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Where: Roy's room at Kadic; when: two week after the concert at 4 in the morning; point of view: Roy Johnson's

It always started the same. One moment I would be walking down the stairs for dinner; the next I'm standing on the lawn listening to my parents scream as the house was consumed by flames. Only this time mixed in with their cries were those of my friends. All I can do is stand there on the lawn watching as the building crumbles to ash. Suddenly I'm standing in the wreckage staring at the bodies. The stench is overwhelming; it's….Beep... Beep… Beep…

I wake in a cold sweat. That dream has haunted me for over a week now and I have yet to figure out how to get rid of it. But I can't worry about that now considering that my phone won't shut up.

"It's four in the morning Einstein." I say still reeling from my dream. "Even X.A.N.A doesn't attack this early!"

"I just thought you'd like to know that Aelita's materialization program is ready but if you have better things to do…."

"Wait what!" I exclaimed unable to contain my disbelief. Jeremy had been working night and day on materializing my cousin Aelita but I never thought it would be ready this fast.

"I just ran the final test a few minutes ago and the program is ready to be installed to the super computer. I figure we can run the program today after school. Now all we need to do is begin plan alpha." Jeremy replied.

Plan alpha involved Yumi convincing her parents to allow Aelita to stay with them while Odd and Ulrich enroll her at Kadic with falsified documents provided by Jeremy. Since this plan was created before I joined the group there was nothing for me to do.

"Alright Jeremy, pass this information on to the others at breakfast. Don't think I'll make it to class today but I'll meet you at the factory after school." I said hanging up the phone. After getting dressed I began the long walk out of the building to the Hermitage.

Point of view: Odd in Jeremy's room after completing plan alpha

"Hey where's Roy?" I ask while Jeremy tried to contact Aelita.

"He's probably at the Hermitage again." Ulrich replied. Following Roy's past being published in the school news paper; he'd often skip class and spend the day at the old abandoned building. Annoyingly it didn't seem to affect his grades that much.

"I still don't understand why he insists on spending all that time in that old house." I said baffled.

"It's probably because that old house is the only link he has to his long lost uncle." Yumi answered just as Aelita's face appeared on Jeremy's computer screen.

Meanwhile at the Hermitage; Roy's P.O.V

It's amazing what you can find in old houses, like hidden rooms for example. I discovered it completely by accident when I first started skipping class. I had just walked into one of the bedrooms when I noticed that it looked smaller than the rest. Closer investigation revealed a hidden doorway in the closet which led to a whole other room containing various half finished machines and computers. I briefly considered showing Jeremy what I found but quickly brushed the idea aside. Jeremy was burning himself out as it is without all this junk to thrown into the mix. I've got to admit though, as far as junk goes this was some top of the line equipment. There were enough computers in this room to start World War 3, not to mention the piles of discarded electronics. To top it all off there were even instruments hidden around the place. So far I'd found a keyboard, a baritone saxophone, and a clarinet. As it happens, I was in the middle of practicing the Bari sax when my phone went off.

"Hey Jeremy, what's up?" I asked putting down the instrument.

"X.A.N.A. knows we're going to matererialize Aelita." Jeremy explained. "Meet us at the factory."

"I'm on my way." I said hanging up the phone as a sprinted out of the Hermitage. Finally my cousin would be rematerialized back into the real world. Aelita was one of my last living relatives excluding…

"Whoa Roy! Don't think about them remember?" I muttered as I made my way to the factory. "They don't want anything to do with you anymore."

At the factory Odd's P.O.V

Once the elevator doors opened Jeremy ran to his chair.

"Aelita's at the tower but it looks like X.A.N.A's already rolled out the welcome wagon." Jeremy said as he started typing in codes.

"Hey where's Roy?" I asked looking around. "Wasn't he supposed to meet us here?" Suddenly the elevator doors opened again. Roy stood there gasping for air.

"I…. really…. need to…. invest in… a bike or something…." Roy said between breaths.

"Head down to the scanners." Jeremy said without looking up from the monitors. "I'll try to virtualize you guys as close to the tower as I can."

"Got it Jeremy." Yumi said as we headed back into the elevator.

"Yay, more running." Roy sighed cracking his neck.

"Did you seriously run all the way from the Hermitage?" I asked as the elevator descended.

"Yep." Roy replied as we reached the scanners. "See you on the other side."

"Scanner Odd, Scanner Ulrich, Scanner Yumi, Transfer Odd, Transfer Ulrich, Transfer Yumi. Virtualization.

Roy's P.O.V

After waiting for the rest of the gang to get virtualized I stepped into the scanners for what would hopefully be the last time. One virtualization process later and I was on Lyoko.

"Over here!" Yumi shouted gesturing for me to head over to a hollow tree.

"What's the plan?" I asked joining the rest of the gang.

"There are four blocks and five of us." Yumi explained. "Roy and I will take the two on the left, Odd and Ulrich you take the two on the right."

"Sounds good to me." I replied pulling out my revolver. Seconds later the four of us were charging down two separate paths towards the blocks. Needless to say they never stood a chance.

"That was way too easy." I said placing the still smoking revolver back into its holster.

"Just think guys, this could be the last tower." Odd said looking towards the tower.

"Don't say things like that man." I replied shaking my head.

"Why not?" Odd asked.

"Haven't you ever heard of a jinx?" I replied. "It's like saying 'what could possibly go wrong?' And then naturally something goes wrong."

"I'm starting up the materialization program now." Jeremy said. There was silence following this statement and the sound of….. Was that music? "Oh, no! I grabbed one of Odd's dumb videos instead of the program. I'm going to have to run back to my room and find the right disk."

"Ok Jeremy." Yumi replied as he took of the head set.

"You made a video?" Ulrich asked looking at Odd.

"Ya, and I thought it was pretty good too." Odd replied.

"What's it called?" I asked intrigued.

"'Big Big, Big Dance." Odd answered sounding proud of his work. I turned to Ulrich.

"When this is all over, remind me to never watch that video."

"No problem." Ulrich replied as we all entered the tower.

Forty five minutes later

"Jeremy can you hear us?" Aelita asked hoping for a response. I could see the panic in her eyes as she turned to us. "Where could he be?"

"Forty five minutes is a long time to get a CD." Ulrich admitted.

"I hope nothing happened to him." Yumi added.

"Come on; stop being so gloom and doom. Don't panic, I'm sure everything's cool." Odd replied nonchalantly. Suddenly the tower as shook violently.

"Odd! What did I say about jinxing us?!" I exclaimed as we ran out of the tower. Outside a megatank was preparing to fire another beam at the tower. "I thought those blocks were a little too easy." The megatank fired at Odd, who dodged the attack.

"Now who's jinxing who?" Odd said firing a laser arrow at the target. Unfortunately the megatank closed before the arrow could hit its mark.

"Let's call it even." I replied drawing my Calvary saber.

"Aelita, is everything ok?" we heard Jeremy ask. Finally! I couldn't help but wonder what the heck took him so long. Sadly answers would have to wait as the megatank prepared to fire once more.

"Follow me Odd!" Yumi exclaimed as they raced towards the megatank. As I watched, the megatank devirtualized Yumi and then Odd as he tried to take a shot at it.

"I guess it's just you and me, Ulrich." I said right before a blast from the megatank devirtualized me as well. By the time I exited the scanners Yumi and Odd were already waiting for the elevator.

"Well that was fun." I said as the elevator opened.

"You and I have two very different definitions of fun." Odd replied as the elevator rose.

"Ah come on! Live a little. If you're going to be defeated in battle at least go out in a blaze of glory!" I laughed.

"Did you?" Yumi asked wondering what happened after she was devirtualized.

"Well…. No, not really." I admitted with a shrug. Finally the elevator reached its destination.

"Jeremy! Ulrich is…." Odd said rushing forward when he suddenly stopped.

"Jim?!" Yumi exclaimed clearly shocked.

"It's ok; Jim's a member of the group now." Jeremy explained as he continued typing in the materialization program.

"I'm not the only one shocked by this, right." I asked looking at Yumi and Odds' expressions. "Ok, good I thought it was just me."

"Ulrich watch out behind you!" Jeremy shouted into the head set while the rest of us were still trying to process the whole 'Jim's a part of the group thing.' "You have to protect the tower!"

"Jeremy the tower won't hold out much longer!" Aelita exclaimed from a window on screen.

"Hold on Aelita, I just need a few more seconds." Jeremy said placing the finishing touches on the code. From the head set we could hear Ulrich fighting the megatank. By the sounds of it the megatank was winning.

"I hate to break it to you Jeremy but I don't think you have a few more seconds!" I pointed out as Ulrich's life points started to decrease.

"Are you ready Aelita?" Jeremy asked booting up the program.

"I'm ready Jeremy."

"Here we go." Jeremy pressed a button on the keyboard as Ulrich was devirtualized. "Code Earth."

We all held our breath as the program activated and began materializing Aelita. The next thing I know we're all rushing down to the scanner room waiting for one of them to open.

"Please work." I whisper so quietly even I can barley hear it. Finally the scanner in the middle opens. Lying at the bottom is my cousin Aelita.

"Welcome home cousin." I said as Jeremy helped her up.

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