Chapter 1

The lion king : kovu and Kiara's Journey

It was a beautiful autumn's day and Simba was sitting at the top of pride rock looking out at his kingdom. The sun had set on his time as king and has risen with Kovu as the new king. Today was Kovu and Kiara's coronation, today they would become the new king and queen. Simba sighed and started to head back down to the base of pride rock. When he reached the bottom he saw Nala, Kovu, Kiara, Vitani and Kopa. Simba walked over to Nala and sat down beside her. They all watched as Kovu and Kiara ascended to the throne, first Kovu roared then Kiara and then everyone else roared in response to their new king and queen. Three months after the coronation and Kovu and Kiara are expecting a cub. Kovu stepped out of the den and saw Simba sitting at the edge of pride rock he walked over to the former king and sat beside him. "Any news about the cub" asked Simba as looked out onto the savannah
"Yes it's a healthy baby boy and his name is Tojo" answered Kovu

"Well" said Simba "that's good news"
"Any news on Vitani's cub"."Yes" said Kovu "It's a healthy baby girl and her name is Cara". Kovu paused then continued "I just hope nothing bad happens to them when they are old enough to leave the den". "Well then" said Simba "We will just need to wait and see won't we". "Yes we will" replied Kovu. They both sighed and walked back to the den wondering what the future would hold for the cubs.

This is prequel to the lion king : Tojo's Journey telling the story of Simbas death

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