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Chapter 1: Through The Looking Glass

"Well that's another mugger off the streets...I think I filled my quota for today!." Spider-Man quipped to himself as he uses his webbing to hang the criminal from a nearby lamppost. Spider-Man leaps to the top of the lamppost and looks at the man struggling to free himself from the webbing, to no avail. "The boys in blue with be coming for you soon. Take this moment to reflect on why you shouldn't steal from little old ladies." Suddenly Spider-man's spider-sense started buzzing like crazy, followed by a large explosion coming from midtown Manhattan. "Hey Web-head! You can take your jokes, and shove them up your..." Was as far as the Mugger got before getting a mouthful of webbing. "Hold that thought." Spider-Man said before jumping high in the air, and web-swinging at high speed to where the explosion occurred.

The scene was one of mass destruction, and panic, with people running from the area in droves. "My God! What could've caused this? Juggernaut? The Hulk? It doesn't look like any of the Avengers have shown up to investigate, so I guess it's up to me." Spider-Man thought while releasing his spider-line, and wall-crawling down an adjacent undamaged building to the streets below.

Following the path of destruction, Spider-Man notices a figure making it's way through the smoke, and rubble. "Hey! It's dangerous to be here!" Spider-Man shouts hoping to get the person's attention. It worked, and the individual makes his way towards the Web-Spinner. Spider-Man gasps when he is able to see who it is. He is wearing a tight metal suit that encases his body, and stops at the shoulders leaving part of his chest, and face visible. He has shoulder length black hair, and white eyes.

"The Beyonder! Oh, this is bad, very, VERY bad! The last time I saw this guy, he created a whole planet, and pitted heroes against villains to find out which is stronger good, or evil! Not to mention picking up a deranged alien symbiote while I was there. Venom, and Carnage were great consolation prizes. *Sigh* Sometimes I hate my life." Spider-Man slowly approached the Beyonder, who was now ignoring his presence. "Beyonder! Why are you here? Are you looking for someone, or something? Your arrival here could've hurt innocent people!" Spider-Man shouted the last part when the Beyonder continued to ignore him while staring into the distance.

The Beyonder's first words were spoken so low it could have been a whisper. "They thought to keep me imprisoned in the Nexus, those fools." Suddenly the ground begins to quake tremendously, and the air around the Beyonder becomes heavy from the power he is displaying. His entire form begins to surge with unknown energies that lance at the ground creating huge fissures. "I will find a way to repay them in kind!"

Spider-Man leaps into action the moment the Beyonder started powering up. He knows he is outclassed in every sense of the word, but he couldn't live with himself if he left to get the Avengers, or the Fantastic Four to help deal with the Beyonder, and people got hurt or killed in his absence!

Spider-Man used all of his speed, agility, and power to deliver devastating punches, and kicks...whatever he could to at least buy some time for the heavy hitters in the Avengers to arrive.

The Beyonder barely acknowledged the amazing show of Spider-Man's abilities as he was no more than a blur of motion! Spider-Man put all 10 tons of strength in his punches to inflict blow after blow, with none of them having any effect if the stoic look on the face of the Beyonder was any indication.

The Beyonder's eyes started to narrow, and glow a bright green that put the web-swinger on alert. "This is strange...whatever he has planned, it's not triggering my spider-sense." Spider-Man's moment of hesitation was all the Beyonder needed, and he delivered these final words to Spider-Man. "Go Away." The next moment Spider-Man was no longer in New York, or even on the planet Earth.

Madame Webb felt a shift in the web of life that is connected to Peter Parker aka. the Amazing Spider-Man. She searched for hours through the web, and found that he was sent by unknown means to a different universe that is parallel to their own. "Who would send Parker to this other universe, and why? These questions will have to wait for the time being. I must focus in order to make contact with him!"

In Another Universe

"Spider-Man. Spider-Man, can you hear me?"

"Madame Webb?! Oh man! I'm so relieved to hear a familiar voice! Even if it's inside my head!"

"I felt a disturbance in the web, and of course that lead me to you Mr. Parker."

"Ha. Ha. Now can you please get me back home? There's something big going on, and I need to help my friends!"

"What is the emergency?"

"Two words for ya: The Beyonder. He was also the guy that sent me to this place."

"Humph! That cheeky little brat is still making mischief I see."

"I'm not even going to ask about you calling the Beyonder a brat...wait...hold...on..."


"I want answers, NOW! Who are you! How did you get inside the Watchtower without setting off any alarms! TALK!" This was the gruff, and angered voice of the Batman as he is currently glaring at Spider-Man in the interrogation room with fellow founding members of the Justice League Superman, Wonder Woman, and Hawkgirl watching through a two way mirror in the adjoining room.

"Any chance I could call you back?"

This idea has been running through my head for some time, and I always wanted to do a crossover story with Spider-Man. :) Let me know what you think of my story in a review, and thanks for reading. : D