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Rose ran around the apartment in a frantic rush as she tried to brush her hair and pull over her shirt at the same time.

"I can't believe I'm finally getting to meet the boyfriend," Martha yelled out dramatically as she sat in the kitchen watching Rose run around. "In the three years that we've lived together I've never even seen his shadow."

Rose rolled her eyes, "It's not like I've been hiding him from you. You've just never been here whenever he's stopped by. He doesn't visit often, I don't know why he's just randomly coming over today."

"Checking up on you?"

"Mmm, I don't think so," Rose said, scrunching her nose as she finished applying her make up. "That's not much his style. It's only been like a month since I last went home and saw him. Maybe mum's been nagging him to visit."

"Maybe he just misses you," Martha reasoned.

Rose felt a ping of guilt pull at her as she considered this. "Maybe. That's not really him either."

"Well you don't sound very excited," Martha observed. "You've been complaining nonstop since you got home about having to rush to get ready and how he's throwing off your schedule."

With a shrug she made her way into the kitchen. There was something in Martha's voice that sounded frustrated, and Rose wondered if her roommate was annoyed with her haste… or if she was jealous.

It wasn't like Martha to get jealous, so Rose tried to push the theory aside. Out of all the girls in the dorm, Martha was probably the most private about her love life. The girls rarely heard her talk about boys she was interested in or found attractive – and she rarely went out on dates.

It wasn't that Martha wasn't pretty or that boys didn't like her. Quite the contrary. Martha was gorgeous and brilliant – quite the catch, Rose always thought. It was just that Martha was always so focused on school and her medical work that she didn't really have time to date. The last boyfriend Martha had was about a year ago, Riley Vashtee.

Rose had liked the guy well enough, he was good to Martha and seemed to make her happy. But as time progressed, the guy became a bit clingy and started getting upset over all the time Martha spent in the hospital and on school. Frustrated by his jealousy, she ended the relationship.

Since then there hadn't been anyone in Martha's life. In fact, Rose hadn't heard Martha finding any guy attractive lately – except Professor Smith.

A knock on the door interrupted Rose's thoughts as she ran to the bathroom to wrap herself up, calling out to Martha asking if she would get the door.

When Rose finally walked into the kitchen, Mickey was laughing at something Martha had said. She noticed Mickey's body language was nervous: he was blushing slightly, and his hands were shoved in his pockets. When he noticed Rose walking into the kitchen, his back straightened and his laugh dropped, his cheeks brightening.

"Did you two get acquainted?" Rose asked with a smile.

Mickey nodded, but avoided looking back towards Martha.

"We did! We were just discussing how weird it's been that we've never run into each other after all these years, but that we've heard good things about each other," Martha replied with a smile.

Rose chuckled, "Well you didn't think I would say bad things about my boyfriend to my best friend, did you? Or my best friend to my boyfriend?"

The group laughed in response.

"Are you ready to go?" Mickey asked as he began to open the door for her. Rose nodded and waved back to Martha as she walked through the doorway. "Nice to meet you again, Martha."

It was easy to fall back into the same routine when Rose began walking down the strip to the restaurant and linked her fingers between Mickey's. It was easy to hug on to his arm as the wind began to cut into her too thin jacket. It was easy to smile at his company and laugh when he said the right things. And it was even easy for Rose to bite her lip and nod in agreement when he rather timidly asked to get some drinks and then go to a hotel.

But as they sat down at the restaurant and ordered, Rose began to talk.

She updated him on her job, about her stories, about her upcoming promotion. Then she told him about her classes, about her teachers, about her assignments.

"John suggested I do Fortuna, the goddess of luck," Rose continued as she went into detail about her history project. "I figured I'd look into it; she's definitely a goddess that isn't as well known. Well, you know – compared to Zeus or Aphrodite or someone like that. He mentioned something about there being an exhibit with a statue of the goddess somewhere in town. I'll have to ask him where; I might go give it a look –"

"Who?" Mickey asked, looking up from his plate.

"John," Rose answered. "My teacher… The one who suggested –"

"Oh right," Mickey nodded as he returned his attention to his food. "Great, another teacher you're on a first name basis with."

"John's been very helpful and he's friendly to all his students, not just me." I bet he doesn't kiss all his students, Rose's conscious perked up. She shook the thought away, convincing herself that it was a one-time thing and it was over with. "Chris was my mentor. I'm so grateful to him," Rose went on as she continued eating her burger. "If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be on the track I'm on in school or with my job. I owe him so much."

Mickey scoffed, "Yeah, like almost being killed all of those times."

"You're exaggerating," Rose countered, picking up a chip and chewing on it. "Those were cases. I was getting real life experience in the investigative journalism field." Rose smirked slightly as she began thinking about all those times that she and Chris found themselves in over their heads. "Remember that first case he took me on when we infiltrated the National Trust organization at their benefit party at Platform One? We almost got held hostage when that crazy Cassandra decided to sabotage the party in order to get everyone's money. I still remember how sly I felt when I got the plumber, Raffalo, to get information. That's when we found those little robot spider things that were hidden everywhere –"

"And were going to blow up the building if the companies didn't cooperate. And thanks to you and Chris and that woman Jabe, from the Forest of whatever organization, who managed to find the switch to save everyone and then apprehend the crazy bitch, the National Trust and all the other companies that were at the benefit were saved," Mickey interrupted as he finished Rose's story in a bored, mocking tone.

Rose felt herself deflate; she sat back in her chair and stuck a chip in her mouth as she avoided eye contact with Mickey.

He sighed heavy, "I know all the stories, Rose. I've heard them a million times. I know how much you enjoyed your little adventures with Chris. Can't we just go on one date without you bringing them up? Or school? Or your job?"

"Just because Chris picked on you a bit -"

"A bit?!" Mickey exclaimed, then hushed when they noticed a few eyes turn their way. "The man called me Rickey! He was hogging your attention from me – even now he's gone and he's still doing it!"

"I offered for you to come with us a few times," Rose said quietly. "It's not my fault he said you weren't experienced enough, that he called you a liability."

Mickey shook his head, "That's not entirely true. He did ask me to join you but I didn't want to go; I couldn't do what you guys did. I asked him to pretend like I couldn't accompany you."

Rose sat in silence for a bit. She remembered how mad she had been when Chris had said those things about Mickey. And though now she probably wouldn't want him to come along, due to his inexperience and attitude about the whole thing – she didn't even care about Mickey chickening out on their investigations. All she could think about was how Chris had invited Mickey when she wanted him to, but then covered for Mickey and was the bigger person.

Mickey reached out and grabbed Rose's hand, pulling her out of her own thoughts. "I miss you, Rose. I miss us. You've changed so much since you've been away to school."

"Isn't that the point?" Rose asked, looking at his hand wrapped around her own.

Mickey shook his head and sighed, letting go of her hand. "Trisha Delaney asked me out."

Rose's head shot up to look at him, wondering if he was serious or not. Her mouth opened, and then closed, not really knowing how to respond. "T-Trisha, from the shop?"

Mickey nodded, still looking down at the table. "Yeah, Rob Delany's sister. She stops by work every now and then to say hi. I didn't think anything of it at first, but then she started hanging around longer and we would talk and hang out. Then she asked me out."

Rose always knew she was the jealous type, a trait she clearly inherited from her mother. She knew ever since kindergarten when Sue Parker said she was going to marry Jamie Reeves, the boy who sat next to her, and Rose pushed her off the jungle gym into the sand.

So she did the only sensible thing a jealous woman would do when she heard news that another girl wanted to date her boyfriend: she got defensive.

"Well, she's nice," she said bitterly as she tried to swallow the green monster boiling inside her. "She's a bit… big."

"She lost weight," Mickey retorted quickly. "You've been away."

Rose bit the inside of her cheek, "Well, good for you. She's nice."

The waitress took this opportunity to drop off the check. Mickey threw a few dollars down and grabbed his coat as Rose began to slide out of her chair and walk towards the exit.

Rose was trying to make sense out of everything that had just happened. Why would he tell her that? Did he want to date Trisha? Was that his way of breaking up with her? Of telling her he wanted to see someone else? Was he trying to make her jealous?

While they began walking down the sidewalk, Mickey broke the silence. "So, what do you want to do now?"

"Don't mind," Rose replied quickly, still avoiding his gaze.

"We could ask about hotels."

"What would Trisha Delaney say?" she asked with a bite of mockery.

Mickey nodded. "I suppose. There's a bar down there with a Spanish name or something –"

"You don't even like Trisha Delaney!" Rose finally said as she stopped in the middle of the sidewalk to turn towards him.

"Oh, is that right?" Mickey replied as he turned towards her. "What the hell do you know?"

"I know you, and I know her. And I know that's never gonna happen. So who do you think you're kidding?" Rose finally said, addressing the question of whether he was telling her this on purpose to get her riled up.

Mickey took a few steps closer to Rose, "At least I know where she is! At least I see her regularly! At least I know she's not going to get herself arrested or killed trying to find the latest scandal!"

It wasn't like Mickey and Rose had never fought before. They'd broken up more than once since they got together over 6 years ago. She'd screamed at him and he'd thrown tantrums. But this – this was different. This felt different. Rose took a step back as her voice lowered. She nodded, "There we are then. It's got nothing to do with Trisha – this is all about me, isn't it?"

"You left me!" Mickey shouted, and if they had been paying attention they would have noticed the looks the people walking by them were giving. "We were nice; we were happy. And then what? You give me and kiss and run off to school and you left me. You visit for holiday every now and then. And when I do see you, it's all about Chris or your job or your classes and now this John bloke – all things I can't relate to. You make me feel like nothing, Rose." Rose could hear the trimmer in his voice as his eyes began to water. She felt her body mirror his; her anger dropping and transforming into guilt. Guilty of growing without him, of leaving him stationary as she moved forward. Mickey took a deep breath as wiped his face with his hand, trying to swallow the tears that had pooled in the corner of his eyes. "I thought after Chris… you know; that it would be better, for us. That you would dedicate yourself to our relationship again."

"What do you expect from me, Mickey?" Rose asked as she felt a tear fall down her cheek. "That I would drop out of school, move back into mum's apartment? Live the rest of my life in that flat, go back working in that shop that I hated so much? Just so that you could feel like you had a girlfriend again?"

Mickey shook his head, "What do you expect from me then? Am I just supposed to sit here for the rest of my life, waiting for you? Because I will."

Flashes of her conversation with Amy invaded her thoughts. Of how she felt when Amy said that she believed Rory would wait for her forever if she asked him to; of how she never for a second doubted whether he would. Mickey wouldn't wait, Rose believed. He said he would, but he wouldn't. And he shouldn't. That wasn't fair of her to ask that of him.

Her eyes were watery as she tried to push back the tears that had already dampened her cheeks. "I'm sorry," was the only thing she could come up with.

"Rose, I lost you once when you first left for college to that idiot Jimmy Stone. But I was here when you came back," Mickey expressed. "Is that what I'm supposed to do every time you decide you want to go experience something new about life? Sit back here on Earth while you go journey the stars?"

"No," Rose answered, still unsure of what it was she wanted to say.

Mickey reached for her hand and squeezed it. It was moments like those that reminded Rose of their relationship prior to their romance. Of their friendship, of all the times they'd been there for each other throughout their entire lives. "I'm not asking you to leave here, cause I know that's not fair. But I just need something, yeah? Some sort of promise that, when you do come back, you're coming back for me."

Not much was said after that. The time spent driving back to Rose's dorm was mainly Mickey filling Rose in on what her mother was up to recently. About how she'd been seeing Howard from the market, something Rose wasn't sure she approved of.

When they got to the door, Rose felt her feet grow heavy beneath her. She didn't know what to do; if she walked through that door, what would that mean for the two of them? Before she could think on it any further, Mickey simply hugged her.

Rose opened the door and stepped through the arch as his last words echoed through her.

"You just do whatever you need to do. Be who you need to be. And if you come back to me, well, we'll pick things up when the time comes."

Martha was sitting in the kitchen with some kind of complicated biology textbook open and a notebook; Amy was sitting crisscross on the couch with all her papers, textbook, and laptop sprawled out around her.

"So how was your date?" Martha sang as she smiled brightly to Rose.

"Date?" Amy interrupted, springing up from her seat and sashaying into the kitchen to join the conversation.

Martha chuckled, "Yeah, I finally got to meet Mickey. He's a lot cuter in person as opposed to the pictures of the two of you. He's pretty funny too," she commented, "you're very lucky."

Rose wanted to tell them about what had happened, but since she wasn't even sure herself, she decided to just smile appreciatively and nod.

"Someone sounds like they need a boyfriend," Amy teased as she grabbed an apple from the bowl of fruit in the middle of the table.

Martha tried to hide her blush, but it was clear that this hadn't been the first time she'd considered Amy's comment. "I don't need a boyfriend. I'm doing just fine with my life, thank you."

"But you wouldn't mind it if a guy just happened to show up and pine for you?" Amy said with a wink. "The way you were going on earlier about Professor Smith proves that."

Rose's head shot up at his name. Her eye brows creased as she looked to Martha, who shook her head and laughed.

"I wasn't going on about him!" Martha exclaimed protectively. "I was just telling you about our conversation."

"Conversation?" Rose asked rather quickly, trying hard not to sound jealous or defensive.

Martha smiled, "Yeah, ran into him in the courtyard after you left when I went to turn in a paper. He asked about my classes and my major. Apparently he's really interested in biology –"

"He's got a degree in it," Rose interrupted. The two girls looked at her. "He, uh. He mentioned it when I ran into him at Donna's. They're old friends."

"Well, it's rumored around the school that he's the hottie of the professors," Amy commented as she swallowed another bite of her apple. "He has all his students and staff members charmed."

Martha giggled, "And he's not just handsome, he's so smart! It was so much fun talking about biology with someone who understands what I'm saying."

"Hey!" Rose and Amy exclaimed simultaneously.

"It's true!" Martha replied. "I only have Rory, and he's in a different field than I am. But Professor Smith was so awesome. I tried so hard not to fawn over him."

"You're not the only one," Amy added, "I haven't even met him and I hear so much about him. Like Professor Song," she pointed to Rose, referencing their anthropology teacher. "She made a comment about how she wouldn't mind having a go at him in a few years when he's matured a little."

All the girls laughed at the audacious teacher. Professor River Song had made an impression on Amy, Rose had noticed. And it wasn't surprising. The two women had similar personalities and Professor Song was always making class so interesting. Rose really enjoyed her passion for the subject she was teaching and her real life archeology stories. She was bold and loud and mischievous; three traits both Amy and Rose could relate to.

It was no surprise to Rose that the teacher would say such a thing about Professor Smith. She thought about telling John about her comment when she saw him next; he'd get a kick out of it.

Martha broke her laugh. "Well, maybe after I graduate and become a famous doctor he'll fawn over me," she said as she dramatically fanned herself.

Before Rose could fake a supportive smile to her friend, the dorm door began to open. The three ladies turned to see Rory walking through with a bag of groceries and a vase of sunflowers, dressed in his scrubs.

Amy smiled brightly and hopped out of her seat to greet him with a warm hug and kiss. She took the flowers from him and raved about how gorgeous they were.

"Well, they are your favorite."

Rose felt her heart sink slightly as she watched the two exchange heartfelt words, thinking about her own date. She tried hard not to compare her own relationship to Amy's, but it was hard. Their stories were so similar – it was hard watching one couple turn out so perfect when her own was crumbling.

"Did the guy with his foot stuck in the toilet come back in today?" Amy asked as she grabbed a bag from Rory.

"Yes, again."

The girls giggled. "I think he's got a thing for you," Rose said. "I mean, how do you even get your foot stuck in the toilet? Not to mention doing it, what's this? Five times now? And every time you just happen to be on transportation duty?" Rory rolled his eyes as the women cooed. "I think someone's got himself an admirer."

"I also brought some desert to make for everyone," Rory announced, ignoring Rose's comments – which only made the girls laugh harder. "Who's up for brownies and ice cream?"

Luckily Rory had bought two boxes to make, because Rose and Amy ended up eating most of the mix of the first batch before they were able to stick it in the oven. By the time the brownies were ready, Clara was walking into the dorm, greeted by the cheers of the four, who had begun playing music.

Rose had almost forgotten about her date and her talk with Mickey. She was among her friends; her family. She was happy, and there was no way she was ever going to apologize for that.

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