Shining Light

By Henrika

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Chapter 1

"No! Absolutely not." Rumiko told the girl who was sitting across the table from her.

"Mom, we have to go. Henry found out that there is a digimon who destroying other digimon almost as fast as the D-reaper." Rika replied.

"I don't care. You are not going back to the digital world." Rumiko shot back at her daughter.

"Dear, you know she has to go and Renamon will protect her." Rika's grandmother said.

"But, but, but she could get hurt." Rumiko muttered.

"Honey, she did fine the last time. You'll protect her from anything dangerous, right Renamon?" Rika's grandmother asked the yellow fox digimon in the corner.

"I will not let any harm come to her." Renamon said.

"Good, then it's settled. Rika you can go to the digital world on one condition." Rika's grandmother said.

"What condition?" Rika asked.

"Come home safe." Rika's grandmother said.

"It's a deal. Thanks grandma." Rika said as she jumped up and hugged her. "I love you mom. Don't worry. I'll be fine." Rika said as she hugged her mom. "C'mon Renamon. We have to meet the others in the park." Renamon and Rika ran out of the room towards the park.

"Bout time you got here." Kazu said as Rika hurried into Guilmon's hideout.

"Very funny Kazu." Rika said as she looked around. All the tamers and their digimon were there except for Suzie, Ai, and Mako. "How did you get Suzie to stay home?' Rika asked Henry.

"I left her Lopmon and Impmon to torture with Miss pretty pants. Why wouldn't she want to stay?" Henry said. Everyone laughed.

Henry then turned serious. "O.K. everyone. Listen up. We have to get rid of this digimon before he does anymore damage. Everyone ready?"

"Let's do it." Kenta said as Marine Angemon hovered near him.

"Sure." Said Kazu and Guardramon at the same time.

"Ready as always. Monodramon?" Ryo said as Monodramon nodded his head.

"For the digital world! Right, Calumon?" Jeri asked.

"Yea!" Calumon said as he flipped in the air.

"Let's go Guilmon." Takato said.

"Uh-huh." Guilmon replied.

"Do you have to ask, Henry?" Rika said.

"Then what are we waiting for?" Terriermon asked as he jumped through the digital gate.

Everyone went through the gate. This time they started falling immediately.

"Hey Takato, just like old times huh?" Henry shouted as they continued to fall.

"What is the deal with all the big digital holes here?" Rika yelled as she fell past Henry. Then they hit the ground.

"Okay, I have a suggestion. Let's not do that again." Kazu said as he climbed out of the hole he made.

"Is everyone alright?" Henry asked. The tamers grouped up again and started planning.

"Is it just me or was that big palace not there before?" Takato asked as the tamers turned toward a palace just off in the distance.

"I'd say that's where the evil digimon is." Ryo said.

"So what's our plan guys? Do we just go and attack him?" Kenta asked. There was a dead silence as the tamers looked at each other, the palace, then back at each other.

"I vote that we rest up and take a crack at this digimon in the morning." Kazu said.

"Good idea Kazu. Okay, let's rest up then regroup in the morning." Takato said.

"We should probably take watches." Jeri said.

"I'll take first watch." Henry said.

"I'll take second watch. That way I get to chose who gets the next watch." Rika grinned maliciously. There was a chorus of "goodnights" then everyone went to bed except Henry.

Ten minutes later Henry heard a noise. When he looked up he saw Rika walking toward him out of the cave where they had camped. "Henry, I couldn't sleep, do you mind if I watch with you?" Rika asked.

Henry looked stunned for about a second then said, "Sure Rika, pull up some ground." Rika sat down next to Henry and looked out into the distance. After a couple of minutes Henry ventured to ask "Why couldn't you sleep?"

"One reason is that half of the things in there snore and the second reason is I'm worried." Rika said.

"Why are you worried?" Henry asked. Rika looked at long and hard at Henry before she answered.

"Promise not to tell?" she asked.

"You have my word." Henry answered.

"I don't want to fight. I mean look at all the pain it causes. You probably think I'm a coward now." Rika said as she hung her head.

"No Rika, I would never think you were a coward. When you first met me I didn't want to fight either. I just learned that I had to fight to protect my friends." Henry said. Rika looked up at him in surprise. "Go get some sleep Rika. I think you'll be able to now." Henry said as he got up and offered his hand to Rika.

"What about you?" Rika asked as he pulled her up. "I'll just stand watch till I get tired and then I'll wake somebody up. Goodnight Rika." Henry said.

"Goodnight Henry." Rika said as she backed into the cave.

Morning came and Takato was the first one to wake up. "C'mon Guilmon. It's morning." Takato said while he was shaking Guilmon.

"More bread please." Guilmon murmured in his sleep. Takato gave up and went outside. Takato stretched and looked around.

"Henry! What are you still doing out here?" Takato asked the boy sitting near the corner of the cave.

"Good morning to you too Takato." Henry said as he got up and looked inside the cave.

"Are you the first one up?" Henry asked Takato.

"Yeah. Why were you out here all night?" Takato asked.

"I didn't want to wake anybody up. Sorry." Henry shrugged as he walked into the cave and walked out with a woozy Terriermon in his arms.

"Five more minutes." the rabbit digimon moaned.

Pretty soon the rest of the tamers started walking out of the cave. Rika flashed Henry a quick smile and they all sat down over Takato's backpack of bread to plan out their attack.

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