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The last thing Percy wanted to do on Christmas Eve was to puke on his girlfriend. And yet his uncooperative sick body almost led him to do so.

Once they entered his room, he was hit with a wave of nausea so bad, that he doubled over, staggering.

"Percy?" Annabeth's voice wavered.

Percy felt his stomach contract violently, almost as if it wanted to jump right out of his throat. He gagged and cupped a hand over his mouth. Oh no, he thought. Not a good sign.

"Percy?" Annabeth said again. Percy was vaguely aware of her hand gripping his arm, giving him just enough balance. "Please don't puke on me," she muttered.

Percy's stomach lurched again and he felt bile rise up to his throat. Great. He pushed himself away from Annabeth with the remaining strength he had, and made a beeline for the bathroom.

He stumbled towards the toilet and retched, acid burning the back of his throat.

"Seaweed Brain?" Annabeth called from behind the bathroom's closed door. "Percy, are you oka –"

"I'm fine," Percy croaked, his voice hoarse. Another spasm gripped his stomach and he found himself puking more of his guts out. Gods, he felt horrible.

"If you need me in there, I can –"

"I'm good," Percy lied. He was so not good. He felt nauseated, as if he had just stepped out of a crazy roller coaster. "I'll be out there in a bit."

Percy coughed again, his stomach dry-heaving. He had probably thrown up everything already. He gasped for air, clutching his stomach. Being sick sucked big time. He flushed the toilet and made his way to the sink.

The boy that stared back at him in the mirror looked downright terrible. Sunken, red-rimmed sea-green eyes, a sickly pallor, and a bright-red nose. His hair was wet – gods knew if it was water or sweat or what - and pasted to his forehead.

Percy groaned. He couldn't believe he looked like such a mess on his first Christmas date with Annabeth. Here he was, the great Hero of Olympus, puking his guts out. How terrifyingly heroic. He turned the faucet on and splashed water on his face, as if that would help his sickly appearance.

"Hey," Annabeth called again. "I left some clean clothes on your bed. I'll be right back. I'll get you some food from the kitchen, okay?"

At the mention of food, Percy's stomach flipped, but there was nothing left to vomit. "O-okay," he muttered, even if he knew he wasn't exactly up for food just yet.

Ten minutes later, he had managed to brush his teeth and change into a fresh shirt and pajamas. He had no idea how Annabeth managed to locate such articles of clothing in his messy room, and he had no energy left to feel embarrassed by the fact that his girlfriend would be seeing him in flannel pajamas either. A groan escaped from his mouth as he flopped down on his bed, face-first into the pillows.

"Chicken soup," Annabeth announced as she entered his room, carrying a tray that held a steaming bowl. She set it down on his bedside table before easing herself onto the edge of his bed. "How are you feeling now?"

"Fine," Percy lied. He turned over with a grunt and propped himself up on his pillows so he could face Annabeth.

Annabeth rolled her eyes. "Seriously, Seaweed Brain? How can I help you if you keep telling everyone you're 'fine' when it's pretty obvious that you aren't?"

Percy's vision was starting to spin again. He sunk lower into the pillows and closed his eyes. "Well, I do kinda feel bad," he admitted slowly. "But I feel worse for ruining Christmas Eve for you."

Percy opened his eyes again and waited for Annabeth's reaction.

One awkward second, two awkward seconds, three awkward seconds.

Annabeth burst into laughter. "What? Percy, what are you talking about?" she exclaimed. "I think your fever's making you crazy."

Percy opened his mouth to protest, but broke into a coughing fit instead. He winced; every cough brought daggers of pain to his head.

"I'm the one who should be feeling guilty," Annabeth said, taking on a remorseful tone. "I kinda dragged you along on this date even if you were sick."

"So…I didn't ruin Christmas eve for you?" Percy asked.

Annabeth rolled her eyes. "Okay, maybe a bit," she said, laughing. "But not really. At least I get to spend Christmas Eve taking care of my sick boyfriend."

"Wow, sounds like fun," Percy teased in-between coughs.

Annabeth didn't seem too pleased at the sound of those lung-hacking coughs. She reached over to feel his forehead. "You're burning up again," she noted, her eyebrows furrowing in concern. "Maybe you should eat something and drink your meds."

Percy winced. He felt his stomach contract at the mention of the word eat.

Annabeth frowned. "Or maybe we can postpone eating until your stomach settles," she said, probably sensing Percy's nausea. "I'm willing to take care of you only if you don't puke on me."

"I'll try my best not to puke on you," Percy laughed weakly. "How about ambrosia? Ambrosia sounds good now."

Annabeth bit her lip. "Well, ambrosia raises body temperature. I guess you can handle a square or two before your temperature rises too much that you completely combust…but I think it'll help you in terms of your other symptoms. We can give it at ry, as long as you promise to eat once you're not pukey anyore, and drink your meds after."

Percy sighed and closed his eyes. "How did I even catch this bug?" he moaned.

Annabeth shrugged. "Beats me," she said. "Everyone gets sick, Percy. Even the most powerful demigods." Her fingers picked at Percy's blanket, a habit her fingers usually took over when she was deep in thought. "I think you tired yourself out this week, with teaching that sword-fighting class and all the activities we had at Camp. Your immune system must have been affected, and you caught that same flu bug Katie Gardner and the rest of the Demeter cabin went down with."

"You're saying a lot of words there, Wise Girl. It's making my head hurt," Percy teased.

"The bottom line, you need rest, Seaweed Brain. You may be the Son of Poseidon, but that does not make you immune to stupid human flu viruses," Annabeth said.

Percy opened his eyes when Annabeth pressed a cool, sticky square into his open palm. Ambrosia. "Eat up," she told him. "It'll make you feel better."

Percy took a cautious bite before stuffing the entire cube into his mouth. It tasted like his mom's blue chocolate chip cookies. Almost immediately, his stomach stopped its violent spasms. His limbs felt lighter and the pain in his head numbed to a dull throb.

Annabeth looked at him expectantly, like he was a guinea pig being tested on in the lab.

"I think I feel better," Percy began. "Maybe the ambrosia cured me – a – ACHOO!"

An amused grin tugged at the corners of Annabeth's lips. "I don't think so, Seaweed Brain."

"So I still can't kiss you under the mistletoe tonight?" Percy managed a joke.

Annabeth shook her head. "No chance. I don't want to catch the flu too."

Percy coughed. "I'll take care of you if you get sick."

Annabeth laughed. "You know what? You should get some sleep. The fever's making you delirious." She pulled his covers up to his chest and leaned over him, her blonde curls tickling his face. "Feel better, Seaweed Brain."

Percy found his eyes closing faster than he wanted them to, his sick body finally giving in to the fatigue. He did, however, catch Annabeth give him a quick kiss on his forehead; her lips comfortingly cool against his feverishly warm skin.

Some surprises were definitely better than others.


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