Prompt: School

In which the trio are in school together.

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry for long wait – but now I'm on summer break! I graduated yesterday uwu. Have you guys been following Mekakucity Actors? I can't wait for next week's episode!

This will also be a bit different because they're in school and it's in Seto's POV.

First day of school. Kousuke was scared. Separated from his family and Shuuya, probably Tsubomi as well. (Wait, Kousuke – we're Seto, Kano, and Kido now.) Ayano was helping Kido with her shirt, Kousuke was hugging Kano's arm – which was okay, because Kano was taller than him. Kousuke could see Kido trying tug the skirt down and hear Kano's voice in his head.

Kousuke still couldn't control his Eyes, and he still heard thoughts from people close by.

'Eh, Tsubomi wearing a skirt?'

"Okay, all done!" He heard Ayano say, "Dad, mom! We'll be going now!" Ayano grabbed Kido's hand. Kano slung the bag around him and glanced Kousuke.

"Let go, Kousuke." Kano said to him.

"No," Kousuke answered. Firmly shaking his head. He was going to be separated from him for today, so why couldn't he stay with him just for now?

'I bet he's using his power. I wish he would quit that. My arm is really numb now, Kousuke.'

He saw Kido glare at them from where Ayano was. Kousuke heard Kano sigh. "Fine. Just hold my hand." Kousuke gladly took his brother's hand and started to walk.

They were walking in Ayano's long babbles along with Kido's occasional comments. Kano was firmly holding Kousuke's hand.

They reached the elementary school soon, too soon for Kousuke's opinion. Ayano said goodbye at the front, telling them all that it was just a mission. And she left, along with a guy with black hair. Kido taped Kano's arm, talking which Kousuke paid no attention to. Soon, they were walking inside the building – along with a bunch of other students. He gripped Kano's hand harder, wishing he had his headphones to block the thoughts.

Kousuke then realized they had stopped walking and was now in front of a classroom. "Kousuke, this is your and Tsubomi's class. I'm one grade higher, remember?" Kousuke tried to nod, he let go of Kano's hand and immediately rushed to Kido's side.

Kano was about to leave, when Kido grabbed his hand. "See you at lunch?" She asked.

Kousuke watched the interaction silently, but it didn't seem like that mattered because both of them weren't really paying attention to him anyway.

"Yeah." Kano replied, and walked away. Kido then turned to Kousuke, who was now clinging to her side.

"Kousuke, the teacher will be here soon. Just wait okay – I'm sure we'll be able to sit next to each othe- Ah!"

The bell had rang. Kido was now clutching Kousuke and vice versa – it was really a bad idea to let them stay with each other. The teacher then opened the door for them to enter.

Kido regained her composure, and lead Kousuke into the classroom. The teacher introduced them – and they received a fair amount of attention, much to their chagrin.

"Okay class, this is Kido Tsubomi and Seto Kousuke. They can both sit in the back row." Said the teacher. Kousuke followed Kido around. They sat and class began.

Kousuke desperately wanted to hold Tsu – Kido's hand. Or even Kano's hand.

Class had started, and Kousuke felt like crying again.

It was time for lunch. Kido stood up, holding a large bento box, and motioned Kousuke to stand up as well. "C'mon. We need to get Kano. He doesn't even have his lunch with him."

'And I bet he won't eat it if he knew I made it.'

Kousuke looked puzzled, but shrugged off Kido's thoughts as he walked with her. While they were walking, he felt something slip in his pocket. He took it out, it was Kido's iPod. "Use it." He heard Kido say, and Kousuke didn't feel like crying anymore. He put the earbuds on.

They reached Kano's class – it was loud. He saw Kido's face darken, so he peered above her shoulder. There was Kano, center of attention, laughing and talking with a bunch of classmates around him. Kousuke felt happy that he couldn't hear their thoughts at the moment.

Kido was by the door, her hand was shaking. Kousuke really didn't understand why. But he took in her hand in his, because holding hands always makes him feel better. He led her inside Kano's classroom and Kousuke felt light, he was helping others, it was brave.

He was right behind Kano now, who didn't notice the two behind them. Kousuke stood on his toes, and tapped Kano's shoulder. "Kano – let's eat." While he was talking, he took off his earbuds so her could hear Kano's response.

Kano turned, and Kousuke saw a couple of girls behind him. "Kousuke, Tsubomi?"

'Is that a bento? I hope Ayano Nee-chan made it!'

'Who are those people?'

'That girl – what kind of connection do they have to Shuuya-Kun.'

'I bet their not even that close.'

"We were supposed to eat, idiot." Kousuke heard Kido say. "You didn't even bring your lunch onee-chan prepared."

Kousuke immediately put his earbuds back on. He didn't want to hear those people anymore. Kano was talking now, but Kousuke couldn't hear him.

Kido and Kano started to walk, Kousuke looked at the group that once surrounded Kano, and he started to jog to catch up with his older siblings. Once they were out of the classroom, Kousuke took his earbuds out.

As usual, they were arguing. Something about talking to people and remembering stuff, but Kousuke was used to these kind of arguments so he paid no mind.

'I wonder if I get her mad enough, her skirt will flip.'

Kousuke turned bright red at Kano's thought.

'Idiot, I'll just give him his lunch and walk out with Kousuke.'

'She's jealous. Right?'

'And he won't even know I cooked out lunch today.'

'I really hope she'd jealous or talking to those girls was not worth it.'

"Oh, whatever." Kido's voice interrupting the thoughts Kousuke was hearing. "Here, me and Kousuke will just sit in the classroom to eat. You can go back to your friends." Kido handed Kano a box wrapped in black cloth.

Kido then grabbed Kousuke's hand and led him back to the classroom. They sat down in silence, Kido gave Kousuke his food, wrapped in green cloth. Kido was eating silently.

Kousuke didn't want to pry, but he thinks this is a similar situation in one of those shoujo animes Ayano likes so much. So Kousuke doesn't pry. If he does, they might not get together.

He chews on his food, savoring the taste. "It tastes good." He says to Kido, who smiles and vaguely blushes.

"Thank you…" Kousuke sees her picking her food.

"You cooked it right?" Kousuke is listening to a song through his left earbud, the other one he took out.

Kido nods.

'If only that idiot will like the food I cook for him'

Kousuke wonders how he got in this situation.

Their walking home, Ayano was waiting for them by the gates. Kousuke is so happy, he jumps into her arms. "Ayano!"

"Kousuke! How was your day in school?" She asks, hugging him back.

"It was okay, I really don't like it. But learning new things are pretty cool. And I also really liked our food for lunch!"

Kido was now beside Ayano, Kano was walking towards them. Ayano raises an eyebrow at Kousuke, which he responds by putting his finger on his mouth, telling her he won't tell her just yet.

Kano is now next to them. Ayano asks him, "How was your lunch?"

"It was great Ayano! Wow, I didn't know you could cook that well! I mean, you cook a lot of sweets – but traditional food! Wow!"

Ayano was now confused and Kido was scarlet. Kousuke wanted to giggle at the stupid situation. He felt like he was in terrible shoujo manga.

"What do you mean-" Ayano began, but was cut off by Kido, who was still red.

"Yeah, Ayano. It was great. Thanks for cooking it."

Kousuke had a dumb smiled on his face as he dragged Ayano back to their home. Shuuya and Tsubomi can deal with their relationship on their own.