A/N: Yes, this story does have crossover elements since it incorporates characters from CSI: Miami, but you may not entirely recognize them as they are complete with the changes that they have undergone during my stories "A Sea Change," "Armed and Dangerous" and "All For Her." You don't need to read those to understand this story, since it focuses on WAT characters. Also, this is a sequel to my story "Lost" and Jack and Samantha are now married with children. Since there is a time jump involved in my WAT stories, please take that into consideration if you also read my CSIM stories. I tried to mesh the timeframes the best I could. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!

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Author: Lori51

Disclaimer: Any character you may recognize from your television is not mine.

Category: J/S


Summary: On vacation in Miami, the past catches up to the Malone family. Sequel to "Lost."

Timeline: One year after the events of "Lost"


She stared at the pictures on her wall like she did every day, but today she had a smile on her face. It wouldn't be long now until she would no longer be alone with her photographs. She would have laughter and love in her house again, in her life again. She would have a child again after being alone for so long. It had been so long. Children changed everything. It wasn't just you anymore; you had to put their needs first. She was fully prepared to do that, this time. She hadn't been before, but she was now.

She had more than enough money squirreled away to officially retire. She would be out of the business forever, and she and her new son would be safe. Safe to live and thrive without the specter of her past hanging over them. She was leaving all of her life behind, starting over, starting fresh. A clean slate. This would be her last job, but then, it wasn't just a job to her. It would bring her family to her. It would be her life. That would make it the most important job she'd ever done.

She was ready to be a wife and mother again, and it would happen in a matter of days. Well, she would be a mother in a a matter of days; the wife part may take a little longer. But she had no doubt that it would happen. He would come, and they would be together, like they should have been a long time ago. She had worked to this end for months upon months without giving up or giving in. Finally, the day had come to set her plans into motion.

Her face softened as she looked at her precious photographs. She had taken shots of every possible angle, knew every expression that ever crossed his face, knew the way his eyes lit up with love when he looked at her, the way they'd done so briefly when he'd looked at her. They had been so happy; they could be still if it wasn't for her. Her fingers tracing his beloved face, her eyes closed in bliss remembering their time together, how he had held her and kissed her and made her feel like the only woman in the world.

She didn't blame him for going back to her, because if he hadn't then he wouldn't have his beautiful children, and she knew how much he loved them. But that was over now. It was her turn now, and nothing was going to stand in the way of the life and the dream and the family that she had always wanted, but never been able to have, until now. Nothing.


A/N: An M chapter, or about the first half, at least. It's marked with a break (ooooo) for those that want to skip that part.

"YES!" It was nice to not have to be quiet for a change. Samantha arched tightly against her husband as he thrust into her roughly. She moaned loudly, pulling sharply at the bonds that held her fast. He had handcuffed her to the bed and was now having his wicked way with her, and as unbelievably exciting and arousing as it had been at the time, right now she wanted to touch him so very badly.

Jack grinned down at her as she fought with the cuffs. Damn, she looking so unbelievably hot tied up like this and at his mercy. They hadn't done this in a while, and he had forgotten how very much fun it was.

Watching her becoming more absorbed in the struggle than in him, he backed off instantly, to her immediate displeasure. Her teeth closed over her bottom lip, biting back her protests, knowing he wanted to hear them. She watched him through heated eyes glowing with need, her chest heaving, muscles straining, fingers clutching the headboard until her knuckles turned white.

Grinning darkly, he rose from the bed, stalking slowly around it like a predator, looking for the next angle to strike from. She bit back her moan of frustration. Rarely did they have the time to play to this extent, and knowing him, he would make the most of it. As annoying as he could be sometimes, the man knew what he was doing. His eyes glittering, stroking her body, he finally settled in at the foot of the bed, looking at her steadily, then smirking and rising to his feet again. When he returned, she didn't see the silk scarf in his hands until it was over her eyes and he was tying it loosely. She took a deep breath, knowing she'd need it. Her husband was determined to drive her out of her mind with pleasure, and there was nothing she could do about it now but enjoy the ride.

She heard him walk away and in a minute heard him return, jolting as the first touch he bestowed on her body left her shocked with cold. Ice. Lovely. "I think we need to cool you off a little," came his low voice close to her ear as the ice cube moved over her chest in slow motion, followed closely by the warm delicious rasp of his very talented tongue. Her head dropped back in bliss, her body arching helplessly against her will. She felt his deep chuckle against her skin, shuddering with want as he moved his hot open mouth inexorably down her body in the wake of the icy cold trail, scorching her senses with his heat. He moved down her left hip, to its outer edge, then sliding to her inner thigh, at which point her breathing ceased altogether, only to continue down her thigh to the sole of her foot.

Looking up the long line of her body, he smiled at the tension on her face, moving up her other leg ever-so-slowly, watching her mouth drop open and her breath catch again as he abandoned the now-tiny sliver of ice to melt on her flat stomach and retrieved another to begin again at her right hip. She jerked at the touch, causing the little puddle to trickle down, and he swiftly caught it with his tongue, loving the way her muscles jumped under his touch. Still watching her face, he slid the new cube along her inner thigh, closer and closer to where he knew she wanted it, enjoying the sound of the moan she was unable to hold back as he used it to trace her heated flesh.

God, this man. She didn't know how much more of this she could take. He had her constantly on edge, and had for hours, building her up and backing off and building her up again, until she was so wound up she didn't think she could recite her own name under duress. The sharp sensation of cold right where she'd wanted him the most made her cry out, loudly, almost sobbing now with need. It melted quickly, and as his hot tongue began to trace its path and superheat every aching part of her, one carefully placed flick sent it inside while his hot mouth settled there and stayed. The pleasure was mind-numbing in its intensity, her throaty moans and whimpers falling on top of each other now as he was through making her wait and used every trick he knew to overwhelm her senses. Not being able to see him and anticipate his next move only heightened her pleasure. As his careful touches and precise strokes detonated her control, she couldn't keep herself from exploding, and didn't want to.

And then he didn't waste any time arching over her, wrapping her long legs around his waist as he took advantage of her shattered mindless state to fill her again, once more driving deeply, his hands all over her now as he brought her again and again, her cries of his name filling the room. He couldn't hold himself back this time and didn't even try, letting himself shatter deep inside her, holding her tightly to him and collapsing into her in the way he knew she liked the best.

They lay there for long, blissful moments, cheek to cheek, breathing in each other's air, until he managed to move enough to free her hands and then settle back down at her side, rubbing her wrists to get the feeling back. They'd bought soft cuffs for just this purpose; he couldn't stand taking the chance of rubbing her wrists raw no matter how much she enjoyed the process. When he slid the scarf off, he thought he could drown in the look in her eyes right now, half-lidded with satisfaction, sleepy and soft with love. "That was fun," she murmured, and he laughed, loving that he'd worn her out.

"Take a nap," he said with a loving kiss. "I'll go get the kids." She nodded, kissing him back languidly. "Are you still up for dinner out tonight?" he asked, and she smiled drowsily. "Okay. I'll wake you up in a few hours. Sleep."


This was their first official family vacation together. Bea had just celebrated her first birthday, and they'd wanted to go away someplace to celebrate. They'd been here in Miami for a week now, playing tourists in a luxurious resort hotel and taking jaunts to all the local amusement parks during the day. Today was the first day they hadn't attempted to go anywhere, taking advantage of the hotel's top-of-the-line childcare center to steal a few hours for themselves. After a hot shower, Jack threw on his swim trunks and a T-shirt, grabbing the kids' suits and a stack of towels, and headed down to grab the kids and take them to the pool. He showed his ID, signed for the kids and they headed eagerly across the lobby together for a leisurely swim, Bea in his arms while Finn, the elder statesman on this trip, carefully held John Michael's hand and patiently listened to him yammer on about whatever had caught his interest. Jack smiled. Finn had taken to the role of big brother with relish. At nine, he was surprisingly mature and responsible, which was a good thing, as his younger brother was a hellion by all accounts.

They had a great time in the pool. Finn was a strong swimmer, and even John Michael was a little fish. The kid had no fear, throwing himself in the pool constantly, the deeper the better. Finn helped Jack keep an eye on him while Bea was content to wrap her arms around his neck and cling to his chest, floating happily. She was a lot more quiet and reserved, always watching and recording, and Jack was thankful for that. He could only handle one wild child like John Michael. But he was constantly laughing at his boy's antics. He kept things interesting. Jack had a bad moment when the kid climbed out of the pool and barreled around the slippery edge to go jump in again, and ran smack into the legs of a woman who was walking toward the lounge chairs.

Moving quickly, Jack climbed out himself and hurried over, almost reaching for the woman to keep her from falling, but not wanting to get her wet. "I'm so sorry," he said quickly, turning to his son with narrowed eyes. "What do you say, John Michael? You almost made this lady fall." His son immediately stuck out his lower lip balefully, sorrow written clearly in his big brown eyes. "I'm sowwy. I dint mean to make you fall."

The woman smiled at the repentant boy. "It's okay. I know you didn't mean to hurt anyone, but the ground is slippery; if you run, you might fall and crack your head. We wouldn't want you to get hurt." She looked at Jack then and smiled, noticing the little girl in his arms. "What a beautiful family."

He smiled automatically, his eyes darting to his son, obviously itching to jump back into the pool. "Thank you. I am sorry about that. I'll try to keep a better eye on him." He looked back at her quickly. She had large, dark sunglasses covering her eyes, and all that really registered was that she looked a lot like his wife.

"Don't worry about it," she told him. "No harm done." He nodded and followed after his son.

When they arrived back at their room, John Michael begged to be the one to wake Mommy up and Jack laughed and let him go. They went out to dinner and spent an enjoyable evening together, blissfully unaware that the woman from the pool had new pictures to put on her wall and admire tonight, yet another step of her carefully constructed plan having been completed.