Mary and Bash rode up on their horses. It had been five years since they had been anywhere near the castle. Bash got off of his horse and smiled at Mary and offered her his hand. She took it and slowly eased herself off of her horse. Her legs felt good touching the ground and she looked up and saw Bash looking at her lovingly.

"What is it?"

Bash smiled "We don't have to do this. If you are not ready we can turn right back around and go home!"

Mary placed her hand gently on Bash's cheek "Yes, yes we do. We are here to get you legitimized so we can be together. These five years have been the best of my life but...if you are not legitimized they will have to end."

Bash nodded. He understood that the only way he could be with Mary was if he was recognized by the Pope, but he had her heart for 5 years and he knew he always would. Bash grabbed Mary's hand and lead her into the castle.

Mary and Sebastian were greeted by King Henry and Queen Catharine. Mary looked around and did not see Francis anywhere. She was both upset that he did not have the decency to come greet her and relieved that she did not have to see him. The king gave Mary a hug "Welcome back to French Court." He walked over to Sebastian and smiled "Welcome back, my son." Queen Catharine stood there with a smile before coming up to Mary

"My dear, I hope you know that there are no hard feelings."

Mary nodded "It has been a very long time. I have found love and I got to save the man I did love. Things could not have gone more perfectly...I suppose."

The queen nodded "Yes! Francis married a beautiful women a few short years ago and I can't help but realize that, that is because of you. You saved him, Mary. Thank You!"

Mary bowed slightly to the Queen before she watched Catharine disappear into the castle.

"Now Mary what brings you and my son back to court?"

Mary smiled "Bash has asked me to marry him." Mary saw the kings face grow with a smile "But...we know that we can never be wed unless Sebastian is legitimized."

The king nodded "I understand but he can't have the French Throne!"

Bash spoke up "I don't want it. I don't care about a throne or a title. I only want to be with Mary and since she is a Queen this is our only way."

The king nodded "I will send word to the pope. I want you to know this might take a very long while and I insist that you both stay within the French court until we get our answer." The king walked away from them and Mary felt as if she could finally breath.

Bash looked over to Mary "One step closer!" He picked her up and twirled her around. He kissed her fiercely "Mary Stewart you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Even if the Pope does not legitimize me, we will be together!" Mary rested her hand on his cheek "for now until forever."

Squeaks could be hurt throughout the castle and Mary turned to see her ladies in waiting rushing towards her. Kenna and Greer were the only ones left. Aylee had died before Mary had left and Lola got married and left the castle. Kenna rushed up to her and squeezed her tight "It is so wonderful to see you again! It has been so long!"

Greer nodded "Yes. Five years is much too long to be away!"

Mary linked her fingers together with Sebastian's and the girls noticed right away. Kenna's jaw dropped "Somehow I knew it!" Everyone gave a small chuckle but stopped as a raven haired women went by in a purple dress. Mary payed no attention but the girls both gave her awful looks.

"She is Francis' wife. She is a horrible little women with very few favorable qualities. Rumor has it her and Francis don't even share the same bed."

Mary looked cross at Greer "That is a horrible thing to say. Besides, lots of women don't share beds with their husbands anymore. It's quite common."

Kenna shook her head "Rumor has it they NEVER did. The whole castle buzzes with how she is still a Virgin because Francis refuses to touch her. If she can't produce an heir, she will be disposed of no doubt."

Mary looked at the dark haired girl and felt partially responsible for her obviously unhappy look painted onto her face.

Mary was settling into the room she had before she left. Everything was right where she left it, nothing had changed. Mary looked into the mirror and saw Bash come up behind her. He wrapped his arm and her waist and kissed her neck "hello my love." Mary twirled around and cupped his face with her hands. His blue eyes were like the ocean and she could swim in them all day. She chucked to herself "We are not married yet. Would you want to kingdom to talk of us having relations before marriage?" Bash laughed and kissed her passionately "Do not pretend for even a second that you are an innocent little girl." Mary smiled and walked as Bash sat on her bed "At least all of our duties are done for today. We can 'relax' now." Bash winked at her and Mary's face went hot. She loved that Sebastian thought that she was that beautiful. "Actually Bash there is no last person I need to see." Bash stood up "Francis." Mary nodded and he kissed her forehead "Be gentle with his heart. He is not strong like you are." Mary smiled and left the room.

Mary walked up the her old room. She use to stay in this room as a child. She turned the door knob and she found Francis there making a sword.

"Hello Francis."

He looked up at her and nodded "Hello, your majesty."

Mary shook her head "Drop the formalities, we are passed that."

Francis put the half done sword down "are we?"

Mary sat next to him "Tell me how the past five years have been for you."

Francis looked at her and she had never seen him so annoyed "I cried the night you left me. I saw you in every dream I had and everyone mirror I looked into showed me your face. I married another women but when I said 'I do' all I could think about was you and how that was supposed to be us. Oh, and lets never forget about how touching my own wife and any women is unbearable because no one feels anything like you!"

Mary covered her mouth with her delicate hand "Francis I..."

"NO! Do not pretend that you feel remorse. I know you two would be getting together. How could you not want someone like Sebastian? I Told myself every night after you left that if I saw him again I would gut him like a pig for stealing you away!"

"Francis he never..."

"SHUT UP!" Francis dropped the sword on the table and left Mary standing there alone.

Mary laid on Bash's bed, wrapped in a sheet. "He hates me."

Bash kissed her breasts "He does not hate you. He hates me."

Mary felt no comfort in those words "He thinks I left him for you. He does not understand that it took us a year to finally be together. It was not quick."

Bash got under the covers with her "Maybe not for you. It was obvious that I always loved you." He kissed Mary "Don't worry! Before you know it we will be married with children and a big dog." Mary giggled "Sounds wonderful."

Mary looked over and found Bash fast asleep. Her eyes slowly closed and she dreamed of her and Bash's wedding day. She wanted that day to come so badly, it was the only thing she wished on a star for. She loved Sebastian.

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