Prompt: Fortune Cookie

Pair: Kano Kido

In where Kano receives a fortune cookie and Kido shines bright like a diamond.

A/N: So, I am here in the Kagerou daze. Well, here I go!

Kano Shuuya's eyes twitched involuntarily as he read his fortune cookie.

You will find love in brightest light

How idiotic.

"Kano, are you alright?" said a muffled voice across from him. Kido Tsubomi. Kano wanted to blame his companion for an idiotic fortune, but it was his idea to go to a Chinese restaurant. And why was he obsessed over a dumb fortune.

"Aww! Is Kido worrying over me?" Kano smiled as a mask was put over his face again.

"Let's go," Kido murmured, after receiving their check from the waitress. They left the Chinese restaurant and walked toward the direction of Mary's flower shop. Seto was coming home late so they had to pick her up instead.

Walking around the crowded streets, a bright flash caught Kido's eyes. She wasn't one for diamonds or anything like that. It was anything special, Kido doubted it was even real. It was nothing more than a simple bracelet with 'diamonds'. Something drew the bracelet towards herself. It looked so familiar. Next thing she knew, she was right by the window, staring at the item.

"Does Kido want the bracelet?" She heard a voice behind her ask. Blushing, she willed herself to disappear.

"Uhm, nope." Kano took her hand and lead her inside the shop.

"Hello!" An old voice came toward them. It was an old man, he had glasses, but he was walking like he was still young.

"Hi, I was thinking if we could check out that bracelet with the diamonds by the glass," Kano told the clerk before Kido could day anything.

"Of course!" The old man went to get the bracelet off with care. Kido decided she really wanted it. Why was she so enhanced by this bracelet?

"This bracelet was found in the ruins of a burnt mansion-"

Kido was suddenly interested in the man's story.

"By a wealthy family."

Memories of a fire erupted.

"With the name Kido. We believe this belonged to the eldest daughter."

Kano smiled at the old man, but his grip on Kido tightened. "Yes, I would like to buy it for my dear Tsubomi here." Smiling at Kido, Kano gave one of his honest smiles.

After a few minutes, Kano and Kido were out of the store, Kano gave out a yawn. He took out the bracelet from the tiny bag and placed it on Kido's wrist. "This was your sister's, right?" He looked up at Kido, to find out she had tears in her eyes.

"Calm down, Tsubomi." Kano whispered, rubbing her arms affectionately. He wrapped his arms around her, knowing that Kido was using her eyes. He calmed her down after a few moments. Truthfully, he didn't mind holding her in his arms. But he was nothing but honest.

Kido jumped out of his arms and stood up. Her face covered the sky as the sun rays shone on her face. Her eyes were smiling, even though he lips weren't. It was bright, Kano thought. Then remembered his damn fortune cookie.

He also realized he loved her.

What the heck, he always did.

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*Kano was saying Tsubomi, instead of Kano at the sales man because if he said Kido… Well, ALL the Kidos are supposed dead.