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Ally walked late into the night, the warm light breeze dancing around her. She stared absentmindedly at the distance, her hand gripping on to the strap of her backpack slung over her shoulder. She walked towards the side of her neighborhood that she knew by heart, towards the small little house at the end of the street. Four 12 year old boys played soccer on the lawn and one of them glanced up as Ally came into view.

"Trish! It's Ally!" He shouted. Ally gave him a small half small with little effort as the front door swung open to reveal the short Latina. Trish's eyes widened at her friend but soon put up a guarded face.

"What is it?" Trish asks emotionless. Ally bites her bottom lip to keep it from trembling, her tiny frame already shivering despite wear jeans and a black sweater.

"Trish I know you're mad. You have every right to be." Ally began. "You have every right to send me away but I came to say I'm sorry… and…" She stopped, afraid that her voice may start to crack if she continued. Trish's eyes scanned her best friend's face and her expression softened.

"What happened Ally...?" The brunette shook her head, eyes shutting tight. "JJ, come inside! Tell your buddies to go home, it's already ten." She said. "Ally, I forgive you, and I'm not sending you away." She gives the trembling girl an encouraging half smile. "You can tell me what happened inside. Come on." She took the small backpack from Ally and took a step to the side to let Ally in. "Mom! Ally's sleeping over okay!" Trish shouted.

"Okay mija!" Someone shouts from the living room. There is an echoing sound of a slap and screaming and Ally turns to Trish with confused wide eyes.

"Don't worry; my mom is just watching her novela." Trish says with a wave of her hand as she led Ally to her room. She turned on the lights and closed the door, locking it behind her. Ally walked over to the queen bed with the zebra print comforter and sat herself down; Trish following silently. The two girls kept quiet, not knowing what to say after a month of ignoring each other. Finally, Trish broke the awkward silence. "What happened that was so bad you came to me?" She asked softly. "What happened between you and Austin?" Ally opened her mouth to respond, but closed it shut, not knowing where to start. Trish seemed to understand. Grabbing her cheetah print pillows, she tossed one to Ally. The girl hugged it tightly to her chest, giving the Latina a grateful smile. "Start when you met him? Since he was such a big secret, I never got to know anything." Trish sounded slightly hurt but quickly masked it with a teasing tone. Ally didn't miss it though.

"I am so sorry Trish. I don't know why I did it." Ally says but then she ponders over this. "Okay, I know exactly why I did it…"

"Why? Why was Austin such a big deal?" Trish asks. Ally sighs and shakes her head, the messy curls swinging ever so slightly.

"I was jealous…" The young girl whispered. Trish stared wide eyed at her friend.

"Ally we were five! You couldn't seriously be jealous of Dez!" Trish says. "Tell me from the beginning, okay. Don't you dare lie to me Al's! I want details and all of them." Trish sounded frightening and extremely serious, Ally couldn't help but smile.

"I've missed having you around." Ally says, half smiling. Trish returns the smile.

"And I missed you too." She said, reaching over to give Ally a hug. "Now, no more stalling. Spill chicka!" Ally laughed and let go of Trish. Her smile fades and she hugs the pillow tightly as she leans against the wall behind her. Just as she's about to speak, her phone rings from inside her backpack. Ally sighs, opening her backpack and bringing her phone out. The caller id was read Dad. Ally gave an apologetic glance at Trish and answered.

"Hey dad, sorry I walked out with no explanation-"

"Ally, goddamn it, talk to me! Please!" A desperate voice cried. Ally's eyes widened then shut closed tightly.

"Austin, stop it." Ally says into the phone emotionlessly. Trish's eyes narrowed as she noticed her friend's change of tone.

"No I won't! We have a contract Ally! I'm staring at it right now! You have your own and it clearly states on the first line, that you promised to listen to your best friend! Ally please let me explain. I didn't mean to hurt you." Ally winced.

"I'm sure you didn't-" The girl began, but her best friend snatched the phone away.

"Whatever you did you jerk, you deserve her to be mad at you. You don't deserve a friend like her! Good day to you!" She closed Ally's flip phone and gave it back to her. "Don't you dare answer anymore calls Ally. By the way you changed when you realized it was him proves something bad really did happen between you too. Don't forgive him so easily." Trish says. Ally nods, a hollow feeling in her chest as she reads Austin's tone through the phone in her head. It sounded desperate, depressed. She's only heard him sound like that every so often. Not many. This time, it hurt that she was the cause of it.

"Ally?" Her head snapped towards the sound of the Latina and she lets go of a breath she didn't know she was holding in.

"Sorry." Ally mutters, taking her phone that Trish held out to her. "I guess it's best to start when I went to Miami Beach." She says, trying to forget of the phone call as she begins her tale.

It was in the late summer before Ally even turned six. Her small round childish face buried in a small novel as she sat in the sand. Her father was fishing on the dock a couple feet away, not paying attention to the little girl, but it didn't matter. Ally didn't like swimming. Yet she wore her pink, one piece bathing suit with a floral skirt. Her stubby little fingers turned the page in her book and after reading a few pages, she smiled widely. She was reading one of her favorite novels, Alice in Wonderland, and knew the story by heart. She read greedily just as a shadow blocked the light over her shoulder.

"That cat looks creepy." A voice said. Ally sighed and slowly looked over her shoulder. A boy, who couldn't have been any older than she was, with sandy, beach blond hair, scrunched his little nose up and was staring at the small picture in her book.

"It's a Cheshire cat. And he's not creepy, simply mad." Ally explained.

"He doesn't look angry. Just creepy." The boy says. "Why are you reading at the beach?"

"Not made as in angry, mad as in crazy." Ally says with a small smile. "And I want to finish this book." She turned away and tried to return to her book. But the boy wasn't going to let his new found companion go that easily.

"You can finish it at your house. I'm Austin." Ally glanced at him at this. "Austin Moon." He said, extending his small hand, a wide smile on his face. Ally looked down at it then smiled, shaking it.

"I'm Ally. Ally Dawson." She said. Austin smiled then pulled her up. The two were the same sharing height of three feet and five inches.

"Come on! Let's go play in the water!" Austin shouted excitedly, trying to pull the small girl towards the waves that crashed onto the shore. But Ally stayed put, paralyzed.

"I don't like swimming." She muttered quietly. Austin turned to her and pondered over this/

"Then you don't have to. We can just jump in the waves." Ally smiled at this and nodded, dropping her book on her chair, letting Austin pull her over to the edge of the sea. The two screamed as a wave approached, Austin stayed put, hand gripped to Ally's as she tried to run. As the water hit them, Ally squealed, gasping at the cold temperature of the water. Austin laughed hysterically, his blond hair now matted onto his forehead and he spit out salty water. Ally shook her shoulder length hair, which had clumped into each other. She giggled the saw another wave, a smaller more friendly wave. This time, Ally pulled Austin to meet it. She jumped into the wave, crashing into it. She squealed and let go of Austin's hand as he smiled and let himself fall under the water, popping back up with a gasp.

"It's cold!" He screamed, shivering. Ally laughed and splashed water at him. He wasn't expecting it and the water filled his mouth. He spit it out in disgust before splashing her back. The girl giggled and dived under the water, treading it as she tried to reach for shore, the boy following her. The two reached it at the same time, realizing how much warmer it was in the water then on shore.

"Let's do something I like to do." Ally said excitedly, reaching for Austin's hand. She then pulled him at the very edge of the shore, where the waves could reach. She dug her little toes into the sand, her new friend following her example.

"What are we doing?" he asked innocently.

"The first one who chickens out and runs away from the wave is a baby and they lose. And they have to do whatever the other person tell them to do." Ally explained. "I play this with my bestest friend, Trish, but she's been busy. She has a new bestest friend…" Ally says sadly. Austin's eyes widened and he stared at Ally, not knowing exactly what to say or do. Then he squeezed her little hand.

"My bestest friend isn't playing with me either. You can be my new bestest friend! And I could be your new bestest friend!" Ally smiled.


"Yup!" At that moment, a huge wave splashed the two, making them both let go of each other's hand, scream and run away. The returned under Ally's beach umbrella, laughing and gasping.

"You're the baby!" Austin said with a laugh.

"No! You're the baby!"Ally said, pouting. She didn't even notice her father walking up behind her.

"Who's this Ally?" He asked. The two turned around and smiled.

"This is my new bestest friend, dad! His name is Austin Moon!" Ally says happily, throwing her little arms over the other boy. Austin smiled happily at Ally's dad. Lester Dawson laughed and shook his head in amusement.

"Okay then. Well you two can go play." He said, sitting himself in the beach chair. Austin and Ally nodded and grabbed each other's hand, running away to the ocean. Lester stared at their hands intertwined and was thoughtful. A couple walked by and pointed out the two, cooing at the way their fingers were intertwined. Neither of the kids noticed, nor would they have known what it meant if they had. They played until the sun began to die down. Ally had a princess towel around her shoulders and she sat in front of a lump of sand with seaweed and broken shells decorating it. Her hair dried in tangles and her fingers were wrinkled. Austin sat next to her, wrapped in his own superman towel and the two watched the water.

"Are you going to play tomorrow?" Austin asked. Ally smiled and nodded excitedly.

"Are you going to be here tomorrow?" She asked.

"Uh huh. My mom told me we were coming here every day for an entire week!"

"Yay!" Ally said happily. "Hey? Are you a good promise keeper?" She asked. Austin nodded. "Promise me that we, we are going to be bestest friends forever."

"I promise. But you have to promise me, that you'd be my bestest friend forever."

"I promise."

"Austin!" The two turned to look at a couple calling for the young boy.

"Awwww." Austin whined. A woman walked up to him, noticing Ally.

"Come on sweetie, time to go home." She said. "Say goodbye to your friend."

"Her name is Ally mom, not 'your friend.' " Austin said with a roll of his eyes. "And I don't wanna!"

"Austin, don't make me say your middle name." Mimi Moon said in a dangerously low tone, but then smiled at Ally. "Hello there."

"Hi." Ally said in a small voice.

"Mom, we are coming here tomorrow right?" Austin asked.

"Yes sweetie we are, but not unless we leave right now so you can go to sleep."

"Okay…" Austin said sadly, standing up. Ally got up too, pulling her towel around her.

"Bye Austin." She said sadly. Austin stared at her for a second and didn't expect her to hug him the second after, her towel falling off her shoulders. The force of the hug caused Austin's towel to fall too. He froze, not knowing what to do. Then, his small arms wrapped around her.

"By Ally." He said. "You promise to come tomorrow?" The girl let go and nodded. Austin smiled. "See you tomorrow then."

"Okay!" she said with a smile.

"Ally!" Her father yelled.

"Coming!" She shouted over her shoulder. "Bye Austin!" She said, grabbing her towel and running to her dad.

"Bye Ally!" She heard him shout behind her. Lester reached out and picked up the little girl. Ally giggled as her dad began to walk away. She turned her head to see Austin staring back at her. She waved goodbye and she saw that his own tiny hand did the same. On the car ride home, Ally fell asleep, and Lester took a quick glance at his only daughter. He woke her up when they arrived home and he told her to get ready for bed. At 9:30, when he thought she was asleep, the little girl walked into his room.

"Dad, can we come back tomorrow?" Ally asked her father. Lester laughed.

"Is it because of that little boy?" He asked. Ally nodded.

"I promised him I would." Lester pretended to think about it.

"I don't know…" He said teasingly.

"Please daddy! Please please please!" Her dad laughed and nodded.

"Okay. But only if you give me a goodnight hug and kiss." Ally ran up to her dad's bed and threw her arms around him, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you dad!" She said happily.

"You're welcome honey." He held his daughter for a little before saying: "Okay, time for bed Ally-gator." He said.

"Okay! Night daddy!"

"Goodnight honey. I love you!"

"I love you too!" She shouted as she ran to her room. She turned off her light and reached into her drawer for her flashlight. Clicking it on, she reached under her bed and took out two pieces of paper with only a few lines scribbled on both of them. Smiling, she tucked them safely away underneath her bed, turned off the light, and climbed into bed. Her eyes drooped until she finally found sleep.

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