Chapter Twenty

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Dinner couldn't be over fast enough to suit either of them. Gibbs had barely registered the sound of running feet on the stairs stopping once they reached the basement as Katherine passed him on her way to the kitchen before he was reaching out to snag her arm. She tumbled into his lap and into his arms with a strangled laugh, barely managing to set down the plates she was carrying on the table in front of him before she was pulled into a long, hot kiss.

"Hi," he finally murmured into her mouth, his hands roaming deliciously as she sighed into his mouth in pleasure.

"Hi," she told him, grinning like a kid with a secret. She couldn't help it; this man brought it out of her.

She had finally fallen asleep late last night waiting for him to return, and when she woke alone in the morning, had forced herself to push back the disappointment that had rolled over her. He'd come home when he could. She knew that. She'd gone home for awhile today, visited with Cassie and the kids, and it was only when her kids had asked her if they were staying that she'd realized the time and hustled them out of there, grabbed takeout, and hurried to Jethro's. She'd really wanted to be waiting for him when he got home, and was relieved that he didn't seem to mind that she wasn't. Right now, there was nowhere else she'd rather be, than right here, in this man's arms.

"Do you want to work on the boat with the kids?" he finally asked her when he was able to pull himself far enough away from her questing mouth to communicate.

Katherine just grinned at him. "I'd rather meet you in your bed."

"Oh, thank God." Gibbs pushed back his chair and wasted no time carrying her up the stairs. And she had to laugh as he stopped uncertainly in the doorway. "You're sure they'll be fine without us?"

"Oh, please, they're teenagers. They're happier without us. We can join them later if you like," she teased.

His eyes darkened dangerously. "That isn't going to happen. Once I get you in my bed I'm not letting you out of it until morning."

Oh, please, please, please. She smiled. "Sounds good to me."

Gibbs really liked that smile on her face, the one that he knew he'd put there. And what had been such a crappy day had turned out very nicely, he had to admit. He locked the door and turned back to her, where she had reclined on his bed and lay there watching him hungrily. He could really get used to this.

He stalked closer to where she was waiting for him, pulling off his shirt along the way. He was quite glad now that he'd taken the time to stop and take a shower, because there was no way in hell that there was time for one now. His eyes lit with erotic mischief as he reached her, his hands stopping at the top button of his jeans, enjoying the way her eyes were drawn there inexorably, enjoying teasing her, making her wait for what they both knew she wanted.

And then a smile curled her lips. "Let me do that," she said quietly, desire injecting a smoky note into her voice that really worked for him. But then, everything about this woman worked for him, so he wasn't in the least bit surprised.

He grabbed her hands to still them as they reached for his fly. If he let her do that, this was going to be over far sooner than he wanted it to. He couldn't help it; he wanted her too much. Taking her hands in his, he pinned them to the bed on either side of her head as he closed in on her with a darkly erotic smirk that said he knew exactly what he was doing to her right now. "Slow down, doctor," he drawled, as he crawled over her, making no protest when her hands were wrenched from his to slide up his chest and over his shoulders.

Still he studied her, memorizing the beautiful look of desire on her face, until she leaned up and kissed the scar on his shoulder, licking over it so softly he almost didn't feel it. When he couldn't hold back his sigh, he saw the compassion on her face and knew she realized that this one had more import than some of his others. He was already opening his mouth to tell her about it when she slid her hands up his neck and grasped his face, gentle understanding in her eyes as she brought him closer for a kiss that had his eyes sliding shut both in relief and wonder. She would be happy to listen, whenever he was ready, her eyes had already told him. But not now.

He kissed her back, so beyond grateful for her, and then the moment was past and he let his body sink down onto hers, carefully, not wanting to hurt her, unable to resist the smile into her kiss as she pulled him even closer, letting him know without words that his weight on her was most welcome and definitely what she wanted right now.

And then the kiss exploded. Pent-up passions that had been shelved for a night and a day and the most interminably long dinner either of them had ever experienced burst into flame, and there was no way for either of them to hold them back.

Gibbs ground his hips into hers, and Katherine moaned her pleasure, loudly, sliding her hands over his shoulders and down his back to grasp that very nice derriere in her hands and jerk him even closer. He took that opportunity to wrench his mouth from hers and began his assault on her neck, which had her instantly arching her entire body into his. "Oh, yes! Jethro! Please! More!"

"Katherine," he groaned into her throat. "This is going to be quick," he panted. "I need you too much."

"Yes! Hurry!" Both of their hands were fumbling with their clothes when the doorbell rang shrilly, and Gibbs' head came up to stare into her eyes with a combination of shock and dismay.

"Oh, hell, not again," he grumbled as she giggled into his chest, still panting with need.

"It's okay," she told him giddily. "We'll get there sooner or later," she said, adjusting her clothes, another sundress that he liked on her but was sure he would like off of her much better.

"Emphasis on later," he grumbled, as he somehow managed to stand on his own two feet, pulling on his shirt and adjusting his now-too-tight jeans, already turning for the door.

"Hey," she said quietly, halting him with a hand on his arm. He turned back to see her eyes glowing, and that look he had come to realize was only for him just floored him, like it always did.

"I love you," she said softly, with a quiet confidence that took his breath away. And instantly drew him back to her side.

"I love you, too," he told her, not even having to think about it, meaning every word, as his hands framed her face and he kissed her.

Katherine pulled slowly back and smiled up into his beloved face, feeling like she'd known this man all of her life, and loved him for longer than that. "I know."