Chapter 8

The Lion King : Kovu and Kiara's Journey

The sun rose on the horizon for the first time without Simba, the hunting party had woken up and started to hunt their breakfast at the dens entrance sat king kovu with his son prince Tojo gazing at the savannah the young prince turned his head and looked up at his father and said "you never answered my question last night".

The brown king looked down at his son and said "and what question would that be my son". suddenly Tojo angrily snarled at his father and said shouting "YOU KNOW WHAT QUESTION". Kovu looked at his son in surprise and said "Tojo do not raise your voice at me and i can assure you i have no idea what question you are talking about". Tojo was now furious at his father how could he forget that Simba died last night and once again the young prince snarled at his father and shouted "YES YOU DO It'S THE QUESTION ABOUT GRAMPA, WELL DAD HUH WELL ANSWER ME".

Kovu then snarled at his son startling the cub and shouted startling the cub further "WHAT TOJO WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY YES SIMBA IS NOT HERE WELL SON". Tojo snapped out of his fear and shouted back at his father "JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION". Kovu then roared at his son "WHAT QUESTION TOJO HUH WHICH ONE".

the shouting match continued between father and son both unaware that the whole of the pridelands was watching them and then the pridelanders hear Tojo shout "THE ONE ABOUT GRAMPA". then they heard Kovu shout "WHICH QUESTION ABOUT YOUR GRANDFATHER". Tojo now with tears in his eyes sobbed shouting "HE'S NOT NOT COMING BACK IS HE WELL DAD IS HE". Kovu still unable to bare seeing his son cry said "No". Tojo looked at his father with tears streaming down his face and ran away from priderock.

Kovu surprised by his sons actions ran after him "TOJO WHERE ARE YOU SON COME ON LOOK I'M SORRY ALRIGHT THIS IS HARD ON ME TO". then Kovu stopped running and gave one last roar before retuning to priderock "TOJO".

And that was the last time kovu saw his son By the time Kovu got back to priderock is was already night fall cause the king had walked slowly back to priderock and when he reached the royal bed he saw his mate looking hopefully at him and said "Kovu, where's Tojo i thought he was with you". Kovu took a deep breath and said "Kiara, Tojo's run away i looked everywhere for him and couldn't find him". Kiara sighed and said "well he has probably went some where to morn daddy but don't worry we will find him ". Kovu lay down next to his mate and said "how can you be so calm about this our son is missing and your calm". Kiara took a deep breath and said "it's a mothers instinct that i know that my son is ok and I'm scared to death that something might happen but worrying and panicking isn't going to help now lets go to sleep ". Kovu just sighed and said "yeah i know but shouldn't we go look for h-". Kovu was cut off by his mates claws waving in front of his face the king gulped nervously and said "yeah l-lets go t-to sleep". and with that said the king,queen and the rest of the pride went to sleep hoping that the young prince was ok.

So tell me what you think and sorry for the long wait but i have had school in the way so i couldn't update anyway here's chapter 8. what will kovu do now that Tojo has run away will kovu be able to convince his son to come home or will Tojo refuse and exile himself from the pridelands or will kovu lose his son forever. You'll have to wait and find out. Don't forget to rate and review