A/N: So after years of talking about this and several one-shots written together, we finally started writing a full length fic together. What started off as a joke in one of our hours-long phone calls, grew into this "what if" scenario of the Twilight novel. There will be humor, a bit of angst(since this us), and a lot of wild imagination. That is what came out of our brains joining forces. Hope you all enjoy reading this as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Chapter One—Daydreaming

"So, Jessica asked me to the spring dance."

And that was how it all started. One simple question that began the rapid decline of my entire afternoon. Mike was resting against the edge of the Biology table on one side of me, stammering through his roundabout way of garnering an invite to the dance from me. On the other side, Edward leaned minimally closer to me, obviously listening in on the conversation after ignoring my entire existence for the better part of two weeks.

What the hell? And rude much?

I couldn't make heads or tails of Edward Cullen, and I didn't think I ever would be able to. In the span of a few weeks, he'd gone from looks that could kill, to disappearing entirely as if I'd physically repelled him, to friendly and fascinated upon his return, saving my life from that van, then back to the cold shoulder and cryptic words, when he spoke at all. Yet, this was a side of him I'd never seen.

He was actually eavesdropping on Mike's conversation with me and listening intently from what I could see in my peripheral vision. I tried for subtle, but Mike, my good buddy, was not picking up on it.

"Can't you go another weekend?"

Now who was being rude? Mike and Edward Cullen must be drinking from the same water source. Since Mike wasn't taking the hint, I did what I had to do and made myself clear.

"Sorry, no. So you shouldn't make Jess wait any longer. It's rude."

I tried to ignore his dejected look, but even as I closed my eyes, it was impossible. I rubbed at my temples and turned my gaze to Mr. Banner as he started the lesson. From the corner of my eye, I could see Edward's head still turned toward me. Curious, I looked at him, expecting him to look away as he had for the past two weeks.

He didn't. Instead, he had the same look of curious fascination that always in some way irritated me by bringing my hopes up. Why would someone like him find me even remotely interesting? His penetrating gaze held mine, and I was unable to break away.

Thankfully, Mr. Banner saved me by asking Edward a question about his lecture. He answered it easily, as usual. I hid behind a curtain of hair and wondered what brought about this turn of events.

As class ended, I expected him to move with the same quick grace and leave the classroom, as if he couldn't wait to get away from me, but he remained in his chair, watching me. I didn't dare look at him, afraid of what I'd find on his sculptured face.

After feeling irritated over my guilt about hurting Mike, I wasn't in the mood to deal with a brooding Edward. I grabbed my bag and began gathering my things, stilling when he called my name.

I didn't look at him, knowing that if I did, I get lost in those dark eyes. When he said nothing, I asked curtly if he was talking to me again. His reply that he wasn't irritated me further.

It only got worse as he not only acknowledged his rudeness, but also stated that it was best that we weren't friends. The 'trust me' he tacked on at the end made my blood boil; he'd said that before.

The words were out of my mouth before I could stop them, showing how upset I was about this whole thing. I accused him of regretting the fact that he'd saved my life. He didn't seem to like that, turning the tables and telling me I knew nothing.

Obviously. The only thing I know about you is that you're super-fast, strong and a liar. Your list is starting to grow as long as your nose, Edward.

Thankfully, I managed to keep that to myself. I was known for mumbling things under my breath when I was angry, and I was reaching that point. That meant, it was time to get out of dodge. Of course, in my haste and ire, I tripped with my arms full of my books and watched them fan out over the floor.

Always the pinnacle of grace, I thought sarcastically.

Edward, being a gentleman— a first in my experience— handed me all the books in a neat pile before I could even bend down to grab anything. I cocked an eyebrow, which he pointedly ignored. I thanked him through gritted teeth, and he replied in the same manner.

"Asshole," I muttered under my breath, marching out of the room seconds later. The intake of breath behind me only quickened my pace.


"Uh, I was just wondering… if you would go to the spring dance with me?" Eric asked me as I was unlocking the door of my truck, and I had to actually restrain myself from banging my forehead against it.

Was he seriously kidding me? My patience with the entire day was beginning to wear thin. Mike's dejected puppy eyes had been difficult to bear, and now, I had a trip to Seattle to endure as well so I wouldn't be lying to him. But then Edward, with his hot and cold mood swings, added into the mix, I really just wanted to go home and relax. Maybe make something special for Charlie for dinner, as it would also help burn off some of the frustration from my day.

I tried to be civil, even giving a subtle reminder that it was girl's choice, before finally reiterating the Seattle story. I really didn't want to get his hopes up when he mentioned "next time", but I felt a little guilty as he skulked away; boys really could be such babies when it came to rejection.

My ire was renewed in an instant with one, singular sound; a deep chuckle. I glanced briefly to see Edward Cullen passing in front of my truck, obviously amused at what had just transpired. I really needed to get out of there before I was any more tempted to clasp my hands around that long neck of his and squeeze. He was quite possibly the most infuriating, confusing and contradicting human being to ever walk the planet. I yanked my door open and got into my truck, revving the engine a little too loudly as I glanced over to him a couple of cars away.

"Yeah, you're just lucky there's two cars between you and me, buddy," I growled under my breath before backing out of the spot. Once out, I gripped the gearshift again and returned my eyes to the windshield, in time to watch Edward Cullen's car glide out in front of me.

And stop.

Across the schoolyard, his adopted siblings were on their way toward the vehicle, but still by the cafeteria. Behind me, cars were starting to line up. And in front of me, I could see Edward in his rearview mirror, grinning, and I narrowed my eyes.

"My truck could squash your fancy little Volvo like a bug, smirky," I muttered under my breath, my attention so focused on the inconsiderate jerk in front of me that I jumped slightly when there was a knock on my passenger window.

Tyler was standing beside my truck, even though upon looking, I saw his car behind me, still running and door wide open. I rolled down the window with difficulty and apologized, explaining that I was stuck behind Edward. "Oh, I know. I just wanted to ask you something while we're trapped here."

Don't say it, Tyler. Please don't say it, I internalized, closing my eyes and giving him the same excuse I'd given Mike and Eric. And he knew; okay, what was it with these boys? I felt the heat rise in my face as my anger escalated further. My eyes focused ahead, noticing Edward's shoulders, which were shaking from his unmistakable laughter. His eyes were on me, watching from his rearview mirror.

My imagination spiked as my foot twitched toward the gas pedal. It was almost as if he heard every word Eric and Tyler had said, which was impossible. It also seemed that he loved every second of my growing anger and embarrassment since our mutual class. My earlier thought of hitting his shiny little car only gave me some satisfaction. I manipulated that earlier musing to totaling his back end, instead of giving it only a tap.

Oh, that's much better, much more satisfying.

A startling sound of crunching metal brought me out of my imagination, or what I thought was a daydream. Did that just happen? The shocked expressions of five unearthly beautiful people said it did.

"Oh shit."