Moving quickly, the lone elf followed the orc party through the lake town. The boats and bridges and paths were proving difficult for the orcs to traverse, yet Legolas was having no difficulty at all. Expertly he bounded over blockades, jumping off walls and canoes as he loosed arrow after arrow felling the many enemies.

But these orcs were just soldiers, he was after their leader…. and it didn't take him long to catch up. Finally rounding the corner he stopped short, narrowing his brilliant eyes at the enemy commander who stood at the end of the ally. For a moment the two stared each other down before each moved, Legolas drawing his sword while the orc raised his massive weapon. Running at each other, the elf dodged the first blow, expertly spinning around and landing his own which was in turn blocked. For a minute they sparred, Legolas managing to dodge each attack before one was finally landed. The force of the blow not only knocked him to the ground, but his sword skittered away.

Without a warning he was picked up and tossed into the nearest wall before being dragged to his feet. A fist slammed into his face, dazing him momentarily. But this also made the Orc drop his guard. Stepping forward, the elf tripped the orc, and used his own body weight against him slammed him into the opposite wall. It was now the orcs sword that then skittered away and off the dock, dropping into the water with a splash.

Having a second, Legolas stumbled back, tried to regain his baring. Shaking his head he blinked a couple of times trying to clear the stars that danced in front of his vision. But that second he had didn't help much once the orc slammed into him again.

At this point Bolg was getting irritated. This elf and his companion had attempted to foil him twice now, killing many of his soldiers and upsetting their quest to kill the dwarves. If he had any sense of humanity in him at all, he might give the elf credit for his skills as a combatant, he was strong and lithe. But could he contend with the brute force he had at his disposal? It was still to be seen. His companion the she-elf was still to be seen as well. This was the perfect opportunity for him to exact a little revenge.

Grappling with the orc for a moment Legolas felt himself hit the ground once more. Angry now that this battle was continuing on so long he rolled into a crouch before springing at the orc. He managed to land a solid blow on his enemy, but before he could spin away again, the orc had him by the front of his tunic. He struggled to escape for a moment before the Orc commander brought up an iron clad knee into his chest and slammed him head first into the wall once again.

Winded and dazed, Legolas fell to the wooden dock, sputtering for air. It was then that he realized that Tauriel had never arrived. He thought briefly that perhaps she had been injured or killed….but that thought was quickly over-written by a deeper and worse idea, that she had stayed to save that dwarf.

His thoughts were suddenly cut short when the orc picked him up by the throat and slammed him into the wall. Legolas struggled for a moment which only caused the orc to slam his head against the wall again. He let out a small cry of shock before going limp while his mind tried to clear the daze.
"Where's your companion?" The orc growled in his face, so close Legolas could almost taste his breath. Gritting his teeth, he only frowned, glaring up at the orc with defiance.

He didn't want to accidently send the enemy back at her, but he also didn't want the orc commander to know he was…alone. The realization suddenly hit him. He was alone. Tauriel….she wasn't coming. No one was coming.

The orc leaned in closer, tightening the grip on his throat. "Were is the she-elf, scum?"

Legolas choked for air, clawing at the orcs steel hands, kicking and struggling. When the grip loosened enough to allow him to speak, Legolas spat an elvish curse at him, which he paid for with another slam into the wall.

Groaning, Legolas waited for his vision and mind to clear, all the while desperately trying to think of a way out of this mess. It was rash….following the enemy by himself. But then, he was supposed to have had backup. Had Tauriel followed him they could have easily beaten this foe. But she hadn't….some disgusting dwarf was more important to her that him. Her friend, her ally, her prince and yet she still decided to stay behind.

It was then that two other creatures rounded the corner of the ally, disgusting and twisted, they sniggered and grinned at him. The orc commander disregarded the others and spoke again. "Are you in league with the dwarves?"

Legolas narrowed his eyes. "No." he spat, despite himself.

"He's lying!" One of the minions spoke up. "The she-elf is with 'em right now! We've been watching 'em." This broke Legolas's heart. So it was confirmed.

The orc commander growled at him, taking his expression as regret of being found out to be helping dwarves. This of course was far from the truth but that didn't change the decision Bolg made. He stared into the elf's sharp and defiant eyes for a moment before slamming his head against the wall for a final time, letting go and allowing Legolas to slide to the ground. "Bind him."

The sharp bite of rope drawing his hands and arms together behind his back brought him out of his daze but it was already too late for struggle. He swore in elvish when one of the orcs dragged him to his knees and wrenched his head back by his hair.

Dizzy, nervous and angry, he watched the orc commander retrieve his elven blade and toss it to one of the lackeys who caught it sloppily, screeching in irritation when the sharp edge nearly got him. "Take that to the she-elf. Her companion has died. She should know." He chuckled darkly at his plan before stepping back over to his prisoner as the minion disappeared into the night.

"She'll slaughter you all if you kill me. She'll never stop." Legolas grit out, fighting the hand that was still painfully threaded through his fair hair. Although his expression showed nothing but anger and defiance deep down he was terrified…and that fear took his mind down dark paths.

But it was when the commander started speaking the very thoughts that were on his mind did he really get uneasy. "Will she really? Where is she now?" He stepped closer, towering dangerously over his kneeling prisoner. "And if she does come. We'll kill her."

Legolas eyes widened a fraction, his brows drawing together as he swallowed nervously. She would come, she would come….

The blow came out of nowhere, pain and stars exploded behind his eyes when the boot connected. Legolas landed hard on his side; blood dripped steadily from his nose, fair skin already beginning to show the bruise. His eyes fluttered for a moment before the darkness took his mind.



Within the now ruined home of Bard, 3 dwarves, 3 children and an elf sat around their injured companion.
Tauriel had just finished binding Kili's wound when he had grasped her hand, and in his poison induced delirium had professed some type of feelings for her. Not moments later he had passed out again, but she hadn't the heart the pull her hand away.

It was so wrong….but for some reason she had begun to care about this dwarf. Did she find him physically appealing? Perhaps ….But it was his zest for life, his cheerful and humorous attitude that drew her. Could she love him like he had asked not moments before he passed out? She…..didn't know. She didn't even know how to interpret all of these emotions.

But for now she was getting worried. Legolas hadn't returned. She had assumed that he would wait for her, return when he realized she hadn't followed. But then again, she had faith in his ability. He was probably just tracking them. And if that was the case, she would follow the trail as soon as she was done here.

A sudden flurry of movement and crash of sound brought her quickly out of her stupor. Drawing her hand away from Kili's she stood. A small orc had just entered through the hole in the ceiling. The children quickly scampered to the other side of the room as Fili jumped to attack the creature. It cackled, blocking the attacks as the other two dwarves moved to join the fight.

The fine glint of steel caught her eye and she yelled for the three dwarves to stop. The orc….was wielding Legolas' sword. Flying forward, she pushed past the dwarves and slammed the creature to the floor. Pressing her knife into its throat menacingly she spoke. "Where….did you get that weapon."
She had trouble keeping her expression calm and the fear and anger out of her voice. "WHERE?"

The orc only laughed, as if completely disregarding the blade at its throat. "-You're friend gave it to me. After we killed him."

Tauriel stilled in shock, her mind not being able to process the information. But slowly her heart leapt into her throat in anger and overwhelming sorrow. "YOU'RE LYING!" She finally screamed in its face. "WHERE IS HE?"

The dwarves around the room only gave each other side ways glances. They only knew Tauriels companion to be arrogant and self-righteous, hateful towards their species….but they did know what it would feel like to lose someone close to you. They had been so close to losing Kili…..if not for Tauriel…

The orc grinned in the face of its own death, pleased to cause the she-elf so much pain even if it meant its own demise. "His body's probably sunk to the bottom of the lake. As for his head, I thi-" But those words were his last before his head was separated from its body.

Tauriel fell back, shaking and breathing hard before staggering over to a nearby chair and collapsing in it. A tear slipped down her face for her long-time friend and prince. The only reason he had come in the first place was because he had feelings for her. She had known that and had used those feelings to manipulate him. And now…

"T-Tauriel…" She barely glanced up to see Kili's eyes open and staring sadly at her.

She looked away from him in shame and anguish before dropping her face into her hands. Thranduil would probably have her executed now….And if she was the reason for Legolas' death….she would welcome that decision.

Bofur leaned down to pick up the elvish blade from the dead orcs hand. It was a beautifully crafted piece of work, he had to give the elves that much. "What if he was lying?" Frowning he looked from the sword to the elf.

Tauriel swallowed, raising her eyes to the sword. "Why send the orc like that then?" The possibility both filled her with hope and dread. What if Legolas was alive and in the hands of the enemy?

It was then that Oin piped in, answering her question. "To get this reaction from you, my lady. What if they didn't want to be followed?"

Tauriel's mind was starting to race. Could Legolas be…..

"Go." She barely heard the whispered word. "You still have time to catch them…" Kili was now propped on his elbows, brows furrowed. She swallowed before standing, making her way to leave.

"I'm coming with ya!" She turned slightly to see the other young dwarf at her heels. Fili…she thought she had heard him called.

"No, it's much too dangerous and this is my fi-" She started but was cut off quickly by his words.

"You stayed to help us. If not for us, your friend wouldn't be missing. So it's our turn to help." The dwarfs resolve was rock solid on this one. From behind, Kili watched his brother in fear. They'd never went on missions or to battle apart before.

"Fili, be careful. Tauriel…you'll find him. You will." Even though the young dwarf was still feeling rather ill, his mind was at least straight again. Compassion burned in his eyes.

Tauriel nodded, her expression a mix of fear, anger and sadness. By the heavens she hoped he was alright.


Legolas awoke slowly, disoriented and afraid. It took him a moment to remember what had happened and was hit by overwhelming dread.

Currently he was tied onto the back of a warg behind an orc, his wrists and arms still firmly bound and his body rested on the back of the rider. The position almost made him sick and if he wasn't afraid of what would happen if they knew he was awake he may have even tried to struggle. So instead, he silently assessed his situation.

There was no way he was escaping the rope that was tied at his wrists and elbows, neither was he able to move off the warg since he was tied down. He figured this was so his unconscious body would not fall off. His face hurt where the orc commander had hit him, not to mention his entire body was stiff from being bound in the same position.

It was dark….how long had he been unconscious? How long had they been riding? Where were they? Wargs were wicked fast so depending on how long they had been on the move they could be anywhere.

Now very aware of his surroundings, his blue eyes carefully watched the landscape slip by.


I've had a fanfic in mind for a long time. The thing is when I write a fanfic I need all the elements known. I need to have an understanding of the story and lore, and I need to peg down the sequence of events. I have yet to do that! The fic I want to write is very similar in plot to this but will take place during lotr rather then the hobbit.

This is just a drabble. Me organizing my ideas. Me brainstorming.
So I'll probably only write more of this if I get fan feedback. (I'd probably end up torturing poor legolas. Don't encourage me.)

But have this until I can peg down my proper fic.

Btw. Am I the only one concerned for legolas at the end of Desolation of Smaug? I would be flipping out if I didn't know he was ok and made it to the lotr movies.