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Concering the sequel:

I've finished the first Chapter and started the second one, but I can't decide if I want to publish it now or later, so I made a poll.

I'll close at Halloween or if as many people as are currenty following this story voted.

I'm also looking for a beta

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UPDATE: I'll leave the poll open until Christmas in hope that I finish one or two of my fics (which are not only on this website). Also, the people who said that they would beta, please actually send me a PM. I need to know who you are to let you beta. Anyone responding this week will get send Chapter 1 immeadtly, others after Christmas.

UPDATE: I've decided I'll post it at a later date so I'll have less work and a chance to change things. I'm still waiting for anyone wanting to beta, even if three people said they would in the poll.

UPDATE: As I have been informed that it's not allowed to have just an note as the Chapter, you get to read a teaser! It is not finished editing yet and I really need someone to beta read.

Tony's life had changed a lot since S.H.I.E.L.D and the other Avengers found out each others secrets.

In the last month the billionaire and his friend Amir had analyzed and minimalized his tech. Parts which filled his whole head at the moment, are going to take the size of a thumb, in the next 'model'. So they transferred some stuff which is in his body right now in the head, Tony's head. The new space was filled with weapons, flight stabilizers and such stuff.

They also kept the reactor, because not only it powered the suit, it would kind of have made the whole thing obvious, because Tony was not exactly hiding it.

The part that made him feel scared was to transfer his program to the next model, the next him. What if they messed it up and he was left up unable to speak or move?

But they tried it.

When they did, Tony was nervous. Amir stayed with him, of course, not only because he had to transfer his mind. Pepper also joined them, as did Rhodey. The other Avengers didn't even know, because they never asked what they did. Their own fault.

Tony put himself on standby. The last thing he saw were Pepper and Rhodeys' worried faces.

Guest: (Chapter 1) That was badly formulated. I meant Tony had to be last of the Avengers who are/were once human in cannon.

(Chapter 3) It is, yeah.

(Chapter 8) Yes, he would. I forgot the name. In the sequel he will be adressed as such.