Chapter 7

The lion king : Kovu and Kiara's Journey

The was high in the sky by the time the pride woke up, as soon as the pride woke up they gathered around simba hoping that what rafiki said hadn't been true the den was silent until the young prince spoke " grampa come on get up, grampa, p-please g-get up". kovu looked at his son in sympathy and said "tojo he's gone, he's joined the great kings I'm sorry my son but he's gone".

Tojo looked up at his father and said " he's not coming back is he". kovu just looked at his son, there was so much pain in the cubs eyes that the king stormed over to kopa and said " i have decided to pass judgment on what you have done to simba". kopa just looked at kovu and said " well what are you going to do". kovu just snarled at the off-white prince and said " kopa son of simba and nala brother of kiara husband of vitani father of cara, you are here-by exiled for the murder of the former king and attempted murder of the king, you have till the sun sets to leave the pridelands or you will be killed". as soon as kopa heard this he bolted out of the den and the pride never saw him after that.

Kovu looked at the animals gathered at the base of pride rock and sighed he then roared to tell the animals that simba was dead and all the animals bowed their heads in sorrow, kovu stopped roaring and looked back down at the animals with tears streaming down his face and started to cry and cried out " SIMBA". the reason kovu cried out simba's name was because simba was like a father to him and he was lost without the mighty lion king simba and he just didn't know what to, deep in his thoughts one memory came up that kovu loved the most out of all the memories that he and simba were like father and son.


Simba and kovu were walking through the savannah when simba pounced on kovu and started to wrestle with him the way a father would wrestle with his son, kovu managed to get simba off of him and started to run and simba chased the young lion not knowing that a couple of years later they would be torn apart like simba and mufasa were.

Flashback ends

Kovu smiled a sad smile at the memory and then realised another sad roar but this one was much different from the first one, no this one was filled with more pain than the pride lands had heard the king truly had lost the only father he had even though simba wasn't kovu's real father the mighty lion king was the only one kovu had and he would miss himand from that day forward kovu swore that if he ever saw kopa again whether it's in the pride lands or the outlands he would pay for what he had done to simba and his son for kovu knew how close tojo was to simba and it tore the kings heart just to see his son in so much pain and that was the day that changed and became the king simba always knew he could be. When kovu first met simba after him and kiara excaped from the crocidiles he saw a sparkle in them that reminded him of kopa before the off-white prince was attacked by zira and had changed forever, now even though kovu was a cub then he knew by the was simba was trying to act like he hated him kovu knew that just by the look simba had in his eyes that day, that the mighty lion king knew that what the mighty lion king saw in the brown cub was not the same darkness that scar had but the same goodness his daughter had and knew no matter how much he tried to prevent kovu and kiara from being together their love would win and that kovu would make a great king, kovu didn't know it then but he knew in now, the mighty lion king simba truly had faith and hope in him that his own mother never had in him.

When kovu stopped his second roar he just went back to the den and went to sleep because the funeral had somehow lasted all day. Just as kovu was about to close his eyes he felt something small and furry curl up in his paws, so he kept his eyes open to see that his son was actually sleeping with him and kiara for tojo always slept with simba and it made kovu both sad and happy that his son chose to sleep with the king and queen instead of sleeping on his own.

I know it's sad but this chapter wasn't only about simbal death but a tribute to my dad, who died on march 15th ten years ago and this year on march 15th marks the 11th anniversary of his death


Hedley walter brown

Always loved

Though we're torn apart. Through grief, through sorrow, through pain i know that

through every leaf, through every tomorrow, through every gain

i know that in our hearts we'll never part.