the monkey was able to stop laughing from the ticklishness on his belly, he wrapped his arms around DK's neck again and cuddled into the fur on his back.

"You're so sweet, DK!" giggled Diddy happily with a playful look on his face.

"You're so sweet, too, Diddy!" replied DK with a bright grin.

Diddy smiled brightly and started smooching the back of his uncle's head childishly, and while he did this, they looked up and around them to gaze at the sight of hundreds of bananas still falling out of the sky. They thought this sight was amazing, and Diddy felt astounded that he was able to bring the moon crashing down onto the Tiki Tak Tribe's temple … all with one smash with his head! Soon, the two Kongs looked at each other again and smiled in happiness and delight. Neither of them could contain their excitement any longer, as this was a victory that just had to be celebrated Kong-style!

Despite his headache, Diddy jumped off DK's back, prompting the ape to stand up, and they began their celebration on getting their bananas back! They gave each other high-fives and pounded on their chests, and Diddy even did some celebratory acrobatic jumps with midair monkey rolls! Afterward, they started doing their favorite dance moves that they only did whenever they were together and in a mood of family love.

The loving duo were so into their dances and occasional cuddles that they did not notice Cranky, Candy, Dixie and Funky peeking out from some big leaves and noticing the duo celebrating their victory. They also did not notice that they had overheard part of their touchy conversation.

"They did it," whispered Candy, "Those two are always so great together."

"Those dudes have done it again," grinned Funky.

"I can't believe my sweetie crashed his head on the moon," whispered Dixie in shock as she had overheard the part about Diddy smashing his head on the moon, "I hope he'll be okay."

"I predict he'll be coming to me for medication since all of that celebrating they're doing right now is going to cause more head pain for him, … eventually. I know. I've been in that position, myself," said Cranky.

The four took notice of DK and Diddy's combo dance moves. They then watched as DK lifted Diddy onto his shoulders, and he launched the monkey upwards into a midair monkey roll. Diddy grabbed a few bananas in his midair somersault before he came back down, with DK catching him in his arms. The two smiled at each other, and DK nuzzled Diddy's face and kissed him on the cheek again in such a playful fashion.

"Aww," Candy and Dixie said together, with Funky nodding in agreement, "Those two look so adorable together."

"DK has done such a great job raising Diddy and giving him so much family love over the years," added Candy, "I'm glad to have a boyfriend who knows how to care for his nephew so well."

Cranky simply grunted as he continued to watch his two younger relatives goofing around with each other. He knew they had both proven themselves as heroes once again, and that DK and Diddy deserved equal praise; a lesson he had learned after some of the other Kongs harshly criticized him for discrediting Diddy on their 1994 adventure, especially after Diddy earned his own reputation as a hero a year later, on Crocodile Isle.

After a few more minutes, the four Kongs watching the celebration decided to head over to DK and Diddy's tree house to treat them to a little surprise for when they returned home, while the two heroes carried on with their celebration. Their celebration wrapped up with Diddy jumping and doing one more monkey roll in midair before DK once again caught him in his arms and smooched him lovingly on his face.

Finally, as Cranky had predicted, Diddy began to feel some rough pain in his head, as his migraine began to take a toll on him as an aftereffect from crashing into the moon.

"Here, little buddy," soothed DK sympathetically as Diddy placed a hand on his head in pain, "Let's go home so you can rest. I think we both deserve some much-needed rest after everything we've been through."

"Yeah," agreed Diddy, "Oh, my head really hurts."

"Good thing you don't need to worry about walking," commented DK, and he immediately lifted Diddy like a baby and placed him on his back.

"I could sure do with a cuddly ride back home on you," sighed Diddy as he wrapped his arms around his uncle's neck and cuddled into the warm fur on his back, "Your furry back always feels so nice, soft and warm to me."

DK chuckled, "And you always feel so warm and cuddly whenever you're on my back, little Diddy-buddy. It's like you're giving me a family hug that lasts for hours at a time."

Diddy giggled softly and snuggled comfortably on DK's back, and the ape walked on all fours through the jungle that was still being pelted with bananas raining from the sky.

Throughout their journey back home, DK's slow walking pace and warm fur created relaxing sensations for Diddy, and the pain in the monkey's head slowly subsided. He let out a cute sigh, indicating to his uncle that he was doing a good job at relieving his head pain. DK chuckled and gently patted Diddy all over whenever he walked on his two feet.

"I love you, little Diddy-buddy," whispered DK soothingly.

"I love you, too, big Donkey-buddy," replied Diddy adorably with a bright smile.

From there on, no further words had to be said. The two were very relieved to have their bananas back and that Kongo Bongo was back to normal without any Tikis or hypnotized animals. They were especially happy that their family love for each other kept them going through thick and thin as they each tried to protect the other. Diddy had often tried to protect DK from gigantic monsters, while DK kept Diddy on his back for rather long periods of time to keep him protected, although it made Diddy feel like a baby at times. However, in the end, it was not just their teamwork that rewarded them with victory over the Tiki Tak Tribe, but their love for each other as uncle and nephew that seemed to make them feel like father and son. Their love for their island and the rest of their family and friends, and especially the family love they had for each other, strengthened their hearts and encouraged them to continue on whenever it seemed that they would fall to their doom. The heroism, bravery, teamwork and family love between Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong had won the day, and from then on, all was well on Kongo Bongo!