Author's note: I haven't published anything ina very long time. I heard "Say You Will" by Foreigner the other day and the version Ryan/Stacy/Devon sang on the show popped into my head. I looked it up on Youtube, which led to me watching everything Kids Inc related and then reading any Kids Inc fanfiction I could find. This idea would not get out of my head. So here is my first foray into the fandom. I readily admit I have played fast and loose with dates here. I wanted to write Stacy/Ryan today. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: If I owned the show it would be available on DVD. But I sadly do not. So please don't sue me.

Stacy danced around her kitchen as she readied the popcorn. The Grammys were set to start in a few minuets and she wanted to make sure she was ready in front of her tv when the show opened. She heard a rumor that Lucas Paver, the biggest new artist of the year, was opening the show with his biggest hit. "Love Grows" was a beautiful song, Stacy loved it from the second she heard it, and it didn't hurt that one of her oldest friends wrote it. Ryan had been so excited when he told her about working with Lucas and even more excited when he found out the song he wrote was going to be the first single. The immense success of the song was surprising, considering it was Lucas' first album, and the insane amount of Grammy nominations were icing on the cake.

Stacy was so proud of Ryan. He followed his dream, even though it meant leaving everyone behind to move to LA. It wasn't easy. Ryan struggled for a few years doing the typical starving artist jobs, but after a while he got an in at a recording studio. It didn't fulfill his dream of writing songs but it was a foot in the door. Established artists were constantly using the studio, if he could get just one of his songs in front of one singer or band it could mean the beginning of everything he worked for. Not long after he started working there Foreigner started recording a stripped down version of their greatest hits. Stacy could still remember Ryan telling her all about how he had stayed after hours at the studio one night to work on some of his stuff. He was in the recording room when Foreigner's bassist came in looking for something he accidentally left. Ryan had no idea he was there or that he could hear him. It wasn't until the bassist walked in and started jamming with him that he realized. Things had moved pretty quickly after that. Ryan began working with the band, they recommended him to other artist and eventually it lead him to Lucas. Ryan didn't tell her a lot about how they came up with "Love Grows" just that it was something he had been working on for awhile. It was about a man's love for a women changing over time. It touched Stacy, judging from the songs success it touched a lot of people, the love the song spoke of was beautiful and strong but there was a sadness in that the man had yet to tell the women he loved her. Stacy had often wondered who the song was about? That Russian ballerina from so many years ago? A girl Ryan met at college? She never asked him. Stacy figured if he wanted to tell her who the women was he would.

Stacy grabbed the bowl of popcorn and headed towards the living room where Renee and Rashaan were waiting for her. They all hoped they were going to watch one of their own, a member of Kids Incorporated, win a Grammy tonight.