"So are we going tonight?" Brian whispered in Dom's ears as they watched Elena and Mia play with Jack. Dom's response was nudging Brian in the rib.

"Why excited to lose?" Brian chuckled, which gained the attention of Mia and Elena.

"If anything I'm excited to win. Plus, it's been a month since we last raced; things must have changed." Dom agreed with a nod.

"How bout tonight?" Dom asked. For months since they settled in Spain they had been having a boys night out at the races. They both agreed that they were done with that life; but some habits die hard.


Later that night, after tucking in and giving a kiss to both of the most important people in his life. Brian stealthily slithered away to the night life of the downtown area and race central. When he got there the place was more packed with new faces and skirts flaunting their assets. But Brian's eyes were focused on winning and on the memories of his new baby and wife. He easily found the sturdy Dom surrounded by girls. He didn't seem to be interested either.

"Word is there's a new champion." Dom said.

"So where is he?" Brian asked looking around for the cockiness that he would beat tonight.

"Well boys, he is a she actually." Said Juan behind them. He was the man to talk to about getting races and bets started and Dom and Brian never forgot to tip him when their night had ended.

"She came around the same time that you guys bounced and she's been grabbing everything up. Money and slips." Dom was impressed that from the words of a witness of his greatness he praised this newbie so highly.

"So where is she? I wanna meet the new champ." Juan nodded and went to go get her.

"We've been gone for just one month and this girl has erased our existence. She must be good. I call first race." Brian jumped at the opportunity.

Juan returned with girl who left her marks on the streets.

"Dom and Brian, this is Letty. Letty, Dom and Brian." Their eyes bugles out of their sockets as they saw Letty in the flesh in front of them. But, no one was more surprised than Dom.

"Nice to meet you." She said reaching out her hand.