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'Isn't this just lovely?'

The thought was purely that of sarcasm and under the circumstances, it was completely appropriate for the situation she suddenly found herself in.

"Merlin!" The man cursed (and what a strange curse word it was, but that might just be British slang she wasn't familiar with), "I'm so sorry!" He quickly apologised and was patting down her arm with napkins to help soak up the spilled coffee.

She probably had every right to snap at the man, but that just wasn't in her nature to do so – especially since it seemed to be a mistake, "Accidents happen," She gave a strained smile, her arm tingled unpleasantly since the coffee was quite hot, "I'm sure you didn't mean to."

The relief from her reaction was quite clear on his face and Kagome couldn't help but to smile as red patches formed on his cheeks, "Again, I'm really sorry," He said, soaking as much coffee as he could with the napkins before he discarded them, "I know I've probably just ruined your day."

"Well, it was unexpected," Kagome admitted and the man's bright green eyes began to shine with that concern once again (and she found it rather cute), "But you don't need to worry. I'm staying not too far from here, so a change of clothes won't be too much trouble."

The man blinked and seemed to pause, staring at her quietly for a moment before snapping out of whatever thoughts he may have been thinking, "What can I do to repay you for this?" He asked firmly, "Say any financial amount and it will be done."

It was Kagome's turn to blink and she wasn't too sure if she should be offended or not, "It was an accident that you spilled your coffee on me," She said calmly, "I don't need any money for that."

"I could at least buy you a new jumper," The man offered, glancing down at the wet sleeve of her sweater, "Since I ruined that one."

"You worry too much," Kagome laughed a bit and the man flushed slightly, seemingly embarrassed by her reaction, "It will be fine. I'm sure the stain will come out fine with a wash," She saw that he was about to open his mouth again and interrupted him before he could, "What I would like though, is your name."

His not-so-normal aura may had something to do with that...

Surprise was clearly on his face at her request, "I spill hot coffee on you and you want my name in return?" He said a bit dryly and she only smiled innocently at him, "Not a normal one, are you?"

"Not even a little," Kagome said seriously, "Now then, what is your name?" She asked again and was curious when he seemed to hesitate, clearly struggling with something before his face smoothed out with a charming grin.

"I'm Harry Potter."