Potter Island

Chapter 1

Its hard, really hard being Harry Potter, he was chosen to be the fourth wizard in a deadly tournament. Let me explain:

(Flashback- an hour ago)

The 'True' Golden trio, had came in to the great hall to sit down and eat dinner and also welcome their fellow students from differ schools. Beauxbatons in France and Durmstang somewhere in Germany. You see, they were there for the Tri-wizard tournament that Hogwarts was playing host to. Everyone that was 6th year and older had put their names into a legendary magical item, the 'Goblet of Fire'.

"Now we shall see who are going to be our participates." Said Dumbledore. Then the Goblet suddenly shot out a piece of paper with a name on it. "Our first participate is Fleur Delacour from Beauxbatons." Everyone started to clap politely for her. Next came another piece of paper, "next is Viktor Krum from Durmstang." Again applause, then a third piece came out. "Finally, Cedric Diggory from Hogwarts." The Hufflepuff table cheered for him.

"That is theā€¦" Started Mr. Bagman, from the wizard gaming department. But a last piece of paper came out and on it was name no one would have guessed.

"Harry Potter?" Everyone looked to the boy who lived as he banged his head to the table.

"I knew it!" He said.

(End of flashback)

Now everyone was once again calling him a cheater, without knowing what he did to the cup. The only people that were on his side were the other two members of the 'True' Golden Trio, Hermione Granger and Neville Longbottom. (what you thought I was going to say Ron Weasley?) Anyway they were headed for the library to find someway to get him out of this death trap of a tournament or make it so he'd survive.

They were at Hermione's normal table and was looking through books and decided that since the British Wizarding world wants to hate him then he'd just 'pull up stakes' and leave. He found something interesting in a book. "Potter Island?" He said, this caught Hermione's attention.

"What did you say Harry?" She said.

"I found some info on something 'Potter Island'." They started to read it.

'Potter Island, is the private property of the Potter clan. They had originated from there and are officially Americans as the island surrounds Hawaii. Any member of the Potter clan, born there or not. Can call upon their powers of the island and it shall effect the island as well.'

"Probably like making your own school." Said Neville.

"Yeah, that might work." Harry said. "I'm going to see if there if anyone there can help me out with this trap." So he grabbed a piece a parchment paper and wrote out a letter then it left Hogwarts to go to the island.

Once there, a young woman had received the letter. She had long black hair, brown eyes and tanned skin. she was dressed in a shirt and shorts, she looked at the letter and saw it was addressed to 'the Potter Clan'.

The Potter Manor was a huge place, it was impressive. Inside a woman was relaxing on her back porch. She had long red hair, green eyes and was in a bathing suit. The woman had showed up and looked to her. "Lady Potter?" She said, the woman looked at her.


"You have a letter." Lady Potter looked at her.

"Who could be writing me?" She opened up the letter.

Dear Lord/ Lady Potter,

I am one of your children. My name is Harry, I was amazed that I had family left. I had thought I was the last one alive. Anyway, I have been chosen to participate in a very dangerous tournament that only those of 6th to 7th year would only be allowed in. It is called the Tri-Wizard tournament. I am the fourth 'champion'. The reason why I am writing you is because I need your help. I don't want to be killed. You see, a couple of members of our family had died when I was just 18 months.

I am writing you this to let you know that if something happens to me that you would know and the clan would get some measure of vengeance. I would also like to declare myself as a student of the 'Potter Island Magical Academy'.

Thank you for taking your time to read this letter,


Harry James Potter

Lady Potter's eyes widen it was her son, he was alive. "SIRIUS!" She screamed, just then the escaped prisoner had ran over to her.

"What is it Lils?" He said.

"Why didn't you tell me that Harry was alive?"

"It didn't come up?" He gulped.


"I was happy that you were alive and well, that some other part of James was alive and then I met the other kids and when I wanted to tell you about what was going on I," he realized how lame this excuse was. "I'm sorry Lils I should have told you everything."

"Yes, you should've." She said, "but no use crying over it now. Right now, I want you to get ready to go to Hogwarts."


"We are going to join our champion for the tournament." So she got some of the other students which some of them were also Harry's family. From cousins to siblings, and they headed for Hogwarts.