a/n: hi, this is my very first fanfiction. i'm really sorry that i like to be vague, but hopefully time will clear up any questions you might have. If not? send me a message, i promise i don't bite.

He was losing it. The bar was reaching cacophonous levels. The slamming of doors and bottles, the whine of electricity coursing through light bulbs, the rumbling of human voices mixed with the jarring thud of music like thunder on a distant plain. Then there was the constant overlapping thud thud of the heartbeats of the patrons in the bar. He couldn't take it anymore. Sliding off the barstool, he placed a wad of cash on the counter and walked out the door.

Outside, it was bitterly cold. At least, that's what he surmised from the various couples huddled together, their breath pooling into clouds of mist in front of their faces. He didn't feel much lately, except for the cold. Taking a deep, unnecessary breath, he continued down the alley next to the bar, stumbling every few steps. He was lost in thought, weak from hunger, just a tiny bit drunk, and still reeling from the tumultuous noise leaking from the bar.

Suddenly, he was slammed against the wall and had a syringe full of what could only be dead man's blood jammed into his neck. Glaring at the fuzzy form of his attacker, he slowly slipped toward unconsciousness. His last thoughts were of his giant moose of a brother. A brother long gone. A brother he had failed. Again. Sighing, he allowed the hazy blackness to claim him.