Chapter 2

The next morning, Harry and the others had to deal with the ridicule of Harry 'cheating' his way in. Malfoy even had buttons the said, 'Potter Stinks' or 'Diggory's the real Hogwarts Champ'. Harry was slowly trying not to explode and go off on anyone.

"How did you do it Potter?" He said, "get the Mud blood and the Blood traitor to help you?" The Platinum Trio froze. Neville and Hermione stopped him from attacking.

"Hey Malfoy?" Harry said, "I've always wondered something. How does Snapes ass taste? You've been kissing it so many times its not even funny but I digress. I mean if the 'Dork Lord' returns, you and your daddy would be kissing his ass. Or maybe you'll be lick his balls?" With that they were about to leave when Malfoy drew his wand and was about to fire off a spell as Harry pulled a shield behind them and it bounced off hitting the Malfoy spawn. Snape saw it.

"Fighting in the halls Potter?" He said.

"Not going to serve it, because you don't have any ammo on me."

"Look You Little Punk!" Snape snarled, "You Are Going To Serve Detention With Me Until I Find Some Way To Remove You From This School!"

"I'd Love To See You Try, Death Eater." He said as the others glared at him. Then they walked off and to the great hall.

That was when they sat at the far end of the Gryffindor table. They didn't say anything to the others as they were eating breakfast just then something was coming in to the great hall. There was a group of fifty kids and all of them were of a Samoan heritage. The last few people teachers and three of them were recognizable. The first one had long bush black hair, dark sunken eyes and a scraggly goatee. He was dressed in a shirt, breeches, boots and a great coat.

The next one, had a trench coat and was in a nice suit and boots, he had light brown hair and brown eyes, he was sporting a mustache. Lastly was a young woman in red and green robes, and boots. Everyone looked over and saw them. "Excuse me," she said. "This is where the Triwizard Tournament being held right?"

"Uh yes," said Dumbledore. He couldn't tell who the person was with her hood up.

"Oh good, you see one of the student here wrote me a letter asking for enrollment to my school." They were amazed, who could've wanted to leave Hogwarts? "Is there a Mr. Harry Potter here?" Everyone looked at him as he raised his hand.

"Put Your Hand Down Mr. Potter!" Said Dumbledore.

"Why?" He asked, "I was the one who wrote her."

"I'm sorry Headmistress…?" She smirked and lowered her hood revealing her long red hair was green eyes. She was gorgeous to this day. Dumbledore and Snape paled as Harry looked shocked as tear fell from his eyes.

"Lily Pamela Potter nee Evans," she said. "I'm here to take my Pure-Blooded Son, home!"