Title: Toretto Enterprises, INC.

Author: Desi.

Rating: M+

Summary: AU. Dominic is the designer suit-wearing founder and CEO of his own company with a filthy secret. Letty was his chief marketing officer until he fell in love with her quick wit and sharp tongue. Little did she know what she was in for when she in love with him. A bit dark.

Disclaimer: I do not own F&F. Duh.

Author's Note: This is the product of reading 50 Shades of Grey in one day. The chapters (and some portions of other chapters) that are written in italics are flashbacks to the beginning of Dom and Letty's relationship. There might be some super-light BDSM in this story, but nothing major as I've never done anything like this before. Enjoy.

Chapter One

"Ah, shit. We've got the gala tonight." Dominic Toretto mentioned to his wife. His left thumb swiped up and down as he read the reminder email on his smartphone. With his right hand, he drank black coffee from a beautifully, handpainted ceramic mug.

He stood against the kitchen island, multi-tasking between his newspaper, email and breakfast.

"Hm. I know. I was the one that send the email, honey." The brunette couldn't contain the amusement that played over her Latina features.

"Did you now?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, your memory isn't too good in your old age, now is it, Toretto?" She smirked at him over her mug of coffee then took a sip. Of all the talents that Leticia Ortiz-Toretto possessed, pushing her husband's buttons was her favorite and most used one. Though he was just barely four years her senior, it pleased her to remind him that she was a fetus when he was about to begin preschool.

Feigning annoyance, Dom sat his coffee, firmly, down onto the countertop. Walking halfway around the slate marble island to where she was, Dominic gave a sound slap to her behind before continuing on his way to the refrigerator.

"If you're going to spank me, you could at least make it hurt." She teased him. Her cool demeanor didn't give away the sweet blossom of desire that was suddenly unfurling deep within her.

Hand on the fridge's handle, Dominic froze and turned back to her. "So, you want kink for breakfast." It was a statement, rather than a question.

Shrugging noncommittally, Letty smirked but said nothing. And as he made his way back to her, his front just barely brushing her back, she flipped the page of her newspaper, ignoring him.

His left hand ghosted up the back of her thigh, taking her satin nightgown with it, slowly exposing her tanned ass. Still, she sipped from her coffee, pretending that his actions weren't affecting her in any way. Leticia turned yet another page of her newspaper. One arm wrapped around her waist while he used his free hand to caress, then squeeze, one cheek of her ass. And then the other. Dom's hand left the smooth expanse of her skin before reconnecting, with a nice, hard, SLAP!

"Unh!" Letty groaned.

Finally, Dom noticed, she sat her coffee mug down and her hands braced themselves on the edge of the counter. Just in time for the next hit. And another. And once more before Leticia realized that she was practically bent over the kitchen island, pushing her ass back towards him.

She wanted more. Way more. She wanted him. Needed him, really. And, sweet Jesus, she'd be lying if she said she wasn't wet.

And he knew it. Dominic slipped a finger downwards, happy that she'd donned nothing else but her robe after her morning shower. He felt the slippery essence that was all her. He closed his eyes, briefly, to relish in the fact that she was always ready for him.

But, alas, work called.

So he stopped.

"Look at the time," he breathed. "Company won't run itself."

Breezily, as if they'd just been chatting about the weather, Dominic moved away from her, picking up his mug of lukewarm coffee and headed towards their bedroom to dress for the day.

The brunette's jaw dropped.

Surely he wasn't serious! He didn't really have any intention of leaving her so... bothered... did he?

But she'd been married to him quite long enough to know that this was their game. While Letty would be paying for it during day, it was Dominic who would realize his little joke backfired when they returned home in the evening.

Getting her bearings, Letty gathered her newspaper and coffee as well and started for their bedroom as well.

Thirty-two-year-old Dominic Toretto had owned Toretto Enterprises, Incorporated for nine-and-a-half years. While the company's main focus dealt in cars, they took on side projects from time to time, as well; building networking friendships with car-inspired energy drinks, children's charities, sponsoring NASCAR drivers, investing in small businesses, the list went on.

He'd done well for himself. His small high school dreams of making money while doing what he loved -being around cars- became Dom's huge reality. Though in his dream he was getting engine grease under his fingernails, Dominic realized that the turnabout wasn't too shabby.

And so, he sat at his desk, holding up two different color bow-ties, one black and the other grey, trying to decide which would be better for the formal gala later that evening. He was interrupted by his intercom buzzing in.

"Mr. Toretto, Mrs. Ortiz-Toretto to see you."

Dom smirked as he leaned over to respond. "Tell her I'm busy."

Three. Two. One, Dom counted in his head. The door to his office swung open, anyway, and in walked his wife. Her tailored black ensemble gave him momentary pause. He didn't get a chance to see her finished look that morning as he was already running late.

In head-to-toe black, Leticia was the epitome of a corporate goddess. She'd paired a black, chiffon shirt with a fitted blazer that was buttoned, professionally, over top of black tailored slacks and black, heeled booties. Her dark hair was pulled back to just below the crown of her head in her signature, sleek, straight ponytail. The brown in her eyes was highlighted by the dark eyeliner and mascara she wore. The only piece of jewelry: her eight-hundred-thousand-dollar wedding ring and band.

"Close your mouth, honey. You'll catch flies." She purred, taking a seat in one of the two visitor chairs in his large office. Dominic's mouth snapped shut, and his eyes narrowed.

"I'm a bit busy, Leticia."

Letty's eyes dropped down to the two bow-ties in his desk. She raised an eyebrow and looked back up at her husband. "The black one."

"That was my choice, too."

"Although," she seemed to ponder her next statement, "perhaps you should get the grey one as well. I'm sure we can think of somewhere to... wear it."

If only slightly, Dominic's eyes widening, but only for a nanosecond, before he returned to his calm composure. Leaning back in his chair, Dom steepled his fingers in front of his face and grinned at his wife.

"What else can I do for you, Mrs. Toretto?"

"It's Ortiz-Toretto, and I want to know why you haven't signed and returned my proposal for the 'Furious' energy drink."

Letty was hired as the chief marketing officer of Toretto Enterprises, Inc. two years after the company had begun. It was the peak of Dom's career and the company itself, where both were establishing themselves in the competitive world of global enterprise. She'd waltzed into his office, all arrogance, business and beauty, demanding to know why he wasn't taking full advantage of being 'the most quickly rising enterprise in, not only the greater Los Angeles area, but ultimately, the world'. In her interview, she'd made him chuckle, which was a bonus... but Letty had also posed a challenge.

One that he spent the following four years attempting to win: her heart.

Sighing, Dom dropped his playful attitude, suddenly all business. "I just don't think we should launch our own line of energy drinks when we're already paired with NOS and Full Throttle. That, in itself, was a feat because they're already competitors, Leticia."

Staring impassively at him for a few heartbeats, Letty finally stood up. "I don't have a dress for the gala."

"Wait, that's it? About the drinks?"

"Oh, baby. When you're right, you're right." She smiled sweetly.

Too sweetly, Dom noticed. He sighed.

"You have hundreds of dresses from hundreds of galas."

"We're in the society pages, mi amor. I can't wear the same thing twice." She teased. "I'm taking the rest of the day off."

Dominic looked at his watch. It was only lunchtime. "Fine, but I have one request."

"You may request."

Dom leaned forward, crossing his hands on his polished, mahogany desk. "Red silk or satin."

Making her way to the door, Letty knew what her husband was referring to. She pressed down on the silver hand of the door before looking over her shoulder at him.

"I hadn't planned on wearing anything underneath my dress."

Leticia enjoyed the sight of Dominic's jaw dropping once more before she made her leave. The naughty little minx!

"That woman is going to the death of me," muttered Dom as he tried to mentally will away his oncoming erection.

The Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel, 8:00PM

Letty was distracted by the flashing lights and gorgeous gowns and tuxedos as men and women entered hotel for the gala. She was distracted. Until...

"The things I'd like to do to you in that dress." Dominic muttered into his wife's ear.

The black, gown she wore had to be his new favorite. With its white bead-embroidered bodice that looked more like a corset, the brunette's breasts were pushed up just enough to give Dominic a tantalizing view. The front of the dress came just above her knees, showing off her toned legs and killer black pumps, while the chiffon back flowed down to the floor, leaving a short train. Dom hadn't been able to tear his eyes away from her crossed legs since he'd gotten into the car.

As their black town car pulled up to the front of the luxury hotel, Letty turned back towards the window to hide her pleased grin. She liked dressing up, if only for the reaction of her husband.

"I wasn't aware you were into cross-dressing, dear."

For what seemed like the hundredth time in twenty-four hours, Dom's jaw nearly hit the floor as she twisted his words.

"There's that smart mouth that's always getting you in trouble." He reached over and slowly caressed her thigh before squeezing it gently. "I love it."

"Hmm." Letty smiled and tapped the side of her nose, as if she had a secret. "Yes, well, the things you could have done to me this morning," she reminded him. The low groan that escaped Dominic's mouth did not go unnoticed; obviously he was kicking himself for his little stunt.

"Forgive me."

Before his wife could respond, their personal driver, Jack opened the door on Dominic's side.

"Sir." Jack announced.

"Thanks, Jack." Dom patted the man on his shoulder before putting his hand out to assist his wife out of the car. She put her hand in his and allowed him to help her out. "No later than eleven, Jack."

"Very well, Mr. Toretto."

Making their way into the hotel, Dom and Letty were immediately ushered to the Grand Ballroom by a uniformed staff member.

Inside the warmly lit ballroom, dozens of circular tables were immaculately set up for a fancy dinner. Fine chinaware, exquisite crystal water and wine goblets and the reddest long-stemmed roses in crystal vases in the center of every table. Letty gave a brief glance around the spectacular room, taking in the vintage chandeliers on the ceiling, the built-in, red oak stage where a live jazz band played a soothing melody while people floated from table to table, mingling.

Suddenly, she was reminded to be grateful for what she had. She had not grown up in this world. Neither had Dominic.

"Mr. Toretto, a picture, please?" Leticia heard a man's voice. She turned when she felt Dominic gently pull her closer to his body. Placing a hand to Dom's chest, they looked at the camera, giving their warmest smiles.

The next twenty minutes consisted of them talking to people from the company, shaking hands, giving and receiving compliments.

"Toretto, I haven't seen you on the racetrack lately." A tall, muscular man stated, seriously, though his eyes twinkled with a teasing nature.

"Councilman Hobbs, I don't know if I can keep up. You've been having a good season."

"Even more reason for you to come out. So I can kick your ass."

"Challenge accepted." Dom joked back. They chuckled together and Letty suppressed the urge to roll her eyes. Boys and their toys.

"Leticia, you look... good enough to eat."

Letty actually did roll her eyes at that, but she politely leaned in to press either of her cheeks against his.

"Luke, you'll never change." It was said teasingly, but Hobbs could read into the polite insult.

Councilman of the greater Los Angeles area and Letty's ex-boyfriend from high school, it never failed that he tried to make Dominic jealous with his "I had her first" antics. Glancing at her husband, Letty cold visibly see his eyes darken and his jaw clench.

And apparently, it was working.

A gold-ware fork tapped against a champagne flute in the microphone. A tall, handsome African-American man stood on the stage. He cleared his throat. "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Please, if we could find our seats, dinner will be served shortly."

People began to make their way to their seats for dinner and drinks.

"The Torettos." Letty heard someone whisper as they walked to their assigned table. She smirked, suddenly feeling like royalty; a queen on the arm of her king.

"Her shoes are to die for." A woman muttered. The hushed chatter about them continued until they reached their table. Dom pulled out Letty's chair and pushed it back in when she was seated.

Friendly faces sat around their large table including: Vince Schulze, Chief Operations Officer of Toretto Enterprises, Leon Strong, Chief Financial Officer, Jesse Lindberg, Chief Technology Officer, and Mia Toretto-O'Connor, President. They were also close friends and family of Dominic's. They chatted for a while about the charity they were there to raise money for, until a distinguished-looking gentleman tapped Leon's shoulder.

The two men talked lowly for a few moments, before Leon rose from his seat, excusing himself. He walked to the stage, standing in front of the microphone, clearing his throat as well.

"Good evening, everyone. Tonight we're here to not only have a good time but to raise money for impoverished children. And of course, tonight wouldn't be possible without the man who has given us all wonderful opportunities to go far. Ladies and gentlemen, the incomparable, philanthropic, and might I add, extremely wealthy, Mr. Dominic Toretto." Leon said and prompted the room to begin clapping.

As the audience applauded, Letty Ortiz-Toretto looked at her extremely handsome husband, in all his suit-and-tie glory. And she remembered exactly how they'd gotten to this point. It had been a long journey; a fond one.

Dominic leaned over to kiss her lips before standing at his seat. The room quieted, immediately. It was nothing new. When Dom spoke, people listened. It was how he'd gotten this far in life. Letty loved the way his baritone voice echoed in the large room.

"My good friends: be kind with your money tonight. Let's remember that not all of us were raised with silver rattles and gold spoons. And neither are the children we will be helping once we open our checkbooks." He smiled a genuine smile. "Eat until your bellies are full. Drink until we're out of cabs to call. And have a great time tonight."

Up Next: Some flashbacks.