Be Careful What You Wish For

Summary: All Anna wants is for her sister to be happy. In Anna's mind the best way to happiness is true love. One night she makes a wish on a wishing star, asking that her sister will fall into the arms of the one for her! Shame Anna didn't know that you better be careful what you wish for, as it may just come true.

Chapter One: A Wish Gone Wrong

So after seeing Frozen I just knew that somewhere out there people would be writing Jelsa stories and of course I just had to check it out. After reading the most amazing fan fictions ever, and seeing the beautiful artwork for the pairing, I fell in love with them. Jelsa fans this is all your fault, you and all your amazing, wonderful works have overwhelmed me with feels. I decided I wanted to contribute something to this incredible fandom, so here it is 'Be Careful What You Wish For.' Fingers crossed I do everything justice! xx

Disclaimer: I do not own Frozen or Rise of The Gaurdians. If I did Elsa and Jack Frost would be married already.

"Do you want a build a-"

"Anna, I am trying to work" Elsa cut in.

Anna let out a low groan and flopped down on to the chair in front of Elsa's desk. She glared distasteful at the stacks of paperwork, books and sheets of paper stacked high and neatly, acting as a barrier between her and her sister.

'Well... At least it isn't a door' Anna thought, blowing a stray strand of her hair from her face.

"So... what is it you're doing? Anything interesting?" Anna asked, strumming her fingers down one of the stacks of papers, not noticing how they wobbled dangerously close to falling over.

"I'm afraid it's nothing that would interest you, Anna" Elsa said with a soft, pitying smile.

"Try me" Anna said. "I'll have you know I can be very interested in queeny business."

"Queeny business?" Elsa said with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah, you know, all the stuff that comes with being a queen. Dealing with trades, trying to keep up good relationships with other kingdoms, keeping the villagers hap-wahh!" Anna let out a squeal as the paper she had been toying with toppled forward, taking down with it two other stacks and effectively burying her within their depths.

"You forgot dealing with troublesome sisters too" Elsa sighed, shaking her head. She had just finished alphabetising those sheets.

Anna dug her way out of the mini paper mountain and gasped for air. Glancing nervously up at her sister she let out a nervous giggle. "Ha, ha... Oops" she shrugged sheepishly.

Elsa dragged her hand down her face and met her sisters eyes with an icy stare of annoyance.

"I'm so sorry!" Anna apologised, struggling her way out of the paper mass. "I swear I'll fix-wahhh!"

Anna slipped on a sheet of paper, her arms flailing wildly in the air as she reached for anything to regain her balance. Unfortunately she grabbed the next stack of paper work, bringing half of it down onto her as she collided with the floor and causing the other half to fall backwards, igniting a domino effect on all the other piles and stacks.

Elsa watched in horror as all her hard work collapsed around her. Paper flew into the air and slowly fluttered to the ground around the two sisters. Only the sound of paper scratching the marble floor as it landed filled the air.

Elsa shut her eyes, breathing in deeply. "Anna."

A beat passed.

"Yes... Elsa?" Anna winced as the room grew colder. Raising to her feet she brushed off stray pieces of paper that had caught onto her dress.

"In future when I'm carrying out my paperwork I hope you'll understand that I'll be bolting the door shut."

Anna bit her lip, casting her gaze to the ground. She hadn't meant to mess up her sisters work, she had just wanted to show an interest in what she did. The strain in Elsa's voice told Anna that her sister was biting back her anger for her sake. She still struggled to keep her powers under control, particularly when she got upset or emotional.

Noticing her sisters sorrowful look, Elsa felt a twinge of guilt stir inside her. Clearing her throat she caught Anna's attention. "Only... temporarily. At least until the top priority work is done. I actually quite enjoy your company when I work" Elsa said, raising off her seat.

Anna's face visibly lit up at the comment. "Oh come on, who dosen't love my compan-"

"When your being quiet that is" Elsa teased, with a sly smile.

"Hey!" Anna shouted, hardly suppressing a grin.

"Now what is it you came here to talk about? I assume you didn't come here only to sabotage my work" Elsa smiled teasingly as she linked arms with her sister, leading her towards the door.

"Oh actually I was wondering if, only if you wanted to that is, you don't have to if you don't want to but-"

"Anna! Breath" Elsa cut in, raising one hand to stop her sister from rambling on as she often did.

"Oh sorry!" Anna laughed nervously, pushing her braid behind her ear. "Well Kristoff and I are going out for a picnic and I was wondering if you would like to join us?"

"I'm sorry Anna but I don't want to intrude on your courtship with Kristoff" Elsa replied politely.

"What no-" Anna said hurriedly, unlinking her arm from her sisters and instead stepping in front of her. "You wouldn't be intruding! I, I mean we, we being Kristoff and me, want you to come!"

"Anna it wouldn't be fair on the both of you" Elsa said, clasping her hands. "You go and have fun. I have to finish up cleaning the mess in here."

"A mess that I made! I'll help you clean it up and then we can both go out and-"

"Anna, for the millionth time it's fine. You should go out and spend time with him just the two of you, I know you don't get to spend as much time with him by yourself as you would like. So go and take advantage of this."

Anna's eyes lit up, signalling to Elsa that her sister had a way around her excuse. "But we won't be on our own. It's Valentine Day, you know, so there'll be hundreds of other couple there so you can come! You're not intruding, really!" Anna said excitedly, grabbing her sisters hands. "And with so many people there it won't be as awkward as it would if it were just the three of us!"

If anything it would probably be far more awkward being surrounded by couples left, right and centre. Elsa's smile faltered at the thought.

"Anna I can't" she said, pulling away from her sisters grasp. "We can all go out together another time but right now I have this to deal with. It's a part of my responsibility as a queen."

Elsa appreciated her sisters attempts but her work had to come first for now. It was her duty and responsibility as Queen and she had to put her people's needs before her own. Besides, in all honesty, she didn't feel very comfortable with the idea of joining the two lovers on their outing, especially knowing she would be surrounded by other couples.

"So you're pulling the Queen card on me, huh?" Anna scowled, crossing her arms.

Elsa offered her sister an apologetic shrug. "Its effective."

Anna let out a sigh, pouting her lip out as she left. Once out she popped her head back through the door and called out her sisters name, causing Elsa to turn back around.

"You know, with it being Valentines day and all who knows" Anna smiled slyly, "If you come you might find... the one."

"The what?" Elsa spluttered, face flushing.

"Oh you know" Anna said nonchalantly, shrugging as she swung open the door, hanging onto the handle. "Your Prince Charming. Your one true love. Your soul mate. The one your destined to be with!"

Anna's eyes dazed off into the distance as she thought of all the blessing of romance. She was a romantic at heart, and the idea of her sister finding that person that gave her that fuzzy feeling inside that Kristoff gave her, filled he heart with glee. Oh how she wished her sister could experience it, to know of the happiness it brought.

Elsa, red faced, waved her hands in the air as though shooing away the idea. "Really Anna, I don't have time for such fantasies and nonsense."

Anna snapped out of her stupor and took on a look of offence. "Now hold on a second. Nonsense? Love isn't nonsense Elsa! It's beautiful and fulfilling! Oh and when your true love kisses you and you get those butterflies in your stomach, oh I swear I could soar!"

Elsa face reddened even more, if it were possible. She did not want to hear this from her sister. "Anna, I'm sorry, I love you dearly but leave. Now!"

With a wave of her hand a blast of snow went hurtling toward her day dreaming sister. Anna came out of her romantic notions just in time to let out a yelp and close the door before the snow blast hit the door and froze it over, locking the princess on the outside.

"Hey! No fair! I thought we agreed on no ice magic when we're having a discussion!" Anna shouted into the room, slamming her fists into the door. A kick was the next resort, a kick that Elsa guessed Anna quickly regretted as she could hear the series of hisses and ouch's and curses at the door after. "Fine! Be stubborn!"

The Queen approached the door and placed an ear against the ice. She listened to the receding footsteps but didn't make to move away from the door.

'Five... four... three...' Elsa sighed.

Right on cue Elsa heard the thundering footsteps of her sister as she raced down the corridor and stopped behind her office door.

"I'm sorry Elsa! And I completely understand-" Anna went on a little mumbled ramble that Elsa found difficult to translate from behind the door. "Anyways. I love you. And I'll see you at dinner okay! Bye!"

This time when she could no longer hear her sisters footsteps Elsa removed her ear from the door and took a step away. The Queen kept her eyes shut as she turned away from door. Daring to open her eyes see took in the sight of the damage her sister had done to all her paperwork.

A self-pitying wail escaped her. This was going to take hours to fix! Piles of papers scattered the room, some magically having found their way half way across the room while others were sticking out at odd angles from the furniture. Gazing up, Else winced as she saw some of the paper captured within the chandelier. How was she meant to get them down from all the way up there?

Why? Why her? She had been up for two nights straight alphabetizing and categorising everything and now everything was everywhere! The annoyance and anger she felt over the situation swept through her and the ground around feet began to ice over.

A knock on the door knocked her from her pity party.

"Yes?" she called out tiredly, crossing her arms and scowling at the ice around her.

"Your majesty I'm terribly sorry. But the paperwork you've been working on-" a servant, Hugo by the sounds of it, called out. There was a certain skittish tone to the way he was speaking, and a sinking feeling settled in Elsa's stomach as a result of it.

"Yes... what about it?" she asked, afraid to hear the answer.

Immediately she chided herself for being so negative. 'I doubt it'll be anything as bad as what's already happened. Stay positive Elsa. Stay-'

"Well it turns out there that was last years paperwork... heh, heh, this years paperwork has just arrived... uh... at the palace."

She could hear the wincing in Hugo's voice, along with the three fearful steps away from the door he took. Wise man.

"That's... that's fine Hugo. Thank you for letting me know."

"You welcome you highness" Hugo said before hightailing it down the corridor.

The ear-piercing scream of frustration that came from the Queens room, along with the plunge in temperature, only speed up his hasty escape.

Anna giggled as Kristoff kissed her farewell. She watched from the castle gates as he mounted Sven and the two galloped off back towards the troll village. When he was out of distance she blew a soft kiss and waved a goodbye before heading towards the castle.

'Rather cold tonight' Anna thought to herself as she wrapped her clock around her tighter. 'Really quiet too.'

The courtyard always unnerved her when the sun had set. At nighttime it was deserted, the only soul in sight being the odd guard patrolling the grounds. Besides her breathing, only the sound of her heels clicking off the pavement could be heard.

When she approached the fountain near the door to the castle she stopped and sat down on its edge, her hand idly skimming the water surface.

Glancing up she saw Elsa's room was still alight, meaning the queen was still working. Guilt flooded through Anna. While she had been out having a romantic day off with Kristoff, her sister had been stuck in the castle working away.

Working away like she always did.

Anna struck the water's surface with her hand hard. How could she be so selfish? She shouldn't have gone out with Kristoff, she should have been performing her role as princess and assisting her sister in ruling the kingdom as best she could.

She shouldn't be leaving it all to Elsa to deal with...

All by herself.


'No!' Anna had made a vow to Elsa and herself that day in the ice palace that she would be there for her sister, always! To offer her a hand when she needed it, even if she didn't want it.

Anna looked back up to her sisters room, a determination alight in her eyes.

'From now on Elsa. I promise, I'll be there for you.'

She would help her sister with all the work. Two heads were better than one and with both doing the work then surely that would lead to it being finished faster. The faster it was completed the more time Elsa could have to be free and enjoy herself.

'You deserve all the happiness in the world, Elsa. You deserve it more than anyone I know' Anna thought with a small smile as she lay down on the fountain.

She gazed up at the full moon surrounded by thousands of glimmering stars. Anna had to admit, although she preferred the summer and daylight, the night-time sure had its wonders. It was times like this she understood why her sister preferred the company of stars.

"I just wish I knew how to make you happy" Anna whispered to the night.

Her thoughts drifted off to Kristoff, he made her happy. He filled her with a warm tingling feeling that left her giddy. His absence made her feel like a part of her was missing. He always knew how to cheer her up and make her laugh, it was his specialty. Heck, he could make her smile without even trying.

A shooting stars streamed across the sky.

Anna jumped up, watching it in wide-eyed wonder. 'Quick, quick, quick! Make a wish! Oh, what do I wish for?' Anna clasped her hands in front of her heart, shutting her eyes tightly as she wished with all her might.

"Elsa... I want you to find the person that would give you that same feeling Kristoff gives me. I wish you could just, oh I don't know, just fall into the arms of your true love right now!"

'You deserve happiness... so much more than me' Anna thought, tugging her cloak around her more tightly.

Anna smile wavered when the shooting star suddenly burst into a brilliantly blue light. The princess had to rub her eyes a few times. She could have sworn that light made the shape of a snowflake?

Shaking her head she headed back into the castle.

It had too be awful late, now she was starting to see things.

And snowflakes no less.

She blamed her loveable sister for that one.

Elsa placed the last stack of paperwork down onto her desk.

"Finally!" she sighed in relief. "And its only taken me-" she glanced at the clock on the wall, rolling her eyes at the sight. "Ten hours. There goes my day."

Making her way over to her window she gazed up at the gleaming moon. The sky was crystal clear, allowing each and every single star to be seen by all brave enough to look up.

With a smile she turned, just missing the shooting star her sister had wished on.

She made her way over to her bed were she found Olaf curled up fast asleep. She smiled fondly at her childhood friend and then began making her way to the other side of the bed. She didn't get far as a strange feeling of warmth swept through her, causing her to stop mid step.

A gasp escaped her lips. "What the?"

Ice swirled from under her feet, frosting the floor and creating a snowflake design. Elsa panicked. She hadn't done that! she hadn't activated her powers! The warm feeling started to get stronger, causing her to cry out in surprise and fear.

Olaf stirred and sat up, rubbing his blurry eyes as he spotted Elsa.

"Is something wrong, Elsa?" Olaf yawned. He blinked a few times, sobering up from sleep pretty sharply when he saw the sight of a terrified Elsa. "Elsa! What's wrong-what's happening to you? Why are you glowing like that!"

Olaf flew off the bed and scrambled over to Elsa, grasping hold of her hand.

Elsa's skin had began glowing an ice blue color, the same as the snowflake which had started glowing brighter and brighter with ever passing second.

"Olaf! What's happening?" Elsa cried, her hand rising to her chest. She tried to shake Olafs hand from hers. "I don't know what's happening. I... I might be losing control of my powers again. Please go Olaf! I don't want to hurt you!"

The window blew open with a powerful gust of wind. Elsa and Olaf shielded their eyes with their arms from the blowing winds that blew around them, sending Elsa paperwork whipping through the air.

"Your highness! Are you alright!" A guards voice accompanied by loud banging came from the other side of the door.

"Elsa! Elsa what's happening! Elsa let us in!" Anna's panicked voice cried.

Elsa could hear them trying to break the door down.

"NO! Don't come in here! I don't know what's happening! It's not safe!" Elsa turned to Olaf. "Please leave!"

"I'm not leaving you!" Olaf shouted over the wind, clutching onto Elsa's dress tightly. Thee two became enveloped with the strange light.

Elsa let out a gasp as the ground disappeared from under her feet, and the two went spiraling into a vortex of darkness. As she fell she reached a hand up to the light of her room, just before the light faded away into nothing, she could have sworn she saw Anna reaching a hand down towards her.



That was the last word she heard before her world... went black.

Jack Frost spun in the air, laughing as the wind blew his snowy hair against his face. He plunged downwards through the clouds and was greeted by the sight of a city, at its centre was a magnificent colosseum.

'Ah Rome' he smiled wickedly, stopping to hover a few hundred feet from the ground. He pointed his staff towards the ancient structure. "Now when was the last time I saw you? Fifty years, give or take?"

Baby Tooth fluttered beside him, scolding him with a series of tweets.

"Hey!" Jack smirked, holding up his hands in defence. "I haven't done anything... yet."

He grinned wildly at Baby Tooth before speeding down past towards the colosseum, coating it in ice as snow began to fall behind him from the skies.

Baby Tooth was right, North and the other Guardians were going to have a fit at him for doing this. But hey? He had a record to uphold, couldn't have anyone out doing him on the naughty list now could he?

Baby Tooth sped after him and gave him a disappointed shake of her head.

"Aww come on, it's just a little fun. Learn to live a little" Jack teased, patting the little fairy on the head.

Baby Tooth crossed her arms and shook her head.

"Come on, we've got some more winter fun to spread."

The two flew on through the air, covering the lands in ice and snow as they went. Eventually they came across the Mediterranean sea. Jack twirled in the air, grinning wolfishly at his reflection in the water.

A loud bang like the sound of an explosion caused him and Baby Tooth to freeze, both looking around puzzled.

"What was that?" Jack asked, raising his staff defensively.

Baby Tooth shrugged, zipping in to the hood in Jacks hoody and hiding. Cautiously she glanced out, looking for the source of the sound. While looking around, something odd in the waters reflection caught her eyes.

Tugging lightly at a strand of Jacks hair, Baby Tooth started tweeting.

"What is it Baby Tooth?"

Baby Tooth pointed below.

Both the Spirit of the Winter and the fairy curiously gazed down into the water's surface. In the water they saw the remains of a bright blue light that had exploded in the shape of a snowflake as it hung in the air. After a few moments, a black vortex of so sorts appeared at the snowflakes centre.

"What in the world?"

Something blue fell out of the black hole and flew towards the surface at incredible speed. Squinting at the water, Jack tried to get a better look. What was that down there and how was it traveling so fast under water?

Jacks eyes widened. It wasn't rising it was...


Wincing he quickly looked up... a tad too late. A mass of heavy blue fabrics crashed into his arms, its force of impact plunging him down into the icy waters below with a splash!

Opening his eyes in the water, he saw the blue mass sinking towards the sea floor. He would have left it but curiosity urged him to swim towards it. As he approached the blue thing, he finally managed to get a good proper look at it.

His eyes widened with what he saw.

It was a girl. A girl with long light wavy hair, so light it almost seemed white, floating around her. Her skin was as pale as ice and the mass of blue he had seen he realized had been her dress swirling around her due to the wind and now the current of the water.

Kicking his legs, he swam as fast he could, and gathered the girl into his arms before heading back up. When he broke the surface he heard the young women gasp for air but not stir from her unconsciousness.

"Anna" he heard her mumble to herself, her face contorting in discomfort.

"Anna?" Jack repeated, staring at her intently.

The girl turned her head into his chest, lightly snuggling into him. He assumed she was doing so for warmth. She must be freezing. He knew he had to get her out of here and to warmth as quickly as possible otherwise she may not survive.

One startling thought dawned on him, and instead of racing off to warmth, he found himself trapped, staring at her through narrow eyes filled with confusion.

How was it possible that he could touch her?

She hadn't gone right through him as ever one else did. No, she has smacked right into him and brought him kicking and screaming down into the waters with her. Right now he was able to holder in his arms. Why was that? Who was she? And where on Earth had she come from?

There were so many questions racing through his mind. He looked to the sky for answers, and was greeted by the sight of a white mass speeding from the heavens towards him.

"ELSA!" Jack heard a male voice.

"What the heck is-is that a-" Jack said before realizing where the thing was about to land. He cursed under his breath and shot upwards, girl still in arms. He just made it into the air before the white mass crashed into the ocean directly where he had been floating.

What in The Man on the Moons name was going on? Why was it suddenly raining mysterious girls and...

A small snowman broke the surface of the water and glanced at a bug-eyed, jaw slacked Jack.

"Hi I'm Olaf!" Olaf grinned, waving his branches in the air. "And I like warm hugs!"

And raining snowmen...

Well... this certainly had been an interesting night.

Thanks for taking the time to read this :) xx Hope you liked it. Any advice, tips, hints, suggestions are all more than welcome ^_^ xx