Shining Light By Henrika

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Chapter 6

Rika opened her eyes and found herself in a hospital room. Her mom and grandma were crying as they sat next to her bed. Renamon stood watch at her side.

"Rika!" Renamon cried when she saw that her partner had woken up. Rika sat up and hugged Renamon.

She turned around and said "Mom, Grandma, I'm okay. I'm fine." Rumiko hugged her daughter while her Grandma cried tears of joy. Rika turned to her right and found a curtain behind Renamon.

"Renamon, who's behind that curtain." Rika asked. Renamon hesitated, but she drew the curtain back.

Henry was behind the curtain and Terriermon was sitting on the bed crying.

'Henry was right. We are at the hospital. That dream was so real though. It was real.' Rika corrected herself. She turned to Renamon and exchanged a look with her digimon. Renamon nodded and helped Rika out of her bed. Rumiko objected, but stopped her protests when she realized what Renamon was doing. Renamon set Rika down in a chair next to Henry's bed.

"Are you sure you're alright?" Rumiko asked.

Rika nodded and said, "It's just a cut on my leg, I'll be fine Mom."

"Alright sweetie." Rumiko said as she got up.

"We'll be outside Rika." Rika's grandma said. Rika grabbed Henry's hand and waited.

Three hours passed when suddenly Rika felt her hand being squeezed. She looked up to find Henry smiling at her. Terriermon had not noticed that Henry was awake.

Henry turned to his partner and said "Momentai." Terriermon fell off the bed in shock. Henry managed to maneuver all his bandages and give Rika a hug.

"The nightmares stopped." He whispered in her ear. " Rika grinned as she realized that she was right and that the dream had been true.

As if sharing the same thought, they kissed each other.

Terriermon clambered back on the bed and said "Momentai. Now that we're all awake can we tell everyone else?"

Henry and Rika nodded and Renamon grabbed Terriermon so they could break the news to the other tamers who were waiting in the chairs outside the two tamer's room.

Rika turned to Henry and said "Henry, back at the hideout, before Asoramon attacked, you said that you really cared about me. Did you mean it?" Rika asked.

"Of course I meant it Rika. I love you." Henry said.

"Good," Rika said, "because I love you too." The hugged again and the other tamers came flooding into the room.

"Thanks for all your help guys." Henry said.

"Well, we are team. Maybe we need a name like..." Takato said as he started to ramble on about all the silly names he had thought up. The rest of the tamer's and their digimon groaned. *****************

A week after the tamers had defeated Asoramon; Takato finally worked up the courage to ask Jeri out. They've been going out since then.

Ryo was disappointed that he had lost Rika, but he got over it when he realized that there were plenty of girls just dying to have a date with the legendary Digimon King.

Kazu and Kenta began a one-week business venture when the started giving card lessons. They had to give it up when everyone they taught to play could beat them within a matter of minutes.

After Henry and Rika got out of the hospital, they started dating. They often go on double dates with Takato and Jeri. And sometimes, in the night while they dream, Henry and Rika find themselves on that black plain again and they end up talking for hours.

The End

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