Hell out there! I know, I should work on my other stories, not start a new one, but I don´t really have ideas for most of them. You´ll get a new chapter for "Teen Avengers" and "Reading in Remembrance in this year, I promise!

This will also be a short story, just six or seven shorter chapters. Every Avenger (and Spiderman) will be featured. Well, Thor not really. But I´ll try to bring him in in the end.

PoV Steve

You see, I never wanted to be a boggart. Nobody I know wanted to be that. Showing everybody their greatest fears is not what makes you fell loved by other species. Wizards hunted us down. When I was five, I got a rare, no unique, chance. One of the kinder wizards, a Harry Potter, and a witch, a Hermonie Granger, listened to me long enough, that I could explain how our species feels. They never told me why, though. They spelled me, so that I could be the greatest fear of the person or group I focused on, not the person in front of me. They changed the memories of a young couple, so they belived I was their son. I decided to become the fear of most men at that time. A scrawny son, who liked reading and drawing more than playing outside.I had a very good time growing up. I was loved by my "parents". Okay, I was bullied in school, but that was okay. When I was a bit older, WWII broke out. I joined the army and you all know the rest of the story. One thing I forgot. Steve Rogers is not my real name. It is Ijla Iwan.

I said it would be short, didn´t I? Iwan is not the last name, by the way. I tried to find a fitting one, but I couldn´t, so boggarts don´t give last names. I don´t know if the amazing JKR intened something like this, but I don´t actually care. Which brings me to:


Me: St-, I mean Ijla, would you do that, please?

Ijla Iwan/Steven Grant Rogers/Captain America: Okay, Marvelgeek42 does not own the Avengers, boggarts or anything else you may recodnize.

Me: Thank you. And guys, do you want Clint, Natasha or Bruce next? Thor doesn´t get one and Tony´s has to be the last. Shit. AN is longer than chapter. Forgive me, please!