"You will be treated like any other omega in my pack."

The words echoed in Kurt's mind hours later. He was lying in a bed, by himself, unused to the comfort of the mattress or softness of the sheets. His new Alpha, Blaine, was in another room. Not only was Kurt sleeping on a bed, he had the whole thing to himself. He had thought maybe Blaine would tell him to sleep at the foot of the bed, another insult to his torn apart dignity, but the Alpha kept surprising him.

He had said he would treat Kurt like any other omega. But Kurt knew too well that omegas were simply treated like lesser wolves. And Blaine didn't know about Kurt, that he was a white wolf, on top of everything else. Still, all Blaine had done after Kurt ate the chicken and potatoes was show him to a bathroom, leaving him alone to shower, and waiting outside. Kurt had forgotten what privacy was like. It felt strange not to have eyes on his naked body, the freedom didn't fit right, but he was still grateful for it.

When he had come out of the shower, Blaine was waiting for him with a woman named Brittany, who had smiled and taken his hand gently.

"Brittany is very nice," Blaine said, using the same soft but strong voice he had been using since they sat down to talk, "I thought having another omega nearby might put you at ease, and if you're comfortable, you can tell her about any injuries you have, and she'll help you look after them."

"I can brush your hair too," Brittany said happily.

Blaine had left them alone, and Kurt did relax a little. Brittany seemed sort of removed from reality a little, so he felt somewhat safe as her gentle hands touched him and soothed his pains.

Blaine had been the one to say goodnight to him, though. Kurt had eased down onto the bed, waiting for Blaine to join him on it so he could fuck him, but he had simply spoke with that quiet authority that made Kurt's wolf curl up in his chest contentedly, telling him he could take as many days as he needed to rest, and he didn't have to meet or talk to anyone but Blaine or Brittany until he felt ready.

Kurt was bewildered by this treatment, too scared to be happy about it for fear it would be taken away at any second. And he knew the full moon was coming in less than a week. He wondered if he would have the strength then not to reveal the white wolf. It would take all of his energy to resist the pull of the moon on its strongest night, especially surrounded by so many unfamiliar wolves. But as horrible as his life was, he didn't want to expose his secret and have his life ended by Blaine, Alpha of the Westerville pack.

The next morning, Brittany brought him breakfast. Eggs, toast, orange juice, and a piece of smoked salmon. Kurt ate the protien-rich meal slowly, not wanting to be sick.

"I'm sorry Alpha is making you do this," Kurt told Brittany, wondering what other things he required of Brittany, "looking after me like this."

Brittany frowned, confused. "I wanted to do it. Blaine didn't make me. I love meeting new weres and when I found out you were special, I knew I wanted the special job of taking care of you."

Kurt went still, afraid that she had somehow found out his secret. "What do you mean? I'm not special."

Brittany just smiled mysteriously and plumped his pillow. "My girlfriend Santana was with the group that rescued you from Lima, but now she's still there rescuing Lima from Lima. I miss her a lot. My brother, Sam, too. But they'll come home soon as the new Lima Alpha arrives."

Kurt wondered what was to become of him. He had submitted to Blaine, but would the Lima Alpha demand he return there? He didn't know which situation would be better for him, and he didn't know how long he could hide his secret. He shuddered, thinking of Sebastian telling the new Alpha that he was a white freak.

"I hope you feel better soon, because you're very important," Brittany prattled on, "except nobody knows it, especially not you."

He didn't know what to make of her mysterious statements, and it seemed like asking her what she meant didn't do any good.

"I hope I feel better soon too. Thank you for volunteering," he said, "another omega's presence is comforting."

Brittany nodded, frowning at him.

"I-I don't mean to complain about Blaine," he added in a rush, "please don't tell him that I...please don't tell him."

"Blaine is a very strong Alpha," Brittany said, "but omegas usually like it."

Kurt knew there was something wrong with him. As an omega, he should respond to an Alpha like Blaine with enthusiasm and eager submission. But he wasn't normal.

"But you are special," Brittany said, "and you are hurt. So I can see why it might be hard. But if you listen to your wolf, he's telling you what you need to know. Don't be scared of Blaine, I promise he's nice and he cares a lot about his pack. He wouldn't ever let anything or anyone hurt us or even try."

Kurt knew she meant it in a reassuring way, and maybe he did feel a little less cautious the next time Blaine came to see him. But he was still waiting to find out what Blaine would want him to do in order to keep a place in this pack. And he couldn't help but imagine, terrified, how the Alpha would react if he ever learned there was a white wolf, a freak, living within his pack.